YouTube Video: Tips on Reloading a Rifle

Fast reloads….many techniques including this. What do you think?




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  1. Like you said, there are many ways of doing this. I prefer to check chamber before I hit the mag release and save my empty mags. Why? 1) to see if it’s empty or there was a malfunction so I can transition to handgun. 2) A survivalist/prepper doesn’t have the luxury to police their mags afterwards & thinking you’ll just pick up spare ones from after the firefight is pure fantasy. 3) many of these quick reloading techniques are for 3 gun, IPSC gamers IMHO.

  2. I agree, this technique is fine for the range or 3 gun but during a firefight it is not practical at all. Especially when/if mags are no longer produced, just dropping them to the ground is not so smart.

  3. I have been in combat both as military and civilian and this is a great reload vid. have also gamed as a competitive 3 gun shooter.I have used this technique for decades. As to those concerned with losing their mags. I will see you in heaven when I get there (some time after you). Seriously,Is your life worth a magazine????? Your sole focus should be to WIN THE ENGAGEMENT! If you do not, your opponent will collect your mags. If you do, you can collect theirs and yours. If you do not win the fight you are engaged in you are not going to need your mags. Get your priorities right or you will die wasting time doing useless things instead of winning the fight. NO equipment is worth your life. YOU are the primary weapon.
    Regards, D.

  4. I “TOTALLY” agree w/ D. He has it right. 1st, U win the fight. 2nd, check for holes on yourself & team members. 3rd, collect your gear & your enemies. 4th, reinspect, repair & reload your gear. Finally, do an After Action Review/Report of your engagement. No one who has been in a “Firefight” or Two person” shooting, has ever been able to recall how many times they shot their weapon or how many times they changed mags. USMC, 1st Gulf War & 21 year police officer.

  5. Nice, I will look into Cory’s technique. One should always be open to try other options and be opened minded, I have been in combat in the DOD and came close several times in states. A professional is always learning and trying to obtain the highest advantage and option her or her can.

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