YouTube Video: A Day in the Life of an Occupy Wall Street Participant

I will tell you now – it gets a bit vulgar at the very end – be aware.

Thanks for link Dan!


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  1. This is a slanted view. Anyone with half a brain does research before they post an “editorial” on youtube. This a prime example of irresponsible journalism. This guy is just hoping this piece of trash will go viral so he can make some cashola by sitting on his couch.

  2. Rourke – I try to stay out of the political stuff, but what he said, sure makes sense… What is the goal for the OWS movement? I do not fully understand. If people really want to demonstrate, get our soldiers (in which I was one of) out of Iraq and Afganistan. Been there longer than Vietnam. For what? WMD? Saddam? BS if you ask me…

    • ghostprepper –

      When I started this blog many months ago I planned to stay out of the political arena. Unfortunately – I thin our long-term survival has a lot to do with our poor political system. I also agree with most of what is in the video – and will gladly say it. The OWS people have a few valid points – but those points are smeared well beyond clarity buy “others” who are in the movement just to be involved in something.

      I agree that those that truly believe in something should state their case and protest in the right direction.


    • Aaron –

      Some say there is a link between the OWS and the Arab Spring. If I were the OWS – I would not want that affiliation. Looks who is moving into power as a result of revolution in Libya and Egypt.

      No doubt change is needed here and in other countries – but the change in this country does not need to lead to Socialism and more radicalism. I would be willing to wager that the VAST majority of OWS people voted for the current administration – and have received the CHANGE they asked for and is not liking it.


  3. I did not mean that that OWS and the Arab Spring are related. The two are fighting for the same thing. Regime Change. Put any political afiliation aside for a minute and realize that Obama is not doing anything he said he would. Broken promises and broken values. Telling the OWS folks to get a job isn’t going to fix that.

  4. I find it interesting that the following people / groups publicly support the OWS movement
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    Hugo Chavez
    The communist part of the US
    The Nazi party of the US
    The Chinese government
    And of course the person who has been fanning the flames of class warfare and wealth redistribution in the US for the past three years, Barak Obama

    The common denominator with all of the groups above is a strong belief in Socialism and/or communism.

    Regardless of the failures and frailties of our system, neither of the above two choices are a viable alternative in my humble opinion


  5. From their website:

    #OCCUPYWALLSTREET is a leaderless people powered movement for democracy that began in America on September 17 with an encampment in the financial district of New York City. Inspired by the Egyptian Tahrir Square uprising and the Spanish acampadas, we vow to end the monied corruption of our democracy … join your local #OCCUPY! We’re now in DAY 44.

    on the 23rd of aug. Anonymous OFFICIALLY Joined #OCCUPYWALLSTREET

    It has been documented here and on other sites the various questionable and even contemptible groups (like Anonymous) who have aligned with … and been excepted by… the OWS movement.

    I contend that at present their demands matter little. As the leaves fall and temperatures drop and their surroundings turn … well.. disagreeable they will pack up their gear, gather up their signs and go back whence they came. But once the ground thaws they will be back… or some who look like them.

    Now that the movement has been contaminated and infected by these outside groups they will be taken over, organized and fortified. Then we will find how strong they are and what it will take to appease them.

  6. Rourke, I could’nt agree more, these Occupy Wall Street People are complete idiots, we have them here in Detroit where we are hoping the homeless people eat them. They are all a fraud. Keep up the good work.

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