YouTube Video and a few thoughts on water…….

“Water, water everywhere – not a drop to drink.”

That is a famous saying and when it comes to preparedness, water is certainly on the top 5 list for most of us when it comes to our preps. The thing is – I think most of us tend to “underplan” our water contingencies. We will go out and spend literally thousands of dollars on firearms, magazines, scopes, red dots, and ammunition – and then go buy a few cases of water along with a backpacking water filter.

Why do many of us do this? Lets lay the cards out on the table and admit it – weapons are “sexy” and manly. We look at an AK-47, AR – or beautiful 1911 and physiology takes over and we envision ourselves saving the damsel in distress and being the hero. Not everyone mind you – but many of us think this way. It’s natural. I mean – would you had rather have an 83′ Ford Escort in high school – or an 83′ Corvette? It’s how we are built (men – I am talking to you. Ladies – I’ve spent 43 years trying to figure you ou- so far I am still in a state of total confusion).

So I am bringing this up to hopefully make all of us a little more aware of our supplies and the decisions we make. Did I need to go buy another AR-  or were there many things that should have really been a priority to my preparedness system? No – I probably should not have bought the AR.

BerkeySo, back to water. I have a Berkey from and love it. It is a great water filter and with a little saving it can be bought by most anyone. I highly recommend them. When we are talking about a long term SHTF/WROL situation – I am looking at another system as well. It is called the Air Mobile Rescuer. This thing is the Rolls Royce of water purification (not just filtering). It is not cheap – but neither is a Bushmaster CAR-15, 20 30-rd magazines, and 2500 rounds of ammunition. Providing water for my family, friends and their families for extended periods – I am looking at possibly incorporating the Air Mobile Rescuer as part of my preparedness system.

Check out the video below on the Air Mobile – which is providing absolute clean water to desperate people all over the world – right this minute.



Something to think about.

– Rourke

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  1. Maybe part of the answer as to why folks don’t take water prep all that seriously is that few of us have ever experienced a true “water shortage”? We try to tell people that China is buying up potable water and exporting it to China by the mega-ship load, and people yawn. China is buying up land near fresh water sources, and that’s no accident, either. At least three nations have been importing potable water for decades, but the situation has continued to spiral downward, and it will not get better (China, Pakistan, and India – in that order). ALL of these nations have water, just not enough suitable for human consumption. The Western U.S. has experienced regional drought that has aquifers either drying up or already dried up. And still we turn on the tap and water runs out, so, there is no need to sound the alarm….

  2. I’m surprised China isn’t setting up desalinization plants along their coastal waters. Sandy Arabia is doing that. Florida is also. I agree Berkey makes a great product and I hope I never have to use it. I have tested it, and my family agrees it is not fast, but the water does taste good. Some folks have cisterns and large rainwater catchments, but what if the rain is non-potable? How long will their meager storage of water last? Same thing for ranchers with stock ponds. If water becomes contaminated it may not be potable. Thats why the new “dehydrated Water” cans being sold by the Obama Administration is doing so well. They offer a 1 gallon empty container that you just add 128 ozs of clean water to and shake. Voila, you have a whole gallon of water!

  3. Good video, Keep up the good work. Wonder how that would work on our government cleaning out all that waste, I think it would take one the size of a tanker. Your web site is one of only a few that I mess with reading you manage to always find something of interest for all to read, There is a lot of web sites that don’t keep them up to date some of them are still in last year mode.

  4. Water i agree is number one. I took that into consideration when i bought my house.
    Im forunate to have a well on my property and at my retreat location. I have installed an extra pipe down below the water table. To that i can attach a manual pump i made from pvc. This will give me almost unlimited water. Theres is also a creek that runs near my property.

  5. Good article. I own several Berkeys and love them. We use one at our house on a daily basis and three of the largest at our BOL. I am so used to the taste of clear, clean water from a Berkey I can’t drink bottled water because it taste bad. Everyone should have one and use it now. It takes out all the chemicals they put in city water. And they do not require a power source.

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