World War Z…..


Alright guys – I know zombies are fictional (for now). Last night I went and saw World War Z and it was awesome. Suspense, action, lots of shooting and just enough horror to keep you on the edge of your seat. No full review here – its a zombie movie. People turn into zombies, good guys try to figure out why, good guys try to find cure – good guys kill lots of zombies.

I think there is enough content and story in his movie that even those that are typical zombie-haters would find the movie well worth it.

I highly recommend it.


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2 thoughts on “World War Z…..”

  1. No, zombies are real.
    They have no logic,common sense,grasp of history,ethics,morals or reading comprehension. They babble aimlessly on the internet and communicate in tweets and twitters. They obsessively pursue exceeding generations of useless electronics and the sex and criminal lives of celebrity sluts, rock star politicians and sports figures. They hero worship anyone who can pee without hitting their shoes…this is probably because they possess no life…of their own. They seem to survive by boring a minority of the population to death (those with a functioning brain) and subsist on large quantities of over priced designer coffees, skittles and junk food. This may partially explain the manic actions of the WWZ zombies. Ignore them or if you must, approach with caution, preferably while wearing earplugs and dark glasses to avoid eye contact. Head shots are not necessary, although the nonsense spewed from their mouths may make YOUR head explode. To break contact, throw them a book, it will confuse them long enough to make your escape. At this point,the government administration considers these creatures a protected species and useful to their agenda. Watch your six!


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