Will America’s Coming Collapse resemble Europe’s Current Crisis?

by Silence Dogood

Currently the unraveling of Europe is becoming clear, especially to those that are paying attention. The horrific migrant crisis, the rapes, the tenuous economy, the various financial bubbles all stemming from central bankers and their money printing.

Manipulated bond markets, credit markets are creating housing bubbles and have forced much of the middle class to flee these over priced areas leaving entire communities of our city’s because they no longer can afford to live there.

We stand back and watch seeing the inevitable breakup of the European Union, beginning with Brexit and the public discourse of people in the major cities struggling with racial tension, it seems we cannot see what is behind it all. I know I can see the connection if you cannot.

It is boiling across Europe as you read this, all hidden by the mainstream media outlets.


The chart in the above link shows the credit bubble ready to burst, as it started forming as far back as August of 2016.

Many economists are blaming the bond market for driving this credit bubble. The low yields are forcing investors into the credit markets, most hoping to prop up their portfolios o, at the very least, to stave off the drop in interest rates. It is pushing bankers to invest into this inflating bubble, rather then leave their money to dwindle over the next three decades in some zero or negative interest investment.

The European Central Bank started buying corporate bonds back in June of this year, infusing the European economy with more money to hide the fact it is unsustainable.

America has been implementing the same strategy with our Federal Reserve.

This of course, reduces the buying power of the nations currency, right across the board, and is affecting the inflation of the money due to zero or negative interest rates, all this is being done while inflating a rampant bubble that we now see everywhere with the cheap credit from this failing debt based system.

The carelessness of the central banks coupled with the Brexit, has exacerbated the situation and created even more foolish credit use by those that run our systems.

It is now the new “Monte Carlo,” and has made gamblers out of every European banker, who by using the people’s money (our Bonds) as their poker chips they are betting on a rigged game, hoping to get out just before the table gets flipped by the biggest loser.

Their new gambler mentality is simply betting with our low to zero interest rate loans speculating on these bubble markets, rather then with honest investment.

The loans given to the publically traded companies are mostly used by CEOs to buy back their own shares and keep up to the spiraling descent of the entire system.

This is why the inflation increase is not obvious to the moral majority.

This makes complete sense to any businessman, as most would rather invest in bubble markets then hold onto zero yield savings, bonds, or similar financial products.

The Central Bank must know this too, or they are the stupidest businessmen of the century.

No, I think by now, it is merely a wait and see game; with each player trying to bump the last bet, hoping that they hold the winning hand in the end.

Soon someone will call “all in,” and shove the last of their pile into the center, and then we will see the chips fall…

Just remember, folks, they are playing with your money created from your promissory notes (The nation’s Bonds).

Just look at these interest rates, and you will see who is next and what is driving this madness.

 central bank interest rate region percentage date
 FED interest rate United States 0.500 % 12-16-2015
 RBA interest rate Australia 1.500 % 08-02-2016
 BACEN interest rate Brazil 14.000 % 10-19-2016
 BoE interest rate Great Britain 0.250 % 08-04-2016
 BOC interest rate Canada 0.500 % 07-15-2015
 PBC interest rate China 4.350 % 10-23-2015
 ECB interest rate Europe 0.000 % 03-10-2016
 BoJ interest rate Japan 0.000 % 02-01-2016
 CBR interest rate Russia 10.000 % 09-16-2016
 SARB interest rate South Africa 7.000 % 03-17-2016

As you can see from the chart abov,  things are not looking good for Europe or Japan, and similarly they do not bode well for the North American markets either.

The low interest rates are just the beginning. I am quite sure the Fed will pretend to bump the rates higher soon in North America as they have each December, claiming they will stem the flow of speculation, but knowing each time they do it they just simply move the market.

They will inevitably drop the rates again within a month or risk destroying the whole system, and reveal the true house of cards that it is.

Can America expect much of the same woes as Europe has, right here at home?

Certainly, we do.

We are talking about the same issues and same market pressures as Europe. We are taking on the same migrant policies as Europe. Despite knowing it would be far cheaper and much more practical to leave the refugees where they are, in their own countries. Simply create a protected zone for them to exist in, until the conflict is settled or at the very least protect them somewhere in an alternate Muslim country, where they will be able to assimilate without civil war.

We can simply provide housing and food for them at far cheaper cost than bringing them here to our countries to live. Our army can easily teach them to construct clean living conditions they will need to survive, and offer military protection only until they are established. They can use their own people after that to patrol the facilities; we could then simply provide a military bubble of protection, with air support, merely on a consultant capacity after that.

Perhaps some solutions are in order…

This migrant problem does not take a brain surgeon to figure out. Perhaps we can even use our private mystery mercenaries, such as Blackwater (or whatever they call themselves nowadays), posting them over there to do the job of protection. They are much cheaper then our military these days (or so they claim) and the bonus using these guys is that those boys would be there by choice.

