YouTube Video: Price Gouging on Firearms and Ammunition During a Constitutional Crisis

Certainly a viable topic – ammunition availability seems to be getting better. Well – I haven’t seen any .22LR in  couple months. Regardless – I saw one online supplier that is supposed to sell ammo “cheaper than dirt” had basic PMC 9mm 50-round boxes for over $60 a box. Ridiculous.

Anyways – here’s the video:


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  1. I emailed cheaper than dirt when I saw PMC starfire 9mm ammo for $89.19 for 20 rounds. They never did email or call me back when I asked them to explain the price so I deleted them from my favorites and stopped their emails and will never do business with them again. Glad I’m not in a position to have to think about paying that price. I stocked up when ammo was cheap.

  2. Absolutely right, Mike. “Cheaper Than Dirt” is using the run on ammo to triple their profits. I have already joined you in boycotting them for life.

  3. I would like to know if this person has ever owned his own business or taken an economics course. I work at gun shows every weekend. I do not sell guns or ammo. I have a different product but I know most of these guys very well. Just like the rest of us they were afraid the gun ban would pass. They were afraid they would be out of business or in a very limited business in a short while. What would you do if you thought you might not be able to feed your family in a few weeks or months? Additionally it is supply and demand economics. The manufacturers did not have enough supply to meet the demand. If you could not get enough product to sell ( and therefore pay your rent ) what would you do? You still have to pay the rent so you charge more for the product to make up for the money you will not collect next week. We pay a lot of money for our space at a show. Good shows sell out and have a waiting list. We have to pay for that spot or lose it so the vendors have to spend money even if they don’t have enough product to sell to cover expenses. Again, what would you do?

    • LC –

      There is a difference between a mark up – and gouging. I have covered this topic before a totally expected a price increase – but not 300-1000%. Those local business around me that took advantage of the situation and their customers will not get my business ever again.

      People can charge whatever they want – and suffer the consequences.


  4. I have to agree with dsd that’s what runs our way of life supply and damand. However I don’t agree with him calling readers small minded. there is no reason to call people names other than trying to hide their oen shot comings.

  5. I will never buy anything from CTD due to their price gouging, even if they are the only ones who have what I want/need.

    Molon Labe

  6. I have already told several stores that are gouging that I will not be buying from them anymore. Hit them where it hurts. Prices will come down eventually I hope and I will remember those that gouged. I just bought two new pistols and I did business with a new dealer, because the dealers I used to support have jacked their prices up so high. I bluntly told them they have lost a long time customer.

  7. O.K. fellow preppers I have posted this before and in case you missed it I’m going to post again. This will score you some ammo. Ready?
    Call your local walmart or go, ask to speak to the sporting goods manager. Mine is named Jenifer.
    Me: Jenifer when do you get your ammo delivery?
    Jenifer: Our GM truck comes Tuesday and Friday nights.
    Tuesday about 2pm Me: Jenifer what kind of ammo do you have on tonights truck
    Jenifer: call back in 20 minutes I have to go print the list.
    20 minutes later I call back she tells me the ammo on tonights truck. And you could ask what time it will show up in sporting goods, but since my Walmart is not a 24/7. I will be there at 7am the next morning. Good luck guy’s and gal’s. since the shortage began I have bought 400 rounds of .223 and 2200 rounds of .22. I could have bought more but I really don’t need it that bad because I have put away a considerable amount the last few years. Sorry about bragging. Please pray for my short comings.

  8. “CTD” has done many people wrong…even taking peoples orders and stopped them before shipping to put the new higher prices on the merch. I have been buying ammo at small and large chain stores (except Wally world) and the prices were on par with before the scare…maybe $1 more. CTD among a few others have lost a long time customer. Not trying to advertise for anyone, but try The Sportsmans Guide…they are comparable to “CTD”. By the way Rourke, the new layout looks GREAT!

  9. Have to disagree with you about your response to price increases at your local retailers. And, though I disagree with the asinine insults, I tend to agree with DSD’s sentiments. There are any number of reasons their prices have increased – their suppliers have raised their prices, their suppliers have limited their inventory, they are concerned local or state regulations will restrict their future business operations, and, yes, they know they are the only game in town and they can charge whatever the market will bear. I own a small engineering firm. If I know we have some experience or expertise to offer on a project which our competition can’t match I raise our fees substantially. If I have it and they don’t the price goes up accordingly. I assure you my competition does the same thing.

    Price gouging is screwing people for basic items required for simple survival, such as food and bottled water in an area devastated by a hurricane. Raising one’s prices due to some glitch in the economy to take advantage of one’s access to desirable commidities is basic capitalism.

    That being said, if you as the purchaser can access an alternative source by all means go there. The guy with the higher price will either fall into the market range or go out of business.

    • Harry –

      We likely agree more than what it appears. It is just unfortunate what SOME retailers – local and online – are doing. Whatever it may be called – they have lost me and many others as customers – and as you pointed out – that is capitalism.


  10. Rourke, it is indeed… the first semi-auto pistol I ever purchased back in the day when CA still allowed hi-cap mags. You’re the first one to catch that, good “eye”.

    Molon Labe

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