WTSHTF emergency shopping list

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WTSHTF emergency shopping list

by CR


I don’t think anyone knows for certain when the S is gonna hit the fan so I prep in the meantime as best as I can without putting me in debt. But I have a plan to stock my cupboards they may or may not fail in a crisis. I do not have much cash as most of you but what I have I keep at home. I only deposit enough into my bank account to pay my bills. I have a credit card with a 1500.00 dollar credit limit. I cut up all the others and canceled the accounts. Now this card I have now has less than 200 dollar balance. If what I feel is a SHTF event my wife and I will head to the store or stores with the credit card, cash and the following lists. We have a His and Her list.



Health and Beauty aids:
Vitamins Centrum silver men and women’s. The silver has a little more of everything.
Fish oil, vitamin D, Vitamin C, E and B12.
cold medicines, laxatives, Anti diarrhea, eye wash, foot powder, blister help mole skin. Gauze, band aids, medical tape, alcohol, peroxide, betadine, arm knee and leg braces. Razors and shave cream, women’s monthly stuff (get quite a few I have seen my wife how upset when she is about to run out). Soap and shampoo Get a good bar soap and you can use it to wash your hair. This is basically running through HBA and grabbing a few of everything.
Now we are into pet’s I will skip this one since I have none but you know what you need here.
Lawn and Garden: I’m going to get another axe and a wood splitting maul another hoe, rake and shovel. two cycle oil and a couple of files and chain and bar for my chainsaw. seeds if they are any.
Paint: I will grab a few cans of camo type flat colors and a quart or two of natural colors. also 4mil plastic sheeting, tape, paint brushs.
Lighting: Anything solar and some 12 volt L.E.D if they have it.
Hardware: Screws, nails, screw driver, hammer, saw and blades , Torx bits, wrench set
Sporting goods: Lanterns, propane, flashlights, batteries, deer feeder 6 volt batteries and solar chargers, camo clothing, camp dry, ammo, maybe a small tent, fish hooks and line, fire making equipment and a couple of good knives.
Automotive: Maybe a battery and some motor oil, grease, fix a flat, plug kit, 12 volt tire pump
Clothing section: Socks and work and winter gloves.
Canning supplies. pickling spices, jars, utensils
Now on to my wife’s list. She will be headed to the grocery section. Keep in mind I have the credit card she will have the cash.


She is going to start in the back and work her way to the front. She will grab nuts, jerky and a roll or two of pepperoni. Now on to the baking aisle she will grab flour,sugar, yeast, butter milk powder, baking powder, baking soda, corn meal salt, oil, canned milk, cocoa powder, powdered milk, cinnamon, pepper, spices, cake mixes.
Breakfast foods: Oatmeal, cream of wheat, syrup, molasses, honey, pancake mix, canned fruit and dried fruit
Juice aisle: V8 and other assorted juices
canned meat aisle: Canned meats, rice, beans and stews and gravy mixes
Canned veggies: All the green veggies we can afford and carrots and potatoes. And then there are the sauces she will grab an assortment including olives and pickles.
Now we have some of every item on this list and could probably do without everything on this list for more than a year. But if I feel the time has come and I pray I don’t wait till it’s too late this is our plan. If I’m wrong and it turns out to be nothing then I will have a credit card bill to pay off but on the bright side I will have extra cash to pay it off with since we won’t have to buy groceries for awhile. Don’t forget your calculator, there is nothing more embarrassing than having to take a bunch of stuff off while standing at the register.


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22 thoughts on “WTSHTF emergency shopping list”

  1. #1. you are to late. #2. if the banks shut down the Ccards will not work and the cash might not be worth anything as well. #3. hope you already have a gun and some ammo. #4 Sounds like you would be picking up a lot of stuff you would like to have and not as much of what you have to have. //my2cents, good luck

  2. A good, (and) cheap salt supply can be had at the local feed store for about $5 for 50lbs block. It’s pure salt, so it can be used for canning too.

    It says that it’s not for humans, but neither is most of the stuff approved by the FDA!

  3. Old man how would I be too late being that I said I already had well over a years worth of everything. #2 it’s called when a SHTF shopping list. You know this ain’t my first day prepping. If a see the signs that I don’t like this is my plan. I don’t think I’m going to wait till after a run on the banks. Or for prices to even skyrocket. Good luck to ya. And as far as guns and ammo. I have plenty of both and have had it for a long time.

  4. I understood this completely. This is a last minute “Get rid of the green toilet paper shopping list” good last ditch list, I have one of my own very similar. Regards, D.

  5. We will be sitting on the front porch watching. 2 dangerous 2 travel. A midnight trip to Chinamart sounds in order.

  6. I think it is good to have a last-minute supply list, if we are fortunate enough to have a last-minute.

    We also have a similar list, that we have test-run through during the last few emergencies, such as Sandy. One thing I have seen, food-wise, the shelves here are EMPTY shortly after any sort of storm warning.

