YouTube Video: Oil Filter Suppressor


Have you ever tried this?

– Rourke








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10 thoughts on “YouTube Video: Oil Filter Suppressor”

  1. Wow that is super cool. To bad that after the tax stamp is cost just as much as the Walther P22 I’d like to buy and put it on. Very cool item though.

  2. @USMC-1,

    I hope you realize that it is not just and oil filter. The video is about the little adaptor that allows a person to use the oil filter as a suppressor. That’s what the company mentioned in the video is selling, not oil filters.

    Also I have no desire to spend 10 years in Federal Prison, I’d get the tax stamp if I were to buy one of these. Prison, no thank you.

  3. A vendor from Knoxville, TN was at our local gun show with this item and specialty shotgun shells. It sold for under $10.00 as a barrel lubricator, threaded for AK47. Obviously, only a idiot would try to have it licensed. You use it for “whatever” you need to use it for.

  4. I hope Crazy Stevo and KoryN do realize that this is an oil filter. No tax stamp, no registering, just go to your auto parts store and buy one. I am not sure of the legality of it (sure it isn’t legal). But very cool, and cost effective to use in a pinch.

  5. Fram PH 373, K&N HP-6002, AC PF 932, Motorcraft FL 308, Pulorator 400084 & WIX S1794 work best if you have the legal obsticles satisfied

  6. To be legal you need to have the $200 stamp to own a suppressor.

    So in this case, you buy the stamp for $200, then pay $75 for the adaptor.

  7. I think I need to try an oil filter with one of my microphone projects to make the so called Shotgun mic or super-cardioid mic. It works backwards to this where sound only gets in and down to the mic if it is lined up with the end of the filter. The hole on the end needs to be bigger than the standard bullet hole. This would be lower profile than a big parabolic dish mic.

  8. There use to be screw on adapters that used two liter soda bottles as single shot surpressors. They looked ridiculas but did work. May still be out there a gun shows. All of these expediants preclude the use of sights, but that said, you would most likely use them at contact range. Regards, D.


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