YouTube Video: The Truth About Wolf Ammo

YouTubeEvery so often – usually on the weekends – I throw up a YouTube video or twelve. YouTube is a fantastic source of information on many topics including survival and preparedness. YouTube proves that anyone can have an opinion and voice it – no matter how ridiculous it may be.

Regardless of the content – take the information and do what you want with it. Everyone’s situation is different and what works for one person may not work for another.


Much like the famous debate of 9mm versus .45ACP – the usage of steel versus brass-cased ammunition has been discussed in forum’s and on websites more times than I can count. This video presents one persons experience and opinion about as good as I have seen.

As for myself – I have shot steel cased ammo in AK’s with no issues. I have shot steel cased ammunition in my M1 Carbine and had feeding problems…… repeatedly. I have yet to shoot any in my AR – but have recently purchased some and the weekend after Christmas will conduct my own testing.

What about you? Do you have any experience to share?


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  1. I shoot steel cased Silver Bear .308 SP and FMJ in my PTR-91 KF and have not had a single problem (300 rounds from 2-3 different warehouses/orders). The rounds are zinc-coated, which distinguishes them from Brown Bear (which are lacquer-coated; some argue the lacquer can cause jam problems if the barrel heats up, by melting and gumming up the barrel, if you are not rapid firing; I have no personal experience with Brown Bear).

    But again, absolutely no issues with Silver Bear in my gun.

    Ammo buyers would be wise to read the reviews at their on-line ammo provider’s website, to see how the ammo they are considering for their particular weapon performs in that particular weapon (eg.,

    Another note: Steel ammo cannot be reloaded (I am guessing most of you knew that), which would be a disadvantage, if you are a home loader.

    A big advantage of steel ammo is the lower cost/round, especially if you shoot .308, where brass rounds can exceed $1/ea.

    I do not know what differences may exist (if any) with respect to accuracy between brass and steel.

    But the Silver Bear I have been shooting (with standard iron sights; no scope) I’d decent; 3 inch groups at 100 yds.

    Hope this helps in some way.

  2. You are so right, everyone seems to have an opinion especially, when it comes to YouTube videos, and their favorite, or non-favorite widget. I will look forward to your review of firing steel cased ammo in your AR. Keep on keeping on!

  3. John, in a word, don’t.
    The Wolf is dirty, nasty, corrosive crap. Prepare for a TOTAL cleaning afterwards.
    The Bear series is somewhat better.
    Tull even better.
    The Golden Tiger is the best secret as far as Russian ammo for the AR platform.
    Have used GT ammo many times with nary a hiccup, maybe it’s because it’s made in Siberia instead of western Russia.
    Buy it if you can find it, it can be hard to find at times.

    Psalm 144.4

  4. i have fired russian steel cased ammo many times in several different calibers. i’ve never had a problem with any except wolf 45acp. i had a case seize in the chamber, broke the extractor trying to eject it. i will be using it only in last resort in my pistols from now on. bear, silver and brown, works fine in my fal and m1919. yeah, its a little dirty but it doesn’t cost a fortune for the name on the box either.

  5. I have over four thousand rounds of wolf/tula ammo through my AR over the last several years and the only problems encountered were with the original wolf lacquer coated cases. After doing several drills, the chamber heats up and if allowed to cool, the lacquer would stick the case causing a failure to eject. Since they’ve switched to the gray/polymer coated cases I’ve had NO trouble what so ever that wasn’t related to a magazine problem.
    It’s funny how people dog on Wolf/Tula for their steel cases all the time, why don’t people do the same about Hornady’s steel cased ammo? Oh yeah, it’s Hornady after all, think they’d stake their reputation on crap steel cases if they weren’t up to par? Hornady does have better velocities, full copper jacket instead of a bi-metal jacket and is cleaner to shoot. The complaints are usually Tula/Wolf is dirty – boo hoo. clean your firearms afterwards. It allows you to a) know your firearm inside and out, b) check for any problems with the ejectors, firing pins, cracks etc, c) makes sure you have a clean reliable firearm in case it’s needed.

  6. I shoot steel in AK’s and Glocks. AK’s are designed to handle it and Glocks just eat anything. On the other hand I would not be inclined to use it in a 1911 or an AR-15.

  7. used what you guys know as brown bear … worked like a charm .. not a single jam in all the time i have used it .. only thing is like it was said before you cant reload it .. and so i’m using all of my stocks of it up so that i can buy brass to reload ..

  8. PTRs and really any delayed roller locking guns should do great with steel cased ammo. The extraction is much more violent and there is less chance of a case being torn apart. You should’t shoot brass after steel though, steel doesn’t seal the chamber as well and more crud builds up, brass cases tend to get stuck.

    I have shot a lot of Silver Bear out of my PTR-91F and my SU-16, had no problems. One minus of Silver Bear is that the zinc coating will oxidize pretty readily, great if you need to make homemade suntan lotion but not great if you need slick feeding ammo.

    I would buy polymer coated ammo in a heartbeat but shy away from lacquer coated stuff. Just my preference.

  9. Hello, I have shot literally thousands of rounds of steel cased wolf thru ar15’s. Including a match grade ar. Both laquor and polymer coated cases. In all that I only had one failure to extract. That’s very good for bargain based ammo. I haven’t seen it for sale much lately but their 62 gr. fodder is very accurate. I had a friend make expert with it in NRA high power competition. That said I don’t think I would keep the laqor coated stuff for long term storage as I’ve had it rust before. But for cheap practice ammo it can’t be beat.

  10. I haven’t shot Wolf in a long time, but don’t remember any problems with it. Have a few thousand rounds of Wolf 7.62×39 and .223 laid aside. Have shot thousands of rounds of Tula 9mm and .45 ACP (several hundred rounds last week at Front Sight) with zero problems of late. At one time we were getting an occasional hard primer with ftf, but haven’t had that in several months. At $9.++ for 9mm and $13.++ for .45, shooting is much more affordable.

    • karona –

      Thanks for the inf. Tula is about the only 9mm left on the shelves in my area until you get up to the ultre-expensive stuff.


  11. I’ve shot hundreds of Tulammo .223 through my AR without problems. I agree that Wolf is the worst Russian offering along with the Silver and Brown bear series next. I use the Tulammo in several calibers and see no issues. I also clean my weapons on a regular basis whether shot or not. Keeping guns clean and lubricated is key to using inexpensive ammo.

  12. I have used tula in my ar for well over a year. I have heard some ar’s are a bit fickle, however mine will shoot anything. As far as it being dirty, I don’t notice much difference at all.
    The last time I bought Tula Ammo was about six months ago at $250 for a 1000. DEAL!

  13. I’ve tried all the Russian brands except Tula in my dmps and bushmaster. The only feeding problems I had we’re when I was breaking the guns in, they didn’t always eject, after break in was done they feed fine. My biggest beef is their accuracy, my ar’s have varminter barrels and shoot dime sized patterns but with the Russian ammo I get 2 inch groups. IMO American Eagle (PMC?) is the best value, I can still get 1000 rds for $399 with brass cases and equal to hand load accuracy.

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