YouTube Video: How to Prepare for Inflation?

Been to the grocery store lately? If so – you are well aware of inflation.

Watch the video – lets hear your thoughts.

– Rourke


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  1. It’s to bad that 20% of the people need to be educated to the mess our economy is in. This is why Obama is still our Pres. People, please get educated and pass on this video. Things have gone even worse since this video. Time is something we don’t have. So please wake up.

  2. How many times have I watched legacy media news bits on how well we are doing. Housing is up, unemployment is down, interest is low and inflation is practically non-existent….. we’re on the fast track to utopia! Course what we are told doesn’t seem to reflect what we see all around us. With relatively little research we find that what lies between the lines isn’t nearly so rosy. Like the fact that in our governments calculations of inflation….. food and energy prices aren’t included….. “to volatile to include” we are told. And should we question the effects of they’re printing tens of billions of dollars each month has on the dollars we hold in our pockets we are reminded that we need not worry, look how well we’re doing……….

    Something wicked this way comes

    John Gault … somewhere in Georgia

  3. I was just at the store last night. I am not surprised at the rising costs of items due to the financial mess the country is in. Also be on the lookout for that hidden inflation where they charge the same amount for a product, and reduce the amount you get in the product.

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