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Every Day Carry(EDC) Kit

I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube with people showing their EDC (Every Day Carry) kits. Many of them I see really as survival kits. I mean – some of these are in large bags with multiple pockets weighing in over 20 pounds. To me – this is not something that most anyone would carry daily. Car kit? Maybe. In this post I want to pass on some info of what I generally carry every day on my person.


I have used these “Pock-Its” for years at my job and they are durable and stand up to a lot of abuse. I ordered the one above through Amazon. Not as big as many other EDC’s out there – it can carry a decent amount of stuff.

Made of a Coruda-type material – it is decently attractive and does not carry a tactical look to it.

With numerous pockets available for flashlights, multi-tools, matches, fish-hooks, scissors, batteries, band-aides, etc – this pouch can carry quite a bit on your belt.

I do not carry much as I do not like the added weight. Much of what I carry I use daily. Starting off I have a 3 watt LED flashlight and a pair of Gerber Multi-pliers.

I wear glasses and without them I cannot see well at all. In the lower front pouch I keep a few Sight Savers which I can use to clean my glasses.

In the back I have a few band-aids.

That’s it. I can add more at anytime and many of my systems change and evolve every so often. I could throw a book of matches in – that would not be a bad idea. I have tried – but I have not managed to get my AR to fit yet.

Like I said earlier – this may be small compared to many other EDC kits out there – but it works for me.

Take care all –






4 comments to Every Day Carry(EDC) Kit

  • Rourke, Thats a very nice EDC. I like the fact that you only carry what you need and not a bunch of unnecessary junk. Some EDC’s are a bit over done. Great post.

  • Jon

    Here are the items I carry everyday in an Altoids mint can. I also carry a flashlight in my phone case, a Multi-tool, A Kobalt 3 blade lock blade with utility knife, and a 6′ -12′ 550 para cord in my coin pocket.

    1. 3-band aids
    2. Antibiotic Ointment
    3. Iodine Pad
    4. 2 Alcohol Prep Pads
    5. 2 Cotton Balls
    6. Bandage Tape
    7. 2 Motrin
    8. 2 Electrolyte Tablets
    9. 2 Cotton Swabs
    10. 2 Safety Pins
    11. Needle and Thread
    12. Dental Floss
    13. 3’’ Section of a Bic Pen for storage and and to help start fires( with candle and Motrin Inside, bandage tape and thread on outside)
    14. 1 Birthday candle
    15. Small Knife With 2 Blades ( will trade for knife with scissors)
    16. Small Lighter Wrapped in Tin Foil
    17. Whistle With Lanyard ( ear plugs stuffed into exhaust end act as a pin cushion for needle and thread that are inserted from mouth piece end)
    18. Ear Plugs
    19. Large Paper clip
    20. 4-4’’ Strips of Duct Tape on outside of tin
    21. 16’’ of Small Nylon String under Duct Tape
    22. 2- ¼’’pc Rubber Bike Inner Tube( used as rubber bands to keep lid closed)
    23. 1 Chicken Flavored Bouillon Cube
    24. 3-small fishing hooks
    25. 10’ of fishing line
    26. 1’ of safety wire under duct tape
    27. What would you like in your tin?

  • sdawgarmy

    If it were only acceptable for men to carry purses. My wife teases me I want a fanny pack but lots of times espeacially in summer im curseing I don’t have my doodad or thingy I left at home. All times I do carry knife n paracord on keychain bandaids n emergency cash.

  • paul

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