Will drones be flying over your house?

I just recently saw a report that the FAA would start licencing drones to fly over US cities for police departments and other non-Federal law enforcement. 

Maybe I am just paranoid but this makes me nervous. The enhanced ability to spy on the public is getting to a level that seems rather excessive. No – it is excessive. Privacy seems to be going the way of the dodo bird. Go Google your name and see what comes up. 

These drones are supposedly set to NOT carry any weapons of any kind. That might be how it starts off however I predict a change will take place in short order. Likely law enforcement will promote that arming drones will save police officers lives.

Who can argue against saving officers lives?



Seems like as more and more is controlled by computers and now we are going to have these drones flying around – Terminator is getting more and more realistic.

I am just waiting to see “Skynet” painting on the side of one these things.


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4 thoughts on “Will drones be flying over your house?”

  1. my local officials are already salivating at the prospect of getting drones. the building inspector even wants one to search neighborhoods for those weapons of mass enjoyment, swimmingpools, as well as untaxed building upgrades. even the local ag dept wants one to look for illegal gardens and chicken coops and crops in excess of allotments. george orwell was a psychic. it’ll all be fun n games until your wife winds up on the net sunbathing in the back yard.

  2. At long last they will be able to catch all those criminals who are growing food and herbs! Or may be milking a cow and taking the milk inside! Oh, what a relief to know we will be safe.
    Surely some techie can come up with a device to scramble them, have them hit the ground and go from there.

    Ron Paul 2012……..because liberty is EVERYTHING.

  3. Just a thought: Most local jurisdictions probably won’t be able to afford really-sophisticated higher-altitude, long-loiter, autonomous ROV’s, like the Predator, etc. The most likely aerial robot spies seem to be the ‘quadcopter’ type, a la “TacoCopter” (a BRILLIANT idea – wish I had thought of it). That old RC aircraft controller and a soldering iron, or a ghillie suit with thermal insulation, some cover and a slingshot might serve as a suitable counter measure, if they are used for nefarious purposes.

    I hope they are used for legitimate law-enforcement, to keep officers safe in potentially-dangerous situations. They can definitely save lives when it is hazardous to “go look for yourself”. I’m not holding my breath that this will be their only use.


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