The globalist propaganda has definitely fogged our collective minds for we cannot see this for ourselves anymore.

As the above charts regarding interest rates in Europe’s banking system indicate, we are only 0.5% away from the same scenario as Europe, so we can simple extrapolate what our market will do following the same sort of pattern as Europe.

What we saw back in 2008 shows us the ends to which this will lead… the 2007 housing bubble crash which led to the financial crash of 2008.

Yet, even the charts we mentioned do not show the over inflated money bubble that most currencies are in these days.

When that ship comes in there will be… all hell to pay.

It is speculated that all though we are obviously different then the European Union, the United States may fall in a similar fashion. Europe’s collapse began with Greece’s default. The charts indicate Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain, or France are next.

Similarly in America, California, has nearly the exact same profile as Greece’s debt back when it fell.

This makes California the first probable state to bring down the rest of the Union by default.

As this link shows, the debt of California is the largest in the union, with the least chance of maintaining itself. This is the catalyst that will start the unraveling of the Federal Reserve’s debt and its Ponzi scheme.

Lets stare into our crystal ball, America will be ablaze sometime in the coming future, as this perfect storm brews over the nation, a storm of financial, religion, government over reach and injustices that will collide at once, causing many other lesser systems to fail soon after.

The illogical strife of left verses Right paradigm has started right after the elections. Foolish people who are not able to recognize that they are being used by the same system they are complaining about. The frustration has been created by ignorance, and the lack of teaching basic civics, and financial concepts in our failing school systems.

It will not take much else to make it reach a tipping point now.

A simple spark will set off this fuel fire, a simple bump in the interest rates for more then a few weeks will bring down our markets, proving once and for all that the people cannot repay even the interest on the debt these banksters say we owe.

A so-called bank holiday will be declared to stop the outflow of the failing money system. The state owned banks would confiscate funds from their depositors just as they did in Cyprus, to shore up their balance sheets.

People will panic nation wide, withdrawing money from the failing system, while creating riots; the nation will need to impose martial law to quell the rioters. Food stamps will not be enough to feed the nation, the store shelves will be bare within 3 days, and all commerce will cease. The nation will struggle under weight of it, will set off race riots, as throngs of disgruntle people will meet in the streets mobs will campout in front of government buildings.

Years may roll by without any relief in sight for the people, only complete reform will allow the world to begin again.

The worst of it all is a lot of this could have been prevented.

We have known for decades this was coming. We even had solutions, but the ignorant refuse to learn.

They prefer to listen to the corporately controlled media, and simple hide their heads in the sand. I suppose this is human nature.

Those people have always been with us. They are the ones that throw loved ones into the volcano, or cower in fear at an eclipse. Two hundred and forty years ago, the smart ones left this system behind. They thought they had left it for good, and created a new way of living, but there are no new lands now for us to go to, and we simply cannot just sail off and start again. We have to face this problem for the last time.

We cannot fix this collapse without facing up to the problem of where it started.

We must stop listening to the hierarchy. We need to cut off the head of this snake once and for all. The people at the top of the pyramid have used religion, government, and mass control over us for thousands of years. Surely, with very little effort we can come up with a new system to satisfy at least our nation.

Get rid of the control of our money system. Many years have taught us that neither our Government nor the private bankers can control money responsibly. Our governments over the past have also exploited their control by printing too much.

A finite money system is needed, interest free. Whether that is backed by Gold and Silver, or some form of Bitcoin makes no difference. The fact that it is finite is what matters, no more runaway printing presses controlled by institutions to fund their wars for profit.

A free market is all that is required to dictate the money’s value after that.

Governments cannot be trusted with regulating the market either. I am sure we all can agree on that too, no one needs to regulate a free market system. There is also a reason why congress is the only ones that can declare war. Yet over the last hundred or so wars the Untied States has been involved in, congress only agreed to a handful of them, this has got to end.

End the FIAT currency scam. It is nothing more then counterfeit money, and only worth the paper, it is printed on.

Forget about blending cultures with clearly different ideologies, such as historically rival religious groups, and stop interfering in their nations too. If they have a contradictory ideology or we believe it is flawed some how, then it will adapt on their own, or fail. They will become extinct because they themselves will end it; we do not have to impose our ideals on their way of life. Radical groups will not rise up because of foreign interference either. Our western foreign policies created these crazy radical groups, not the nations they stemmed from. This is our government’s doing.

Now we may need to end it for good, but not before designing a plan to get out of their countries, after. Let’s start acting like the mature ones here, clean up our own back yards first.

Anyway, I thought I would give a few ideas for a change. These are incomplete obviously, but too many articles simply complain about the situation, and never offer any solutions.

I’m so sorry Europe’s strife is coming for us here in America too, so keep prepping. Everyday we learn more and everyday we grow stronger.

Don’t let these bastards win…

Your humble servant

Silence Dogood

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