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i want you

i want you

Hey everyone,

Since I have a lot on my plate with my survival-related projects, I’d be ver ymuch intersted in having someone help out with the blog. Paid articles, of course.

There’ve been a lot of guest psots on MSO so far, I know a lot of you aren’t just amazing preppers but good writers too. I don’t need fancy writing, what I need is quality content.

If you’re interested, please reply to this e-mail so we can talk. Thanks!

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  1. I have lived in small cabin in the woods for 10 years. We live somewhat off the grid. We do have electricity but it goes out quite often. We haul on our own water. Do not have city water,sewer services or natural gas.
    I have submitted guest article ideas to other sites that have been published. I also have some other ideas that your readers might find useful.
    I am not a self proclaimed expert by any means, however I do actually live the type of lifestyle that might give some real world insite into being somewhat self sufficient.
    I live the life not just blog the blog.

  2. Dan,

    I might be interested in doing some writing for the site. Could you send me more details regarding article length, particular subject matter you prefer, etc. I have some previous writing experience, however mostly with technical and procedure manuals. I have done a short series of gardening articles and a few brief submissions in an aerospace newsletter, so my formal writing experience is limited. However I do peruse various sites and often feel I could offer insight into some subjects.
    If my submissions were to be published by you do I retain copywrite
    Thanks for considering.

  3. Dan,

    I believe I would have much to offer your website. I live in a small Midwestern town approximately 60 miles outside one of the largest US cities. As the father of four (and the fifth on the way) my wife and I strive to instill self reliance and pride in all we do. As a Husband and Wife team the articles we could contribute to this website would come from a perspective of a God fearing, homeschooling, gardening, and livestock raising family.

  4. I am interested in writing for you. I have much experience in the things that are written about here. I have a couple of articles ready to send to you to give you an idea of my writing style and skill. Thank You.

  5. Mr. Stevens

    My name is David Boone,
    Just a short Bio I know you didn’t ask, but here goes:

    I have been a trapper, a hunter, and outdoors man my whole life. Yes before you ask The great Daniel Boone was a grand parent of mine eleven generations ago. I also have been a business man, and a father, and a husband, although I was a fair at business and as a father I was a apparently a poor husband. According to my ex wife… hence my divorce.
    Which brings me to why I can probably help you out, if you’re willing to take me on?

    You might say I have been living the prepper’s dream, that is to say, IF living off the grid for the last 5 years is your readers dream. Currently you can find me camped somewhere in the woods of British Columbia, Canada, tramping about the back roads in a large RV. I live and traveling throughout Western Canada and the US for I am a (Actual Dual Citizen, two passports).
    Mostly I stick to the Okanogan area along the big lake in the summers living up in the forestry service roads, i.e. FREE CAMPING.
    My intentions in life are to retire this way maybe write for a living. I do spend a lot of the time hiking and exploring the wilderness of these mountains studying plants and animal life.

    Many seasons I have spent searching for wild edibles, such as mushrooms, and fiddle-heads, or whatever I find. Yes I do it by choice and have learned how to survive on $300.00 dollars and less in Canadian money. Thats survivalist material right there. I usually choose two or three wild foods each season to thoroughly study and learn how to use. Meaning that in the least I learn how to identify them, how and when to harvest them, how to prepare, and ultimately turn it into, not only a meal, but a great meal.

    I believe that a decent cook can turn any edible plant or animal into a delicious meal. Yes I have had squirrel before, and turtle, beaver tail and though not yet my favorite Porcupine, which I can make a passable stew out of.

    Did you know for instance that during the end of the great depression, that the southern gray squirrel population was nearly decimated, by hungry Americans? Anyway as for my writing experience I kept a journal with me since back in 2013-14 when for eight months. I was hired to watch over a remote hunting camp by myself in south central British Columbia area of Fort St. James. The lodge sat at the top of Stuart Lake, you can find it on google maps if you like. Its eleven log cabins and large docks were built on the shore of the north arm. I spent many a morning with my black coffee in hand, and gazing out over my kingdom, with those black waters looking as calm, and as still as a millpond. There is a tiny island just off to the south between Monk bay in the north arm. Its maybe a quarter mile or so from shore, and owned by a business man and his family from Montana. Its usually the first thing I look at each morning.

    In the fall the northern arm of the big lake is the stop off place for some Trumpeter swans on there way south for the winter. Their huge white bodies would glide along the rocky shores, reflecting off the black waters glowing angelic somehow. Winged white creatures just feet off the water flying through the dark quiet forest air looking far to massive to be flying at all.

    I lived around 110 kilometers from the nearest human in those days, and occupied my time with wood cutting and writing, and not to mention exploring my new wilderness. Just me and my lonesome, and three miserable cats that belonged to the Hunting lodge in which I watched over. My only duties were feed them and myself, and promise not to kill them if things got dicey.

