You don’t have to agree….but be respectful

I have talked on this before but it seems like many people out there travel around the Internet just to be flat out negative. No matter what someone writes or expresses people try to point out something just to be critical. For those of us who take our time to research and write we do not need disrespected.

There are all kinds of people out there and I know the VAST MAJORITY of the MSO Family are respectful and appreciative of the efforts. But man, it gets frustrating at times. We all do not have to agree but come on…be respectful and use some common sense before commenting.

I appreciate all the readers and writers that use their valuable time coming here and I will not put up with needless negativity against you. We recently had several negative comments against a guest writer and I was really pleased with the way others came to the writers defense – but it got out of hand. That is the reason for writing this.


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  1. I think you might be referring to that troll named Scott who replied to Coach. Well, I am sure Scott is just some basement dwelling troll who probably can’t walk 100 yards, much less swim 100 yards. He sounds like he is probably a “f**** p*****” as well so I would just delet his comment and the world would be a better place.

  2. Rourke,

    I for one appreciate your site and the guest posts on here. Constructive comments are great but being rude is unacceptable. This is your site but I urge you to ban those people who are irresponsible.
    Again, thank you for all you do.


  3. Rourke, If people who are very rude or negative get a warning and then persist please omit them if possible.
    On the flip side they serve a purpose -to remind us that the world will always have negative and rude people (as we do in every day life)and it makes me appreciate even more deeply the responsible ,wise people on MOS.
    Thanks Rourke for the great job you do.Arlene

  4. One bad apple and all. I have a friend who says trolls are wannabe hackers w/o the skill set, lol. I look at it this way, we as a group try to be ready for natural disasters, lousy economics, medical emergencies, and much worse.

    Compared to roaming marauders, some lousy keyboard commando who has only managed to prove his name should be ‘skippy the punk’ serves to remind us all that things really could be worse. We could be that guy, ugh!

    It’s a shame there is some jackass out there is being rude and obnoxious to a guest poster here. Personally, the guest posts are a HUGE asset to this website, as we’ll as the vast majority of commenters. Many times I have learned as much from reading the comments as the original article they refer to. Having guest posts is a major advantage and opportunity to be exposed to so many other great opinions and points of view, all in one place.
    Those factors, combined with Rourkes even-keeled common sense and commitment that shines thru, are the very forces that make this website by far one of the best out there. And think about, the internet is a pretty big, big, “out there”!!
    Donna g
    …raising shepherds of the four and two legged variety

  5. Rourke, I agree with Arlene. Two strikes and you’re out. I admin several pages/groups on FB and that’s what we do. The 1st time the offender gets a warning. The 2nd time, they get banned from the site. Period. End of discussion. As to whether they can come back under a new name or not, we just keep an eye out and ban as necessary. Once a troll, always a troll.

  6. I am a Christian, so am used to all the negative comments I receive on the net conserning religious topics. I totally agree that if you can’t find something positive to say about articles that have been written, those people who are not part of the solution ate part of the problem, and need to be given the axe so to speak…..

  7. some may come here for the express purpose of sowing discord-I like the ” 3 strikes and you are gone” idea.trolls seem to be everywhere, and follow a similiar agenda. . . . root ’em out and send them packing.

  8. There is just something about the web that makes people say things they would never consider saying in real life. Jimmy Kimmel and Sophia Vergara did a funny bit about it the other day.

    Everybody is an internet tough guy

    I find sticking to disagreement about a topic and avoiding anything personal keeps the discussion productive.

    “I disagree with X because A, b and C” makes for a much more productive dialog than “That is wrong and you are stupid.”

  9. Dear Rourke:
    Thank you for the helpful range of topics. I take what I can use and leave the rest.
    I was saddened to hear about the lack of respect!
    I try to keep religion and politics to each individual and focus on preserving and preparing topics. This disrespect is everywhere and may be USA’s worst enemy.
    j smotts

  10. Sorry, but I find most of these comments(F’n P****, Skippy the punk, troll, give ’em the axe, feed ’em to the hogs) a disrespectful, witch-hunt/fan club, based on little to zero info on the deleted follow on comments. The situation had resolved itself with a reasoned apology from Scott and largely reasonable comments from others. This is starting to feel like MSM, with little reason to post an opposing comment. Censorship by demonization. Seen familiar? You are becoming the people that you rail against, take a good look at yourselves. Regards, D.

    • D. –

      My site – my rules. You know I appreciate your commentary and your willingness to share. Regardless – Scott was ridiculous. The negativity being thrown around due to his comments was needless so I just stopped it. The author was sharing his experience and then was attacked needlessly. I have plenty of readers that offer their opinion and sometimes those opinions are of a different viewpoint – no problem! What you consider a differing opinion I consider a needless attack.

      I know your last comment cannot be seen – but the author can swim. I am not sure where you got the idea he couldn’t swim.


  11. My bad, my apologies for not coming across with all the compliments and positive remarks I had about the community here. In a ratio of about 1 neg to 10 positive, I am inclined to go with the overwhelming positive. Just a glass half full kind of gal, I guess!

  12. Rourke,

    I have been reading your articles, and your guests articles, for a while. I find them very informative and the comments can sometimes be as informative as your articles. Sci-Fi writer Heilden(?) who wrote “Friday” stated in the story that the first sign of the decline of a society is rudeness. I think it is safe to say we have all witness this every day.

    The internet gives people a mask to hide behind so they do things they don’t do otherwise(hopefully). I know it is hard to keep tabs on the comments as they are written. I like some of the others have stated feel that after a person makes 2 personal attacks and not productively interacting in the discussion should be banned. I hate wading through the garbage to the worthwhile comments.

    I look forward to yours and your guests articles. I have learned so much, not just the tips/information but about my fellow preppers as well. Their stories are as informative sometimes as the articles.

    Keep up the good work and God bless you and your fellow writers.

    Thank you,

    Katherin Keegan

  13. Question, how do we ‘like’ a comment? I’ve tried to tap on a like and nothing happens. Is it my iPad maybe? I have had quite a few keyboard issues with it, and now seem to be be overly conscious of every little mistake it makes….

    • I am having some problems Donna. For some reason the buttons stopped working and I am trying to get them fixed.

      Thanks – Rourke

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