YouTube Video: Nutnfancy’s take on the Kel-Tec PMR-30

 One of my favorite “guns I can’t seem to get” – the Kel-Tec PMR-30. Love the idea of this gun.

 Long video – but if you are interested give it a watch.

 – Rourke


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  1. I want this gun my self ,and i cant get one …im a FFL in wv and im still trying to get only reservation is kel tecs quality..its so bad,i send them(kel tecs) back all the time for problems new in the box.I have and love the fn 5.7 and i like the idea of this pistol.i hope i can find one in stock soon…thanks for the heads up on this vid

  2. I own a version “2.0”, just had to have one. Mine, unfortunately not that cheap, but had to pay to get it. I agree with the accuraccy with a caveat, mine shoots low and left, it is improving with use (250 rnds) but still an issue with quick/accurate target acquisition. I have spoken with Kel Tec they suggested using the windage screws at different torques to try to adjust the vertical, and that they may offer a different front blade assy. in the future. 30 rounds is quite difficult to achieve in the mag, 20 works well. Overall I am quite happy with this weapon, and I think as time goes by and accessories develop it will get better. Thanks to nutnfancy for the heads up on the holster. I would say that on a scale one to ten straight out of the box a solid 7.5-8.0, time and use will tell how it fairs down the road.

  3. Thanks for the post Rourke. I’ve been skulling this gun for a while now and the info will be helpful. I’m leaning against as I’m unconvinced that the 22 mag is that much superior ballistically to the 22 longrifle but I’m still a bit on the fence. Lu and I recently bought a S&W M&P 15-22 rifle. Now if they ofered that in 22 mag….

    • Six –

      Have heard from a few people that have the Kel-Tec PMR and have had jamming problems. I have the M&P 15-22 and love it. Very reliable. I shoot mostly CCI Mini-Mag’s.

      Enjoy yours!!


  4. Hi John.
    I have one of thse 1st edition serial # 74 and it works very well with some amo and not so good with other ammo
    will the company have an updated barrel for my gun,I love this thing it is a great pistol i also have one of the killed by clinton p30grendels and this is also a great gun but cannot find an extes clip for less than $150.00 so it has been put away and i shoot the pmr30 instead,i am very satisfied with it so far,i paid over $500.00 for mine as it was the first one to hit the shelf at my gun store but it has been a good investment,later.
    Charles Marsden AKA the cheesehead

  5. 1: the .22 Mag is a good deal more powerful that the .22LR by virtue of speed, thus delivering more energy at higher impact velocity

    2: the .22 Mag is far more expensive that the .22LR and like it, not reloadable

    3: The Kel-tec seems to be a “bigfoot” gun–lots of talk about it, but never seen, or rarely so. Bigfoot is the fictional creation of some people playing a practical joke upon those who desperately want to believe it really exists, and will go to any extreme to “find” it. The “Animal Planet” program does its’ viewers a disservice by continuing to run shows about the “creature”. Does any sane person really believe that such an animal could live anywhere in America andnot have been reliably seen, photographed, and found by now, including the so-called “experts” on the subject. Talk about sending a fool on a fools’ errand. I have a 12,5000′ high solid mountain of 24 karat gold in my backyard here in Windsor Heights, Iowa I would just love to sell them, sight unseen, too.

    4: this pistol uses a round that is too expensive for what it delivers, and is suitable only as a toy. In a single-shot pen gun it would a make a serviceable contact-to-the-forehead very last ditch weapon, but beyond that it is just a high profit margin product for the manufacturer, as is the .17 HMR. I have one of these rifles, and it does make one hole off the bench at 100 yards, but I’d have been much better off buying a heavy barrel synthetic stock Savage cousin instead of it. I’m going to trade it at Scheels for the .22LR. Ammunition can be bought by the brick for reasonable prices, rather than $12.50 for 50 rounds like the .22Mag and .17 HMR. I

    If I need to reach farther than 100 yards, I have a Savage .22-250 that has been re-chambered to .22-250 Ackley Improved, which sends a 35 grain pill at right around 5,000fps (YES-5,000FPS!) at the muzzle and explodes small varmints like water balloons and stops larger ones right dead in their tracks. They just fall down dead from the hydraulic shock (all mammals are mostly water anyway). And the beauty of it is that you can fire standard off the shelf ammo in it anytime you want, and have newly fire-formed case for the AI version. Bump the neck .001″, now full length re-sizing, and the case will last far beyond a fully sized case. Doesn’t use a ton of powder and bullets are fairly inexpensive. It will also go up to 65-70 grain rounds and head shots on hooved mammals make dead meat, where legal. The best of both worlds.

    These Keltec PMR-30’s are just a gimmick to get your money. Another high profit margin item. For that much money you can buy a serviceable .45ACP, carried by most of the elite armed forces groups, FBI SRT, and others who have the US Government’s unlimited resources to learn what round best fulfulls their needs. Why re-invent the wheel, and come up with something that really serves no purpose other than to play with? That play time would be much better used practicing with a time proven (100 years) Government 5″ model of which there is no question that it works. Of course, if you’ve got the discretionary income to play with the Kel-Tec, go ahead–it’s YOUR money, not mine. Mu only concession is that if for whatever reason the user cannot physically mange the .45, or .357. .38, then it is a reasonble choice. Otherwise, as a former co-worker liked to say: “Nah-too much hassle.”

    My “credentials are: former Marine, NRA Life member, buyer, user, and seller of more guns than I can remember, and former competitive shooter. No, I am not an expert. Just a 65 year old student for the las 50 years, and still learning every day.


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