YouTube Video: Wake Up America – Homeland Security Preparing For 2nd Revolution


What do you think folks?

– Rourke



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  1. As a retired infantry soldier of 22 years in the Army I am completely scared to see where this country has been going in the last few years. SouthernPrepper1 just put out a video that I completely agree with:
    I love my country, however, I am seriously fearful and ashamed of my government!
    Thunder 7

  2. In April our Georgia state top sheriff publicly stated that all the sheriffs in Georgia are “Constitutional Sheriffs” and will not buckle into the feds. This was in all our media. Across the SE the sheriffs are proclaiming this, no argument it is public record. Yet most people never ask WHY, they just move on to the cadence of normality. I am in the preparedness business and our industry has seen a 40% DROP in sales this year. This frightens me. I have done all I can humanly do to help people see the need to be prepared, but most aren’t listening. I don’t cry ‘armageddon’, I have faith in the Lord to protect and help those who have prepared to the best of their abilities, and if we can prepare with as much extra as possible, then we should. I teach from inspiration not desperation, BUT those who spend thousands on Disney vacations and new cars when they have been warned, well, let the chips fall. This country is ordained of God, He is in control BUT we are his hands. I believe it will not fail but we will have many trials ahead, great and serious. I believe our Constitution will be upheld but it will be through the efforts, and lives, of patriots like you and me, and we must be ready, we must prepared in all ways. God bless America, and her patriots.

  3. Ask yourself, “What would the government prefer”; a strong willed, independent thinking populace who believe in the theory of “self determination” and constitutional law… or… that we were like the Eloi of H.G. Wells’s -The Time Machine-, docile, compliant, unreasoning. Little more than grazing sheep in need of a shepherd. The answer is as transparent as is the governments methods they use and excuses they make in their attempts to keep us tame. Over time more and more of “the folks” will be forced to care about what is happening. Besides the predictable riots, burning, looting and Occupy occupying places…. what else… well…. we know what else, and that’s why the DHS aren’t the only ones preparing for a 2nd revolution.

  4. Folks, what will be will be. Some things are out of our control. But like all things, we can do what we do best……prepare for it! I do believe this will happen here. there are entirely too many unsolvable problems in this country right now. Rampant unemployment somewhere “really” aroun 15-20%, illegal immigration sapping our entitlement programs, 47% of the public on some form of assistance, all of our factory jobs leaving the US, I wont even get into the myriad of problems the current POTUS has created, etc. But the good news is like all countries this has happened in before, like a phoenix, we will emerge from the ashes a stronger and better nation. This has happened before in other countries like Russia. Their economy collapsed twice, and if you know anyone who lived through it, they can tell you what to do. Im lucky, my wife is Russian and she lived through the financial collapse of the former USSR. Its like a game of “hot potato”….don’t get caught holding lots of cash, because when its worthless, its worth LESS in large quantities. Spend your money on tangible items like food, firearms, ammo, clothes, tobacco, alcohol, cigarettes, and meds. Some of these things are necessary to sustain the lives of your family, and others are good for bartering purposes. Make alliances with friends, and especially neighbors. When the unrest hits your doorstep whether it be a gang of looters or DHS, you want to have your backup close by. Get your money out of the stock market and into things that will hold their value like precious metals. They may fluctuate, but they’ll always be valuable. Have “bait guns” in case a gun ban goes into effect and someone comes knocking looking for your firearms. Lets face it, if you have hand guns, they know about them. Have a few registered firearms youre willing to part with and hide all the good ones. Ive seen some pretty impressive book shelves with hiding places, and its not far fetched to bury a few in large PVC tubes that you can dig up and open at a later date. Think about it, its better to pretend to comply and be alive to protect your family then it is to have a shoot out with a SWAT team and end up dead. Unless of course, your alliances outnumber the SWAT team, and you have the drop on them! Then smoke their asses! Ive been watching “Battlefield Afghanistan” on NatGeo, and seeing the technology the Marines have, Its best to avoid confrontation, but to think like an insurgent, only smarter if this is what comes our way. Remember, youre main mission in any of these situations is to protect your families and each other, and you have to be alive to do that. God bless you all, I pray you will all be safe in the coming collapse. It will happen, its just a matter of “when”.

  5. It’s coming, my 90 yr old Aunt believes it too. We were just talking about it an hour ago. Just be prepared and pray to God we make it through. God Bless us all and The United States of America!

  6. Hey Rourke ! Thanks for the vidoe’s I always enjoy rewatching them, & I’ve even POSTED THEM to my FACEBOOK page, Let’s see them in DC when they view my facebook info.

  7. This will happen sooner than later this was our last presidential election he will not give up power and will do whatever he has to to matin control. I still don’t understand why congress will cut off funding and stop this lunacy.

  8. who went through on American Idol? Seems eerie to me how many people have no clue? The only solace I take is the majority of those unprepared are B.H.O voters!!!!!!

  9. As a group, the American People can defeat any and all tyranny which comes our way. However, that would require some sort of coordination and working together as a unit to restore Constitutional Law and Constitutional Principles. The American People are more heavily armed than our military, FBI, CIA, DHS, etc.,etc. combined. However, as an uncoordinated group we would be relatively easy pickings. The NSA apparently is recording and monitoring ALL communications of any type that occur in this country. This is something we all should keep in mind at all times. We can coordinate as a unit or group only if we unite by word of mouth, person to person. We would be wise when the time comes to remember that all communications are constantly being monitored and we all are being watched. Organize and prepare but be cautious and wise at the same time.
    Walter Boyanton

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