Who am I?


Please allow me to introduce myself,

My father was born as a subject to the King of England.  He survived the Battle of Britain and watched daily as bombers flew over his home on their way to drop bombs.  Early in the war by the Nazi’s bombing London and then later, when the Allies bombed Germany.  After the war my father’s parents moved their family to the United States of America.  In America my grandfather became the chief of police in the city they lived in.  My father graduated High School at 16 and then College at 18 with his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.  At this time our great nation was once again embroiled in the Korean War.  My father being who he was joined the U.S. Army to patriotically serve his country.  When the Korean war ended my father separated from the U.S. Army and returned to Civilian life.  He became the Chief of Police in the city his father had been, and then later in his home city.  He later joined the F.B.I..  He worked in the service sector his entire life.  He instilled this in my sister and I who both served in Law Enforcement.  I served during the Gulf War in the U.S. Navy and then, like my father, I returned to the service sector and continue to do so.


Mistakes?  I have made a few, but I will say that I definitely got it right when asking my wife to marry me, and for always trying to become the father that my children deserve.  My father wasn’t perfect, but he was a good man, and a great example of proper work ethic.  I remember asking my father if he ever missed living in Great Britain or Europe and he told me that he “Never regretted becoming a U.S. Citizen”.  He told me that being free the key to actually living, and not just surviving. I lost my father a couple of years ago, but I will never forget him telling me that.  I have tried to instill in my children a sense of patriotism, and a desire to serve those around us. 


In my life I have seen shifts in our citizens from being patriotic, proud, and free, to becoming servants to our elected officials.  Now it almost seems that if you are a proud American, then you are a radical, a racist, or a threat to others. I have seen a shift from our police being there for the public good, to being more like the private contractors “Blackwater”.  I have seen our elected officials taking liberties with their power that they are not authorized to take.  We live in a nation where those who have sworn and oath to protect and defend the Constitution are subverting it for their own good, and no one seems to be willing to do anything about it.  I have seen our economy go from being the works most secure and powerful to one where the people have so little confidence in it, that they want to have a different one based on precious metals.  It almost seems as the American Experiment has been abandon by those who we elected to help us preserve it.


There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to who we are and who we wish to become.  I would like to offer my input if I may.  There are three regions to the America’s; South America, Central America, and North America.  I happen to live in North American in The United States of America. We have never been part of Europe, Asia, or Africa as long as our country has been in existence.  We have a different lifestyle here, one that is from our history, our culture, our experiences and sacrifices.  This does not mean that we are better or worse than any other nationality, or continent.  Actually we believe that our unique differences add to the world, not detract.  We don’t demand that others living in other continents change their lives to be like ours, and we don’t want to change ours to be like theirs.  We are Americans, not Europeans.  People are free to move to those continents if they feel that they would like to live as they do, but don’t try to take away what we have to make our continent more like them.  We feel that what we have is just as precious and special as what they have. 


So now please allow me to introduce myself.  I am an American.  I am a Patriot.  I do not wish to have my freedom taken away so that I can be more like a nation where the people are ruled by a King/Queen, or dictator.  I am free because it is my God given right to be so.  I do not apologize for being an American.  I do not try to become you, because I do not wish to be you.  If you don’t like my country because of something that our elected officials have done, then take it up with your leaders so that they can address it.  If you attack the citizens of my country then I would have no problem hunting you like a feral animal.  If my elected officials do not live up to the fulfilling of their sworn duties and responsibilities then I will do everything I can to get them voted out and replace them with those who do.  If my elected officials try to use technicality and brinksmanship to bring about changes that take away my rights, and freedoms then I will be active in trying to remove them from the position so that someone willing to fulfil their oath will execute honorably.  If my family is attacked I will defend them to my dying breath.  


These things I commit to because it is my duty as a citizen of my country.  My country’s highest law is The Constitution of the United States, and I will live according to it.  I will not knowingly break any law, and promise act in a moral and ethical manner in all I do. I will honor my religion and respect the right of others to honor and worship theirs peacefully.   I will continue to honor my oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies.  Most of all I seek to live in peace, and seek to allow others to do the same.


Who am I? I am a devoted and loving husband.  I am a father.  I am a lover of freedom and liberty.  I am honorable.  I am a veteran.  I am a patriot, and as my father before me, I am an American! 

Thank you,

Brad M


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12 thoughts on “Who am I?”

  1. If we only had more like Brad.I am right there with him and try every day to make the USA like it use to be.We have given in to too many other cultures and forgotten who we are.I am for “if you do not like it here LEAVE”.I am willing to accept you and your ways,just don’t try to change ours. Maybe you should change yours.I know that my Grand parents and my Dad came from Sweden and they changed their ways and fit right in.They still spoke Swedish among themselves and Swedish friends,but never around us or our/their American friends.Lets

  2. Like Gen. Sherman, I’d be happy to share my last cracker and to guard your family Brad. Many of my very best friends are Brits. Tough men standing amongst the world’s best warriors, well educated, and completely understanding of the ways of this world. Courage it takes to forego that familiar comfortable way of life and to seek that which is new and strange, but perhaps so much the better.

    Please consider writing more for MS. There is more to survival than a box of MREs. I discovered long ago that a proper attitude is the most important tool we can possess.


    L’homme est libre au moment qu’il veut l’être.
    Brutus, act II, scene I (1730): Voltaire

  3. Love the post. Don’t care for the Blackwater inference. I was one of “those” and have many friends and colleagues from the job who are true patriots. More-so than many of my stateside friends who have no idea what sacrifice is. We all worked for what we thought was the good of the country, in many cases it truly was, gettin’ really tired of folks who were not there bashing them. There are bad apples everywhere, don’t single out BW, single out the individual. Spent 5 years in Iraq and Afghanistan with some of the best people I will ever know.

    Thanks for your post.

  4. Thank you Brad . You represent the precious patriotism I cherish and will defend to my death.Our region is holding a rally Sat to preserve our rights and the NYS preppers org. will be there .We are alive and well but certainly not spoken about by our media.
    God bless. Arlene
    PS Panhandle- havent heard from you in awhile- I did send you an e mail- glad you are ok.

  5. Well worded article Brad. Sure you didn’t peek at my journal? Does my old heart good to know there are still those out there that think as I do. Thank you and may you and your family bathe in the Living Waters of God’s Grace until you stand before Him!


  6. Excellent essay. Thank you for writing what many feel, and for assorted reasons aren’t vocal about. God Bless America!


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