YouTube Video: Sealing Metallized Bags & Storing Your Food


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  1. Not really related to the the video, and I apologize for that, but I just found this “low-tech/no power food refigeration/chilling sytem” and it is a brilliant piece of “appropriate technology” for preppers / off-grid folks everywhere, especially in hotter climates, and this seemed like best place to bring it to folks’ attention, being a food-storage solution. (disclaimer: not my site, NOT my idea- wish it was…)

    Requires 2 big terra cotta pots, sand, cloth and water to keep fresh food cool. I would bet that with a glass or plastic covering, you could extend the usability season in cooler climates, and with appropriate glazing/safeguards it might even double as a solar waste water/saltwater reclamation still.

    Please check out that URL, build one for $15 or so retail, play around with your inspirations and share ideas.

  2. This information is probably “old hat” to the more experienced preper, but to my wife and I, it saved us from making a really basic mistake, at least to us. Thanks for posting it it kept us from storing items and then having them go “bad” far ahead of what would have been possible had we followed these basic step/precautions.

    Marvin & Marie

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