Write a letter…….speak your mind.

If you are dissatisfied with your government – tell them. Send an email, write a letter, make a phone call. Will it make a difference? Maybe not.

It’s worth a shot.

To contact your Congressman in the Senate – click HERE.

These people work for you – for us. They have highly paid and powerful lobbyist barking in their ear and filling their wallet – telling them what they should think and how they should vote. Those lobbyist generally speak for one small segment of the population – not necessarily for you – or for us.

The recent elections this past November sent a collective message to Congress as to what The People want – and many Congressman went to Washington motivated to act on that message. Thus far – I see evidence that they are forgetting. The powerful agencies and lobbyists are getting to them.

Let’s remind them not just what we want….but what we demand.

Our future is at stake.




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  1. There are 35,000+ registered lobbyist in DC, all whispering in the ear of our elected officials, promising all manner of benefit and support if they (our Congressmen and women) will do their bidding. To stop this influence peddling we will have to ban (paid) lobbying and add the lobbyist to the lists of the unemployed.

    I do believe that the 60+ Tea Party Reps elected to Congress are doing a good job representing their electorate and actually doing what has been asked of them. For their loyalty to the Constitution and those who sent them to DC they have been attacked by way of a collective character assassination from the Left. If we add to their numbers they will be more effective. It won’t be easy, the intellectually repulsive propaganda will only grow more nefarious. Secure your seat in the locked position and fasten your lap belt, we are in for a hell of a ride.

  2. Rourke,

    I’ve been writing to my elected representatives both in the House and Senate for the past 20-25 years. Along with the obligatory response letter, “I hear you and will keep your concerns in mind in the future” came a request for a contribution a couple of days later. However, not once did they act in the way that would coincide with what I asked of them. So I figured out that those concerns (mostly Bill of Rights issues) I wrote about were not important to that elected representative. But the concerns of the powerful lobby that was contributing the thousands of dollars to the election campaign were. You have only to look at the recent upheaval at the various town hall meetings concerning the health care issue to see the response of some of these representatives to know who’s side these congress critters are on. If some of the critters didn’t like the questions he or she was getting from the great unwashed of society, they called in the praetorian guards to deal with these questioners. I quit writing and magically nothing changed in the way that those representatives voted. In any case I acknowledged that they did not represent me and I didn’t vote for them in subsequent elections. I offer the advice of George Carlin in his skit “The American Dream” seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acLW1vFO-2Q (very strong language), “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it”. Dealing with this reality is much more sane to me than expecting some change from the critters.

  3. Tede, your frustrations are understandable, they are mine also. I have a theory, with little to back it up so take it as it is….. a theory. We should all act as a Just King might- teach your subjects all you think they should know, support them and help them grow in knowledge…… perhaps it will have an effect on their future…. and ours, one can hope. As for me, I’m the King of 3 cats, 2 dogs and soon I hope a flock of chickens and a couple of cows. It’s a benign kingdom. I do all the work and provide the meals, lodging and health care, they, um…. well, they accept my largess without comment or complaint. It’s enough.

  4. Rourke, you don’t have to post this if you don’t feel it right. I just want to say that I have noticed a change….. a change toward an attempt to influence the future along with your goal of helping people prepare for it. I commend you for this change. People are trying to redefine our history and our belief system. It is always a worthy cause to promote debate… we can all learn from it. If someone were to tell you to stop, to stick with prep and leave politics to other sites…. I would say to you what my wife said to me (when she thought I was trying to put her in her place) OH.. HELL.. NO!!

  5. No use writing to those traitors in the “District of Criminals”, the majority are bought and paid for and ignoring anything that “We the People” have to say, the same as King George and Parliament did over 240 yrs ago! Liberty or Death…..

  6. Rourke,

    This is an interesting idea. I used to be quite politically active. Had been so for almost 20 years. It started when I was in college about 20+years ago. I noticed something back then that has always stuck with me. It is the politics of the “machine” and how the whole system works. I became disillusioned with the whole process when I went to work on a compaign. I have tried to stay active all of these years but I have come to a conclusion. It is dam hard to make change! I don’t think individuals realize how slow the gears of political change move. Law-making and difference making are 2 big propositions.

    It does not mean you should quit. Vigilance is truly the price of freedom. However, we have lost that as a nation. I would say we lost it about 100 years ago and the vacuum was filled by “progressive” political disease that has rotted at this nation for about the same amount of time.

    Another site that I visit posits this idea. “There are two types of people in this world, those that want to be left alone and those who will not leave you alone”. That about says it all right there doesn’t it?

    That being said, I have also come to another conclusion in my life. And that is, the the only way I can foster change in this country is to start with myself and let it grow outward from there. Hopefully my examples of common sense and self determination rub off on the individuals that I influence in my little spheres and enclaves.

    That is where it starts. If that works, I don’t know, I sometimes feel that I am not doing any of my friends and family any good. I guess that just means that I have to work harder.

    By not being able to influence others I am sometimes convinved that man/woman will never change. This is our nature. This is who we are. This is the plight of human beings. We have been this way since we picked up a spear and began to hunt and gather. I sometimes think we will end pretty much the same way we started, with animal skins, spears and sticks. At times, I don’t see any kind of fix for what lies ahead. I just hope that the last 1/3 of my life, and my families lives will not be very painful. I am not counting on it.

    Man has attained some lofty ideals. Created some amazing machines and pushed science to the edge. But after thousands of years, thousands of ideas, inventions, wars, famines, plagues, governments, empires, etc. etc.

    We still have not figured out the one thing that has brought down men, women, empires, families and individuals for centuries.

    Human nature.

    We have not overcome it for as long as this society has been around. Some 20,000 years right? What makes us think we can figure it out now?

    As always, I hope for the best.

    Good Stuff!


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