    It was a real life “Shining” scenario similar to Steven Kings Novel. Though instead of apparitions and insanity I had encounters with Gray Wolves and Bears (of both species) Grizzlies, and Black Bears, and many many moose, and of course the three crazy hill billy cats. (They were very closely related)

    Even though I was alone most of the time it was great, though every now and again a party of snow mobiler’s made their way out to the lodge usually traded me a few beers or groceries for letting them relax for a while before heading back. There was that, and I had a lot of modern conveniences to occupy my time too, it all helped to ease any loneliness that leaked in through those cold months. Though I have to admit it wasn’t much of a hardship, and I thoroughly enjoyed the myself that entire winter. The owner eventually sold the lodge that spring, as that was their plan all along, and my contract was terminated when the new owners moved in.

    Sorry no tales of cabin fever or ghosts, I seem to possess the right constitution for remote cabin life.

    All work and no play make jack a dull boy. All work and no play make jack a dull boy. All work and no play make jack a dull boy. All work and no play make jack a dull boy…

    Sorry couldn’t help myself.
    Perhaps living in the wilderness is in my DNA from gram-pa Daniel?
    I would do it again in a heart beat if asked, and recommend everyone do the same if they get a chance.

    The reason I’m telling you all this Dan, is to demonstrate my writing, and to give you a sense of what you and your readers might expect from me. Occasionally I like to add a little visualization to my writing if you don’t mind, I believe it helps transport the reader there.

    I also write a mean satire…

    PS I have designed and built many inventions and useful things throughout my life, so technical writing is not out of the question. Like for instance I designed the solar system I use on my RV to run this laptop and other electronic devices I’m using.

    Been a mechanic, a log home builder and a carpenter for nearly twenty years, though that was in my youth.
    I lived in Maui back in the late 1990s working as a carpenter in those days, and took Computer science class from the adult learning courses. I have hiked many trails throughout the rockies, including back packing over the continental divide with my three boys in 2005. I have hunted moose, deer, bear, and fowl.
    I‘m an avid fisherman and tie my own flies too. Although I find in my old age that I’m more of a conservationist these days. I still believe in hunting and trapping, but only take what I need.

    I hope you like my writing, and feel we can work together.

    Oh, one more thing!!

    P.PS I work really cheap, you name the price, okay…

  6. Hey there Dan!

    This is Cory Thomas from survivethewild.net, and I’d love to donate an article to your site. Just email me with details.

    I’d like to contribute something related to the recent social events happening in Louisiana, mostly because that’s where my family and I live. So I would love to contribute something directed to how we’re dealing with the tension in the community, and making sure our family and loved ones are prepared for what could happen.

    Thanks Dan!

    Cory Thomas

  7. I would be willing to contribute a post or two. I’ve been a prepper for some time, but feel as though I could make a contribution when it comes to providing insight into bioterrorism, emerging infectious disease, and anything related (Zika, Ebola, Influenza, etc).

    Here’s a bit about my background. I degrees in epidemiology (study of disease patterns) and infectious disease; I did some graduate research in a biodefense lab and taught some undergrad and graduate level classes in infection control and bioterrorism. I have also worked for my local health department in disease surveillance.

    I’d love to provide a little insight (and empirical truth) into those things.


  8. I’m a writer, an honest to God, published, educated to write writer…and I’m currently living in a survivalist situation. What people don’t seem to understand/believe/know is that the SHTF doesn’t have to be in the form of a TEOTWAKI event. It can be that you just lost your job, or your husband of 15 yrs trades you in on the younger model and leaves you without any resources. If I hadn’t prepped, my grown son and I would have starved long before now. What I also don’t think other people understand, and I mean REALLY understand, is how quickly it goes from “oh this is a crappy kind of day” to “OMG, there is no (fill in the blank with something really necessary like water or food or even toilet paper).” It happens within the matter of a few days. And I had prepped. We went through those preps like something unmentionable through a bear’s intestine. AND we live on a farm; AND we had animals who looked to us for their own sustenance; AND we have little to no familial support. The only things missing from the issues I read about here and other places every day was the fact that the feds aren’t remotely interested in us–yet, thank God. I am also a Registered Nurse. Been trying to re-enter that field for 10 yrs now. They think I’m too old (at 56) and need to be put out to pasture but I’m one of the old tough ones. We don’t crack, we just deal with one trauma at a time.
    So, yeah, if you’re still interested after reading this rambling, I can write from the perspective of one who is living it…again. Just between us, this isn’t my first go around with SHTF in my personal life. And I could use a bit of extra money. Can’t get more honest than that.

  9. Hi,

    I have lengthy daily journalism experience and have written for pay for two self-sufficiency blogs and would be interested in writing for another. I can furnish links and resume via email.



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