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  1. kinda warms my heart to know that an ancient mud brick mosque has high speed internet access. Dial up just doesn’t present the same air of authority.

  2. As retired combat veteran who fought against this, I am appalled to say the very least. The more I think about this the more my blood boils. Starting 1 March 2011, the federal government decided to tax my military retired pay $50 dollars a month! When you are a retired E-7, you still have to work after retireing from the military. That’s $600 dollars a year!!! I am not gloating, however, I volunteered 22 years of my life (the best career as far as I am concerned) to serve my country with only a few requests that my country faithfully render me the benefits of that I sacrificed for! Less than 1 percent volunteer to serve this country and less about 16 percent of those who serve actually make it a career and retire. That is NOT a huge amount of money!
    I really believe that our country is going to have an economic collapse unless we the people start a voters revolution! The voting population needs to wake up, realize our dire economic crisis and start voting for those who will fix this spending addiction in Washington.

  3. Shjt like this will end when I become Emperor of the Known and Unknown Universe.

    I say no foreign aid of any kind. Inact the “what have you done for me lately” standard. Your people burn American flags in the street and call us the great satan? No visas and no aid. Not even when you corner of the world get a natural disaster, no carriers will be dropping MREs and water to you.

  4. Wars are fought on multiple fronts. Prejudice has many forms.

    I must first question whether the outrage we see here would also be equally expressed if this was about our tax dollars being spent to help preserve churches. Listening to the story, they mention that the project preserved both churches and mosques.

    Second, the source chosen to advocate for the futility of this action is of questionable neutrality. She clearly has experiences that would tilt her towards an anti-Islamic stand. She is no longer a Muslim. It is akin to church abuse victims advocating against the Catholic church.

    We spend about 500,000 dollars on each Tomahawk missile. And every serviceman’s life is worth more. If any of our work leads to good will, or even if it leads to erosion of support and thus more difficulty with fundamentalist recruitment then it is money well-spent.

    • Mr. Bennington –

      International policy and relations are difficult and complex. Often there is more than meets the eye – and I suspect that is what you are saying. Possibly “good will” gestures can create positive change that could save money as well as lives down the road.

      I agree with this under certain criteria. We are in a extreme financial situation here in the US and I for one am fed up with the waste and types of spending that this government is participating in. I am an isolationists – however we need to start taking care of us. Our government is borrowing on our backs and the backs of our children – and spending this money where the benefit is certainly questionable and often a total waste.

      I do believe in assisting those in extreme needs both here and abroad – as long as they are also trying to assist themselves.

      Thanks – Rourke

  5. We fix up there Mosques so that they have somewhere to go to plan their Jihad against us. I am sure they are laughing their butts off all the way to the bank. They use what ever money is left over from the rebuild to buy weapons from the soviets to use against us in the streets and kill us. Rourke, you know a bit about my past and this really pisses me off. We have people without jobs or food and shelter right here in the US. I say screw whether they like us or not. If they don’t like how we do things then we will just blow their asses away and then we don’t have to worry about that problem anymore. We are America we don’t need their approval.

  6. I am all for spending some of our tax dollars on humanitarian aid following natural disasters but rebuilding mosques or churches overseas? Nope, I don’t think so. Instead we should be feeding people and providing much needed medical supplies both here in our own country and in peaceful, friendly third world countries where the people are poor and helpless.

    It may seem useless to complain to our elected officials but complain we must. We must be loud and we must be clear. Giving in to apathy and impotence will not affect change. Think back to the revolutionaries in the early years of our country – what if they had done nothing? Now I am not saying we must start a revolution with guns and ammo but we can start a huge grassroots revolution of words and actions to dump our current elected officials (and their government trolls) and to initiate steps to effectively start over with a clean slate.

    Perhaps I am too much of an optimist???

    — Gaye

  7. One word… BULLS**T!!! Why the hell are we supporting a religion that sees everyone else as “SATAN” and wants to kill them. Look at France, Turkey, etc… they are in ruin because of these bastards. That’s right, bastards. You don’t like what I called you, email me personally and I will show up at your doorstep with my 9mm to greet you with how I feel. By the way, to dj’s comment, I agree with you 110%! Thank you for your service, we are going to collapse because we have idiots running the country from captiol hill. I am sorry they are taking what is rightfully yours.

  8. Great… Just Great…

    Listen to the former muslims of the world. Your grandchildren will thank you.

    and this article in particular:

    would be a great place to start.

    770 Million dollars. We are effectively shutting down the space program, and we’re repairing mosques, many of them former churches that were once home to some of the most famous Christians in history, around the world.

    Millions and millions of men and women are out of work, trying to keep a roof over their heads, trying to keep food on the table, and gas in their cars, and this is what our government does…

    The State Department should be considered, along with the ATF and several other agencies, to be rogue, and have their funding stopped, and they should be shut down permanently.

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