Zenni Optical Update

[Note: Original post had problems with links and I screwed up the spelling – fixed now – oppppsssss……]

Long overdue but I wanted to tell you about my experience using the discount prescription eyeglass service Zenni Optical.

I wrote about Zenni here and here.

They sell very inexpensive prescription glasses through the mail. I decided to check them out and went through the selection process and ordered a pair. If they turn out to be fine – I will be getting a couple of extra pairs – just in case. I paid a total of $54.00 including shipping.

Well – I did this a couple of months ago. I received my glasses after a couple of weeks and sure enough – they were crushed. They were shipped in a very sturdy plastic case but didn’t survive the traveling from Kalifornia. I called Zenni and requested they replace the glasses – great customer service. The person I talked to was friendly and helpful. I received a return authorization number – placed it in the box – and shipped it back.

A couple weeks went buy and I got a call from Zenni saying that they were sorry for the trouble and were re-manufacturing the glasses. About a week later I received them. No problem this time.

Having always got my glasses from a vision center – I really wasn’t sure what to expect from glasses that cost about 1/4 what I usually pay. The frames were great – no issues. The lenses were crystal clear. I am very happy with them.

Now – these are my back up glasses. I actually have 3 pairs of glasses for redundancy – my work safety glasses, the ones from Zinni, and my regular glasses.

I now plan to order a pair of sunglasses.

For more info – click HERE.



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  1. Please note that it is zEnnioptical.com (you use zInni).

    Oh, and a +1… well… technically, I’ve ordered 4 times, with 4-6 pairs each time… with amber lenses for shooting, sunglasses, and two regulars as primary, and the previous presecription stored strategically for quick retrieval. Hey, a 2 year old prescription is better than no glasses at all, right?

  2. I too have used Zinni… for single vision glasses they are great… but if you wear bifocals, be prepared for an adventure in frustration. For some reason however they manufacture theirs, the bifocal transition line seems to always be in the wrong place…. we have tried 3 times… no luck every time. however, like I said, the single vision computer glasses are great.

  3. ugh… it is zenni optical – not zinni optical as you have in the post. (and have make the link to)

    the zinni link goes to some crap scam type site trying to get you to take surveys etc…

    but otherwise – thanks for the good info on the glasses site, i’m sure it will come in handy.

  4. I have recently ordered glasses from Zenni, and also from EyeBuyDirect. I was quite happy with both the service, and with the prices. For under $100 total I now have a pair of prescription sunglasses, prescription polycarbonate safety/shooting glasses, and prescription bifocals (which came with magnetic clipon sunglasses as a bonus). Not bad at all, and an excellent addition to being prepared. I’d not have been able to spend close to $1000 on backups for my vision gear (what the cost would have been locally), so this option has brought me real peace of mind.

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