Why prepare?

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Man. What a question! Why prepare?

Well, let’s take a look at what could be an endless list:

  • unemployment
  • disability
  • inflation/hyperinflation
  • house fire
  • car accident
  • car breakdown
  • divorce
  • alien invasion
  • earthquake
  • tornado
  • hurricane
  • winter storm
  • power outage/black out
  • economic collapse
  • martial law
  • EMP attack
  • solar flare
  • drought
  • crime wave
  • flood
  • race war
  • world war
  • chemical spill
  • nuclear accident
  • supply chain interruption
  • government collapse
  • volcanic eruption/super volcano
  • asteroid/meteor impact
  • invasion

I am sure I left some examples off – but that is quite a list. How many of these are people effected by every year? Lots! Preparedness does not always have to be for a world without rule of law or the end of the world as we know it. It may be loosing a job and living on a very limited budget. It may be getting stuck on the side of the road while on vacation in the mountains. Being able to handle a situation the best – and safest way possible – that is why we prepare.

Maybe the question should be turned around.

Why NOT prepare prepare?



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  1. hehe, I always forget the “alien invasion” scenario. I was watching “Battle for Los Angeles” last night with my 4 year old. During the scene on the highway where they encounter the Abrams tank fighting off the aliens, my daughter says “Can I go there?” I said “Honey, that’s a place I hope you will never have to go let alone see”. She says, “Daddy, Im not scared. I know you’ll protect me and bam (shoot) all those monsters!” I cant remember being so proud ; )

  2. Just hope we are the one’s to physically make contact on another planet, and that it’s not them coming here. As Stephen Hawking said: “An alien society that has mastered interstellar travel would not bode well for us. After all, look at the Indians after Columbus arrived”. Much of what is listed are forces of nature that cannot be defeated, only prepared for, according to the region of the country or world you live in. Please, no more about “alien invasions” – there wouldn’t be one damn thing we could do against such a technologically advanced society except lay low, keep quiet, and see what happens. That doesn’t mean we might not get lucky and land a knock-out punch, but realistically our status would be totally dependent upon their motives, and their concepts of idealism and virtue would most likely not be like ours. Soylent Green, anyone?

  3. Couldn’t get on aol for three days. Missed you all. Rourke I gave you my new e mail.
    Exc response Rourke to why we prepare. A very simple response-its really
    great to be able to go to our pantry and know we don’t have to worry about shopping-no matter what the problem is.
    Being prepared will help each of us have the time to remain calmer when a
    tragic event occurs.(be it NKorea, a real Solar Flare, weather issues, etc etc etc.) God bless. Arlene

  4. Kirk,
    Shame on you – that’s suppossed to be a secret. Now everyone knows the plan. You spoiled the surprise. You just lost your Twinkie priveledges for a week.

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