YouTube Video: Several from SouthernPrepper1

A few recent videos from one of my favorite YouTube Channels – SouthernPrepper1:



Radio communication NOW and in a WROL situation.



High volume of potable water from many sources.



Electrical problem for a storm or WROL is fixed.

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  1. Every now and then a truely great idea is presented on prepper sites. This portable high flow water filter is one of them. Too bad there isn’t a Nobel prize for the best prepper idea of the year because this one would win.

  2. @ByGoneWitTheWind- I agree, I thought the potable water one was the best.

    On a side note: I’m still new to this whole survival/prepper concept (thanks to Neil Strauss and then Rawles), and I wanted to take some training. I found a Surival school nearby and wondered if anyone here has heard anything about it? It is called Sigma III. Here is their page:

    Thanks for any feedback!

  3. I’ve been sub’d to SP1 since he only had 50-60 videos! He often has some great food for thought and brings a tactical vantage to prepping with his military background.

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