YouTube Video: World War 3 : U.S. Steps up Surveillance as North Korea unveils KN-O8 Missile

Never to be dismissed….North Korea continues their threats as well as efforts to develop weapons systems to put its neighbors and the rest of the world at risk.

 – Rourke



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  1. Fat guy “leader” with bad haircut and piss poor salute. Brain washed teenaged fighters. Big commie regime supplied bad boy toys . . . bad ju-ju. When we per-empt their “big” move it’ll trigger some kaos. Just like when an older brother pushes little brother into a fight and little brother gets clocked. Big brother always gets a little Gungy. So will the Mongol horde. Get some!

  2. The North Korean threat is not new – but it surely has stepped up its game. NK has starved its own people for decades, in order to have the revenues to build the war machine. For decades, “Voice of the Martyrs” out of SOUTH Korea has reported that NKoreans have stripped trees of bark in order to have a food source, at times. NK has also repeatedly run insurgencies across the border into SK to steal food supply, and has repeatedly promised to destroy SK, because of its western support. There have even been reports of cannibalism out of NK in remote villages, and this has, again, been coming out for decades.

    I guess it’s just gotten so intense at this point that the lamestream media can no longer ignore “the threat”.

    “when you see all these things come to pass, look up..for the time is nigh”….Yahushua/Y’eshua/Jesus Christ

    How is it with your soul today, folks? We ALL need to be ready at a moment’s notice to stand before our Heavenly Father/Creator/Judge. None of us has the promise of the next breath, but, most assuredly, as end times prophecy is fulfilled (as is happening here), we shall all become more cognizant of the gift of the moment, the gift of the day. May we also all become more aware that our HOPE IS IN HIM, and that He is all we need.

  3. I’m reminded of the little ditty from before.
    “you’ll wonder where the yellow went when you drop the bomb on the Orient”.
    From an old toothpaste ad.

  4. Can you say…..EMP?!? Our government may even use this as a false flag, saying that N. Korea exploded a missile over U.S. soil creating an EMP! Whatever might happen…..just get ALL your preps done NOW!

  5. i don’t trust the little Twit. My young cousin was the last jeep to evac, My uncle heard an heard an explosion and saw my cousin’s body flying in the air. The whole convoy missed the mine except my cousin’s. In the sixties, a few of my classmates fathers (while stationed near the DMZ),were (explaination given) killed on a bear hunt in Korea. I’m curious of how the US OF A is going to handle this problem. Truck is filled, packs are ready to go because I live on the West Coast and we are the front door.

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