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CONSTITUTION: Going, Going, Gone.


Talk about denial, the Republican Party in America is in total denial. President Barack Obama’s second term started on January 21, 2013, just four short months ago.  The challenge to Obamacare has come and gone and is the law of the land.  Millions of dollars have been invested in Green Energy and lost.  The latest failure has been Fisker Automotive which hasn’t produced a car since last year.  During the campaign the CEO of General Motors said the Jeep will never be made in China, yes you guessed it.  Benghazi has been swept under the rug only to be resurrected by the Republicans in 2016 in a fruitless attempt to keep Hillary out of the White House, which will fail of course. 

Terrorism is alive and well.  The mayor of Boston, inserting his thumbs under his suspenders, declared “Boston Strong”.  All you need to do is submit to warrantless searches, clear the streets, leave your home and feel good about having an assault rifle stuck in your face and the government will protect you.  More drones, more TV cameras and less freedom is the answer.  What we need is gun control as guns in the hands of the private citizen is dangerous indeed.  I know Mr. President, you need to issue more executive orders, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.  Gun control, it ain’t over til it’s over.

See, the Republicans think that by getting behind amnesty for illegals, ignore abortion rights, remove any mention of God in private and public places and learn to love the LGBT crowd that the voters will flock to the polls to embrace the conservative movement.  I’ve got news for you boys and girls it’s not going to happen.  I’m not a racist I’m a realist.  Blacks and Hispanics vote overwhelmingly Democratic as do Unions of all stripes, Hollywood, the Media, NOW, young voters indoctrinated since pre-school and the Gay Liberation Front as well as those on Welfare and their free phones.  No amount of this touchy/feely kumbaya is going to inspire one of the above to vote for a Republican.  Thou shalt not bite the hand that feeds you.

The current occupier of the White House has declared the conservative ideology and their ilk public enemy #1. Guns are bad, religion a distraction, government spending no problem.  Wars are good for the economy and a potential economic collapse, nonsense.  Now I had a friend tell me once that only the ignorant and uninformed watch Fox News and he wouldn’t be caught dead watching that drivel.  Well, I watch Fox News and I watch some network news as well just to get some dissenting opinion.  There is an old saying that I like to use regarding the Network News “it is not necessarily what I say but what I fail to say that is the bigger lie”.  This is the fault with the Network News, what they fail to say.  Did you hear on the national news that Mark Kelly (husband of Gabriell Giffords) tried to buy an assault rifle at an Arizona gun show, no I didn’t think so.  Oh! By the way, according to Joe Biden Ms. Giffords was mortally wounded, mortally as in DEAD. 

Marco Rubio is already being drawn and quartered for his position on immigration and the path to citizenship. Its personal but I wouldn’t vote for Chris Christie for dog catcher.  Who are we going to run against Hillary or Bloomberg?  Mr. Obama has three and a half years as President.  How many Supreme Court justices do you think he will appoint in that time?  How many in the next eight years?  Maybe after Hillary serves (and I use that term metaphorically) for eight years and Michelle serves eight will we still have the Bill of Rights.  Bloomberg has already stated publically that the Constitution needs to be redefined.  Something akin to Obama’s statement on Oct 30, 2008 –“five days from now we will fundamentally change America“.  No one listened then either. Just a little historical note, I think that in the statement above was the last time he used the noun WE in any other speech.

What can save America? I haven’t a clue.

Have a nice day.

Bunker Billy

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  1. It doesn’t matter what I watch on TV or listen to on the radio, entertainment programming, news programming, even advertisement programming, I just have to ask, “Why are you showing / telling me this?”

  2. And just yesterday, Kalifornication Gov’ner Brown signed a bill authorizing the expenditure of $24,000,000 to locate and seize 39,000 handguns and 1,670 “assault rifles” from 20,000 folks who have been judged unworthy of firearm ownership (convicted felons, mentally unstable, domestic violence restraining orders).

    A typical 1,200 calorie MRE costs about $8 (less if you buy in bulk). So instead of buying 3,000,000 meals to feed homeless, unemployed, or underemployed (at 2 meals per day, that would feed 4,109 people for a year), the great state (said with a smirk) of Kalifornication is going to spend over $590 per firearm ($1,200 per subject person) to remove them from circulation. They plan to hire more agents (government worker bees) to “reduce the backlog” of weapon seizures over the next 3 years. How many seriously think that upon the elapse of that 3 year project the extraneous agents will be furloughed?

    Now I’m not a fan of bad folks having firearms (especially those spousal abuse cases – I am married to a red head with a temper), but surely there is a more cost effective way of dealing with this issue.

    Billy – Mark Giffords tried to buy an “assault weapon” to show how easy it was to acquire said item of destruction. The gun store he submitted his paperwork to eventually decided not to sell him the firearm because he was using it to make a politcal statement and not for hunting or sporting purposes. This was all covered by CNN and ABC, though the info was definitely skewed towards favoring additional gun control measures.

  3. I’m skeptical that conservatives will be able to regain the country, with all the “undocumented Dumocraps” pouring across the border.

  4. Remarkable how the expectations of Americans seem so modest compared to what they were when I was young. No matter how disastrous is Obama’s presidency the academic historians will write it as an amazing success, a transformation for the better. As the world degenerates into chaos, for the next thousand years, around campfires and in tribal ceremonies, the name Obama will be revered….. Sucks to have your brain fully developed and intact when the other 90% around you are missing their kernels altogether…. Woe is me.

  5. Didn’t take Hitler that long to swing people around… even Obama could have us paraded down the streets to cheers of “hang them” before he leaves office.

  6. Wonderful! Historically correct. Everything is absolutely how I feel. Now, how to make other people understand how important these words are at the end of the day/

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