YouTube Video: WW3 and the U.S. Dollar……

Food for thought. Thanks “JL” for sending it.

13 minutes 48 seconds…..would love to hear our comments.

– Rourke


Sorry folks – wrong video was put up. Will have it fixed this afternoon.

Here it is – again – sorry for the technical difficulties.

– Rourke



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  1. France was not asking for their own gold they were insisting that all transfers of money to them be in gold. They were hoarding gold in spite of the fact that France owed us billions in debt from WW II. They were playing hardball because De Gaulle was an asshole and hated the fact that the U.S made him look like the inept leader he actually was when the U.S. Army saved their bacon.

    It is misleading to claim the U.S. spends more on it’s military then the rest of the world because both Russia and China hide most of their expenditures AND more importantly most of the U.S. military budget goes to pay for the military where China and Russia grossly underpay their military. But one has to wonder why this foreign special interest group resents us defending ourselves. What is their agenda? And why would they think of the USSR as a “counter balance”???

    Then we do the whole pity party for Iraq and ignore facts. Do you really believe 500,000 children died as a result of sanctions in Iraq??? During this same time period Saddam bought BILLION$ of WMDs from Russia and China. So even if you believed 500,000 children died you would have to agree Saddam killed them. During his entire reign Saddam averaged 20,000 of his people killed per month. The ONLY thing that stopped that genocide was the Gulf War.

    The commentator made a colossal mistake to support his lie. He claimed that Iraq lost 15%-20% revenue switching to the dollor over the Euro. DAH! The price of the oil doesn’t change only the currency. This guy assumes we are too stupid to understand this.

    Then we get a pity party for Gaddafi. And he says there is a pretext that iran is building a nuclear weapon. Does anyone out there actually believe Iran is NOT building a nuclear weapon???

    Clearly this is MArxist propaganda. The circular logic and lies on top of lies mean this propaganda is intended for the low information people. It would be useful to know who backs this crap. I’m betting it’s George Soros.

  2. I recognize this guy’s voice. I watched his video “The New Normal” over a year ago. I concurred with his prediction of economic collapse so much that I shared it on e-mail and Facebook multiple times. Although I agree with some of his statements, I am NOT behind his (or anyone’s) overall theme that the United States is the Evil Empire and instigator of wars across the globe. Case in point, where he blames the U.S for crippling sanctions that killed a half a million Iraqi children. The sanctions were the end result of United Nations mandates, based on Saddam Hussein’s unprovoked invasion and rape of Kuwait. Iraq could have avoided these measures, should they have complied with the UN directives. They did not. Don’t blame the warden for the starving prisoner while the prisoner refuses to eat.
    I won’t dispute what this guy says about Iraq selling oil in Euros. I don’t know. But, I do take issue with the Weapons of Mass Destruction as a lie to justify war. Saddam Hussein killed thousands of Iranians with mustard gas. He murdered thousands of Iraqi Kurds the same way. In violation of the UN mandates, Iraq had a current nuclear weapons program. These truths were verified by intelligence, military, media and Iraqi refugee sources.
    As with Iraq’s change in economic policy, I cannot argue what he says about Libya’s plans to form a new, gold based currency. But, I do know that Muammar Qaddafi was a rotten despot. His people hated him. Sure, we helped the rebels. Personally, I distrust the Muslim Extremists more than Qaddafi. After watching his fellow tyrant, Saddam Hussein, crawl out of a hole on TV, Qaddafi renounced terrorism, gave up on his nuclear weapons program and even turned over a few terrorists. I AM MORE SUSPECT THAT OUR PRESIDENT HAS DEEP ROOTED ALLEGIANCE TO ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM, than I am of the Federal Reserve’s greed for control of the monetary system.
    To blame our military preparations with Iran on rich Americans is errant. The religious zealots that run Iran are the same whack-jobs that kidnapped our embassy staff and deny the Holocaust took place. They are the chief sponsors of terrorism worldwide! The producer of this video would have us believe that Iran is merely defending themselves against the big American bully. I don’t buy that, not one bit. The Iranians are building nuclear weapons to challenge Israel’s military capabilities. If Iran is allowed to make atomic weapons, they will give them to any number of terrorist organizations that they support. We will have “dirty bombs” detonating in Israel, the United States, England and other western nations.
    I agree with this guy’s assessment that the Petro-dollar is the only thing holding up our economy. But, I think that our insurmountable debt is the reason for the dollar’s demise as the World’s Reserve Currency. The producer also makes multiple mention of the US as the world’s only superpower, or that the might of the US military is crushing (these poor, innocent) Muslim countries. I don’t know when this video was made, or where this guy has been for the past few decades, because the American
    war machine has been shrinking. We have less troops, less tanks, less aircraft and fewer warships than we’ve operated with since post WWII. Obama has proposed to reduce our nuclear arsenal by 80%! This is hardly the direction that any leader would take, if he had the ambitious offensive plans that were predicted in this film.
    American starting World War III? Highly unlikely. The Federal Reserve willing to start a cataclysmic, destructive event that would kill millions of people? I doubt it. The Fed may be run by rich, greedy old men. Are they so stupid to believe that there will be an economic system to manage and profit from if we start exchanging nuclear missiles with Russia and China? No, they are not.
    In closing, I feel compelled to admit that I have no formal education in economics, politics or psychology. I spent my entire adult life in the military. I am a student of history, though. I did get around some in the Army as well. I have been witness to the works of evil men, and they WERE NOT THE AMERICANS!

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