  7. Realize that 80% to 85% will be dead within 3 to 6 months.
    The Jeremiah Johnson, Grizzly Adams days are over. We have grown too soft and inept to get by ‘survivialist’ style.
    Unless you have a 50-70 acre farm and the skills to work it your chances are slim.
    The biggest thing the prepper ‘movement’ has done is to empty some pockets and line others.
    Eventually you will run out of everything.

  8. Of course I wouldn’t wait, but at some point include a roll of black plastic. All of those solar, LED or oil lamps aren’t going to do you right if you’ve got the only house in the neighborhood with lights on. Block those windows!

  9. If you think the grid is going down the I would avoid the greens when shopping and, instead, buy hard skinned squash. Butternut or Banana squash will keep for weeks, if not months, in a cool area or basement

    If you have the ability to store things, a large share of what is in the list for SHTF purchases won’t degrade over time so it wouldn’t hurt to be buying them a bit at a time NOW. Then you could check them off your list BEFORE the flag goes up. This would also give you time to organize your supplies, repack into duffle bags or boxes for quick loading, if it comes to that, and not be sitting there wondering where something is located.

    The other thing about your list that I am wondering about, is there more on the list than there is available charge room on the card?

    Just my thoughts. The list seems to be thought out pretty well for something that may trigger you to act if it does so two or three days before non-prepared people raid the places looking for anything and everything they can lay their hands on.

  10. Kudos for not keeping a lot of cash in the bank. Kudos for cutting up a lot of credit cards. However, I would encourage you to consider a new shopping plan.

    I’m all for having a last minute list but this is to much. His List alone will fill 3 or more carts. If your credit card has a $1,500 limit you’re gonna exceed it. I would not call this preparedness, but closer to panic. Which puts you in the middle of the rest of the panicing crowd. Bad place to be.

    I think a last minute list would be a last grab for perishables. For me, ice would be a last grab item if I have the chance. Do yourself a favor and purchase non-perishables a little at a time as you can afford it. It’s better than money in the bank.

  11. Hey don’t forget a few hose clamps and some bailing wire. 2 most important
    Items I have ever needed and did not when I did.

  12. CR- good for you cutting up credit cards and having some cash.I would stock up as much as you can BEFORE
    you need to. Use half of your credit now and then pay it off. Its always better to be more prepared than not.
    If we get an EMP-solar flare- you may not be able to even use a vehicle to go shopping. Your lists were good though. PLEASE stock up water from your tap also.

  13. Listen folks everyone of you has said buy a little at a time or over time. But what you lack is reading comprehension. The article clearly states they have more than a years worth of supplies already. This is not a last ditch effort to get prepared it is a last ditch effort to get a lot more prepared. You say the list exceeds the credit card. It may but you also seen the part about the cash and a calculator. Quit half ass reading and commenting. Read again and again it makes sense to me.

  14. Backwoods Prepper,Yes I saw they had a years supplies.
    This still doesn’t mitigate the fact that we could lose the use of transportation and power immediately if an EMP or CRE occurred -or a giant volcano etc.
    I don’t believe in using credit lightly but I have charged at Emergency Essentials and then paid it off so we could have the peace of mind of having adequate long term food storage and then use a monthly trip to the grocery store for canned goods etc.
    You sound frustrated by peoples responses. Arlene

  15. Arlene:
    Of course BP is frustrated.
    His point was that people may READ but they time and again show little to no READING COMPREHENSION. In other words they have no idea what they have read……and then go on to comment on what they THINK they read rather than the true point of the article. This has made me a little nuts more than once. The majority of comments on the original post ignored the info being put forth and thus people learned nothing from it. A bit of a waste of time on the authors part. People if you don’t understand it…read it again. Regards, D.

  16. D, I understand completely. Thank you for expressing your thoughts so considerately.
    However what many aren’t comprehending is that while we can all have very adequate supplies -planning on being able to get in a last minute shopping trip may not be possible depending upon the type of disaster.

  17. Question to all-Has anyone done any canning on a glass top electric stove? I have heard its not recommended
    but why? Thanks Arlene

  18. Arlene,

    We can on a glass top electric stove quite a bit. We just did 14 jars of rhubarb jelly and 18 of rhubarb JAM. (we used a ‘squeezo’ to get just the juice). We used the water bath method for these batches.

    We also have canned meats, among other items, using a pressure canner. I believe the only issue you would have is if you over filled the canner allowing the water to boil out repeatedly on the glass top. Or, maybe, instead of heating from cool or warm, you turned the stove on HI then put a cold water filled canner on the surface. But, we have not had any issues to date.

    The only other possible issue would be with the pressure canner. It takes longer for the system to cool off than when we use the outdoor gas cooktop. You have to let the system cool down to relieve the pressure and not just remove the weight, which would cause the jars inside to boil over and then not seal due to contamination of the rubber seal.

    I hope this helps.

  19. CM-thanks so much. I am soon to do my annual bread and butter pickles ! I will try it on the electric glass top.I have never used a pressure cooker but recently purchased on. I will use our emergency gas stove for that-thanks.


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