YouTube Video: World War 3 : U.S. Steps up Surveillance as North Korea unveils KN-O8 Missile

Never to be dismissed….North Korea continues their threats as well as efforts to develop weapons systems to put its neighbors and the rest of the world at risk.

 – Rourke



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  1. For those who think this is just something going on 5000 miles away everyone needs to understand that the NK have enough artillary to level most of SK, they have enough military to invade and kill half of SK and of course they have the bomb. Their leader is nuts and they may well be faking/testing but if there is a miscalculation and NK attacks in force including a nuke then everything changes and not just in Korea. This is serious. I honestly don’t know if I’m happier that Obama is out raising cash for his grandious plans or if it would be better if he took charge. Either way no one competent is in charge and it’s getting scarier.

  2. After listening to two news specials today the situation in N. Korea is very
    serious. Maybe our President and Senators and Congress will realize its not a good time to be pushing gun control with the wolf at the door .
    Very late spring here -snowed last night and frost again tonight. (upstate NY) I ordered more asparagus plants, strawberry plants, blueberries and
    blackberries to increase our stock and some for our grandchildrens home garden.
    Millers carries superb stock .1-800-836-9630 If any product fails (which it never has for us ) they will replace your item- .
    Prep harder than ever… and pray harder too. Arlene

  3. This is why we need to secure our southern border. If Kim Jong Loon can scrape up the bus fare to transport one of these to Mexico, it could be hitting a US target within moments of being launched…

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