10 Things You Can Do Right Now…

In troubling times of uncertainty – many people are seeing signs of things coming to a head.

With the massive violence and turmoil going on in the Middle East to the terrible and ever dangerous situation in Japan – along with the ripple of effects that are coming from both – it would be a good idea to shore up your preparations as rapidly as possible.

If everything turns out just fine and dandy – great! If not – you will be glad to have taken action when you did.

Here we go:

FoodGot food? Get more! Need some? Get some. Pretty simple.

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Water – Store what you can. Fill empty soft drink bottles. It is very inexpensive to buy spring or drinking water. Additionally -get a water purification system. The Berkey systems are great – you can also check out my Amazon store.

Weapons – Weapons are a critical tool in a SHTF situation. Why? If you do not have weapons those that do will have your supplies – period.

Medicine/Prescriptions– Keep your prescriptions current and stocked up. Consider talking to your doctor about increasing the qty in each prescription so you have extra at the end of the month.

Can you take half the dosage safely so your supply will last half as long? Stock up on over-the-counter meds as well – cold medicine, pain relievers, first aid stuff, etc.

Back Up Shelter -What if you have to vacate your home? Have a tent or two just in case.

Cooking Methods – If the grid is down your microwave and stove will not work. Determine out how you will cook and prepare your foods. Store extra propane/charcoal for your grill.

Ever cook with a dutch oven? Do you have a place to build a fire? Got a camp stove and fuel?

Alternative Power – I am not talking about a giant wind mill and solar panels here. What I am talking about is having the ability to power “things” when needed.

Look into setting up a couple of small solar panels with marine batteries and an inverter. Buy a small generator. How about batteries for flashlights and radios? Stock up now.

Light Sources – Battery-operated lanterns and flashlights are a no-brainer. How about oil lamps and plenty of extra oil. Have any candles? You can buy a bag of tea lights at your local dollar store cheap!

Sanitation – You may not want to talk about it – but eventually you and everyone on your group are going to have to visit nature and do what must be done. Where will they go? How close to your living space?

RV toilets can be purchased as well as camp toilets – check it out. Anti-bacterial lotions and sanitizer should be kept.

Clorox is a must. Lysol should be stocked. Look at cleaning supplies you use every day and stock up. Buy lots of trash bags.

Misc -Look at the things that you use every day – the list will be massive.

As I mentioned before – there are many very intelligent and educated people that are seeing pieces of the puzzle falling together and the completed image is not good.

No better time than now to “boost up” your supplies.

Take care all –


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5 thoughts on “10 Things You Can Do Right Now…”

  1. I’ve noticed that in most all articles and posts people talk about making sure you’re able to have electricity, IE; generaters, batteries, solar panels, night vision. It seems to me that if its a truly “world changing” event there will be no electricity at all. Or at the least, not for a very long time. There’s no way we can have a “World Changing” event and still be able utilize electricity. Dont get me wrong, I have radios in the event that electricity is still a viable option.
    Honestly, I hope I’m wrong. But seriously it is a “World Changing” event.

  2. Good points rourke. Keep the faith n awesome kudos on shoutout from sootch00. He should definetly lead some others to your light.

  3. I find this post was very good. If the power grid goes down, families can still have some electrical power if they are prepared. All my small batteries are rechargeable, I have 2 solar cell chargers for AAA,AA,C,D 9volt, batteries I have a wind generator to charge a large battery bank with an inverter for small things, You can have gas generator to carge a battery bank, gas generator should be used sparely depending on how much gas you have or can get. Solar power can also be used to charge a battery bank, i also have a DC generator connected to a bicycle


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