YouTube Video: How to stop a massacre……

Thanks to the Panhandle Rancher for letting me know about this video.

– Rourke




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  1. Thats awesome. But you will never hear about that on the news at all. In fact if they did say anything about it at all it would be the grandpa was in the wrong beacuse it being a public area or something

  2. This is great. Let’s hope Santa brings Grandpa a larger caliber handgun for Christmas so he can save the taxpayers a few dollars by skipping the prison sentence.

  3. Don’t get me wrong… I’m with Ted Nugent on this one. I don’t like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders. Just be careful yourselves especially with the PC crowd that would seek to hang you instead of the dirtbags.

    I sincerely applaud Grandpa for his actions (most sincerely), please remember that he also fired a shot when they were outside. Once they started hightailing it, his actions may not have been as lawful in some jurisdictions, with his action as an aggressor. Please always remember to avoid any situation where your own actions may be construed as attacking, rather than defending.

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