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Weapons Articles and PDF Downloads


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The following Articles, Manuals and
books are PDF format files. Each will open in a separate printable
document. After downloading these files you can convert them to other
formats using programs such as PDF to excel converters.

1911 Notebook

AR-15 versus Mini-14

Choosing a Survival Weapon

FN .45ACP High Capacity Pistol

Guns & Ammo Ruger SR9 9mm Pistol Review

Glock versus Model 1911

Homeland Defense .45ACP Pistol

How to Build an AR-15  (OLD)

How to Build an AR-15 (

Instructions – Feild Strip the AR-15

Kurt Saxon Weaponary Thoughts

Marlin 336 Review

Magpul Masada Poster

Outdoor Life Magazine “Survival Guns”

Selecting a Handgun

Smith & Wesson Sigma 9mm Pistol SW9VE Review

SR9: Ruger’s 9mm Powehouse – Advertisement

Stag Arm AR-15 Review

STG2000 AK Varient Review

Selecting a Survival Battery

Selecting a Survival Firearm

Survival Guns & Personal Self Defense Weapons

Survival Guns

Survival Weapons

Tactical Ready Guide

Springfield XD – A Review

Military Manuals/Books

FM 21-150 Combatives

FM 21-75 Combat Skills of the Soldier

FM 3-06 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain