Zombie Preppers…..you have got to be kidding me!

Flipping through a couple of hundred channels and struggling to find anything to watch – the title “Zombie Preppers” caught my eye. I – with much apprehension – switched to that show and caught it right from the beginning.

I am sure many of you have watched Doomday Preppers – which basically showcases numerous “preppers” who have some belief that the world is going to come to an end and they are preparing. Just like most of us, right? NO! Many of those in he show are a bit on the “nutty” side – or at least that is how they are shown. Zombie Preppers actually featured numerous people that are preparing for…..get ready….here it comes…..ZOMBIES!!!!


For the first 20 minutes or so I kept thinking to myself, “Self….this has got to be a joke.” But no, they actually featured “scientists” that made the case that a zombie apocalypse was possible.

As I watched the show I became convinced that all of the featured preppers were actors. I could be wrong but I saw so  many mistakes and indications that this was just a bunch of actors. One guys was talking about how his “zombie group” was made up of ex-military and police officers. He was bragging that they are trained in tactics and firearms. Next – they show these guys attacking some pumpkins shooting at them. One guy works to get a magazine from a magazine pouch and takes FOREVER to get it out – looking down the whole time. Next – one guy is taking slow shots at a target with a S&W 22A .22LR semi-auto pistol and after a shot the slide locks back – and he pulls the trigger again. “Come on man!”


Anyways – the show definitely had some entertainment value. Obviously the Discovery Channel is really soaking the preparedness movement for all it has.

Anyone else seen it…..or a zombie?




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  1. No zombies here ~ and I haven’t seen the show above but they are probably just trying to cash in on the popularity of shows like the ‘walking dead’ and ‘doomsday preppers’ shows combined.

  2. Yes, I’ve seen it and all the rest of these shows. Like you, just struggling for something to watch. That’s the REAL crisis, all those channels and nothing to watch.They do have entertainment value to me but not my wife. You’re right, loaded with mistakes and goofballs.

  3. Rourke,
    You have waaaaaay too much time on your hands and really need a hobby. Plus, you shouldn’t poke fun at those who are mentally challenged. Jeff Foxworthy made a joke about not being able to keep the most ignorant of the redneck breed off the TV; maybe that also applies to preppers.

  4. Never saw the show and, from what this writer says, never will. Unfortunately, the word “zombie” has taken on a broader meaning than the dead come back to life in order to devour those left alive. It is a fact that some countries have experimented with such infections as rabies for use as bioweapons. The reason was that it would spread itself and infect everyone it came in contact with. This type of attack would, in itself, bring on a doomsday scenario, as there would be no way to contain it. That is, unless the developers gave it a certain lifespan. No zombies, just hordes of invected people attempting to kill you. If this occurs, we will all run out of ammo before the last “zombie” falls, there would be tens of millions. Still not going down without a fight.

  5. No zombies around here; except the welfare bums who do not want to work and expect everything to be handed to them (well maybe they are zombies). Me and the wife poped some popcorn and had a good laugh at the show.

  6. Interesting. I saw the show and thought that it, just like Doomsday Preppers has some parts that are surely contrived. Always wondered why the Prepper show never had anyone preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. Looks like they bundled them all into one show.

    As far as the idea of Zombies goes…. have a listen to the fine print (fast talk) in some of the commercials for meds these days. You hear things like, “may cause cancer, suicidal thoughts or actions, erratic behavior”, etc. If you think that some of the stuff that people are pumping into themselves these days to treat depression, smoking addiction, etc don’t have the potential to make you lose your mind, I might suggest you re-evaluate the situation. The FDA most certainly has the back of big pharma, but not of the American Citizen.

    Re-animated zombies? Probably not. People with no control over themselves out doing harm to others? Absolutely.

  7. Well, if you look up ‘bath salt attack’ on google, there are lots of attacks attributed to the drug. It seems, though, that the one if Florida where the guy was killed chewing the face off another man was NOT related to the drug. They found WEED, but no bath salts drug.

    That being said, I have seen the show. Not the whole thing – my wife wouldn’t watch it and I didn’t argue the point. 1st, the ‘doctor’ didn’t seem credible. While there are parasites that can affect the brain, they are not too common and don’t seem to be candidates for creating a zombie apocalypse.

    This isn’t to say that hordes of hungry, crazed people leaving cities and trying to live off some little piece of parkland or wilderness will not be a problem that has to be dealt with for some period of time. At least until they die off, which could be a few short weeks from the start of a serious crisis. I think the crisis period may be a bit drawn out based on what people have always done in every ’emergency’ we have seen to date.

    Failure to leave when the flag goes up. Try to claim territory as ‘theirs’ by force. Empty/devour every resource while failing to note the rapid depletion of those resources. Leaving at the worst possible time and expecting to find what they need in the leftovers or in the wild on the way. And worse – depending on government to GIVE them food, clothing, water and shelter.

    Maybe, just maybe, these ARE the ZOMBIES. Unthinking. Eating anything they can get their hands on. No ability to plan ahead – only living for the next desperate moment. No regard for anything but their own survival, no matter the cost. Zombies. Maybe they are real. Living in our neighborhood with just enough to last 2 days without power. Maybe.

  8. Rourke,

    I work with a horde of them (Zombies) every day. I see them everywhere. Most have not fully transformed into their final “brain” eating form yet but they are zombies nonetheless. Anyone with eyes can see them everywhere.


  9. I live in Los Angeles Ca. & if you want ZOMBIES goto Skid Row there are tons of them, with out the canabilism …. LMAO
    ( Zombies = Slow moving Dreg’s that act dead & haven’t bathed in months). otherwise ….. No real Zombies.

    Besides Discovery & History Channel are simply tring to Disgrace the work were tring to do by making those BULL$*#t programs, pertaining to the ZOMBIE Apocalypse. just wait for their next series where were a bunch of nut-job-occultist with guns. or some such Garbage.

    We should put together a 1-2 hour movie about proper preperation for almost every aspect & send it to Discovery or history channel & see how much they try to change it !

  10. Reading the comments I began to think I was all alone, but towards the end I saw that I wasn’t. Yes, there are zombies…. hoards of them. Perhaps they don’t fit the definition of “the walking dead”, but “the walking dense, dim, empty headed and obtuse” would. I see them daily… in the streets, at my work, on the tube. They are not slow in movement, but slow in thought, in reasoning, in logic. They don’t hunt brains, they have none and have no use for anyone who does, in fact a well used brain, to them is like kryptonite is to superman. It is your best defense against the zombie class and will usually confuse and bewilder them, leaving you be…. they will search elsewhere for their next victim…..

  11. We need to give some on this show a break, even with military training, looking down the barrel at zombie pumpkins has got to be pretty unnerving.

  12. Yeah, I watched that show too, unfortunately. I don’t mind Doomsday Preppers, but the zombie one had me wishing I’d spent that time punching myself in the groin instead of watching it.

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