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  1. There is an easy explanation as to why Ronald Reagan became one of our most beloved presidents, and for those old enough to remember… still is. It wasn’t only, or even mainly his great accomplishments, which were many and historically world changing. It was that when he spoke to us, the ease of his words and the sincerity in his tone, we knew instinctively that he was being straight, up-front honest, that he believed what he was saying, and that he truly cared about helping his nation. There was no need for the -high minded rhetoric- that the political class use today in their never-ending attempt to make us believe that they, and they alone, can spin straw into gold. I think we should miss that honesty.

    • Mr. Gault –

      Totally agree with you.

      My opinion on Reagan has been well documented here on MSO. Greatest President we have ever had. He is so needed right now.


  2. I agree that he was one of our greatest, and it is a very short list. History judges these things from the perspective of time and of results. The results are well documented, and to those with the intelligence to understand, the results were a spectacular success. Our only measure is how each dealt with the issues at hand during their time and in the scope of upholding constitutional obligations. It would seem that our current President is found lacking in both. I prefer quiet deeds to soaring speeches, but today’s crowd apparently doesn’t. It may be of little solace now, but today’s headlines and histories judgement are rarely the same.

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