Where does evil come from?

Rourke: If you do not care to read an article that involves religion – skip this one.


I will not even attempt to answer the question of which this post is titled.

Writing this Saturday night I’m thinking about the evil that exists in the world. Across the United States women are beaten, raped and murdered. The same happens to children daily as well. People are beaten and murdered over a few dollars and addicts overdose daily. Walk into any Post Office and the walls have pictures of the most wanted criminals accused of the most horrible crimes. Across the globe the most unspeakable crimes against nature are performed against humans often with the instigators laughing and finding amusement in their victims suffering. When I even begin to try to get my head around the immensity of the pain, the sorrow, and horrid memories and death – I know I am not even coming remotely close.

Of course the thought has to come up – “How could people do these things?” I have always suggested that people are no different than any other animal. Within each species there are the good – and then there are the bad. Possibly those that are really bad are just the bottom of the gene pool. Genetic defects you could say. Then again maybe people are who they are as a result of their environment and upbringing. Exposed to an environment that normalizes pain and death they are desensitized and as a result grow up not valuing life.

I remember the first time I saw the video of President Kennedy getting shot. I was shocked by the utter violence. I was in the third grade and cried. Today kids get online and watch ISIS cut someones head off and shoot a line of Christians in the head….one right after the other. Life is thrown away like a toy that is no longer played with.

So, I don’t know where evil comes from and I don’t have all the answers how to make it better. I believe the answer does not lie entirely with government policies or military intervention.

It’s people. It’s good versus evil.

I absolutely believe that Jesus Christ holds the answer if only people would only listen for it. The devil does exist and there is a war waging between good and evil all around us. We all are warriors within this battle and probably most do not even know it.

Something to think about. If you would like to hear more about this battle – let me know.



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  1. Jesus absolutely holds the answer! Thanks for coming on line to say so.

    There’s a bigger piece to this. In our preparation we need to take a biblical perspective…

    That is, we place our ultimate faith in God and trust Him, but do what is prudent.

    Preach the gospel, STUDY His word and watch.

    The biggest revival in the world right now is taking place in Iran.

  2. Rourke-thank you for sharing in such a meaningful way . Yes Jesus is the Way the truth and the Light. Evil has always existed but society had means of
    encouraging good values .(The 10 Commandments, respect for one another, respect for all life,parents and educators that protected children,children were taught
    early in life strong moral values-what was right and wrong and consequences of negative behavior.
    My heart breaks when I witness the pain of people and animals by those w/o compassion.
    I agree we are in a battle for the souls of humanity and for the preservation of Gods beloved creation earth. The Lord provided manna in the desert for the
    Jewish people and I pray that He will continue to guide us and nourish us during these very tumultuous times. We I believe are in Tribulations now-all the signs are all about us and I am far from a biblical scholar.
    Rourke you and our prepping community on this site are a very important source of support and strength for me and others. Prayer is a very powerful weapon that can be used to overcome the evil that is rising in this world.
    I recently added a bumper sticker to my vehicle that reads ISIS is EVIL.
    Many of us are wounded healers . If we can show compassion on a daily basis while continuing to prepare and be vigilant than we will have maintained a healthy balance.
    We also must remember that we are bombarded daily by seeing the evil. There are millions of very good people in this world. With prayers, Arlene

  3. Speaking of evil and deceit- Fox news just reported that Obama thru the IRS had a fund with tax payers money $350,000 called “One Voice” -an anti
    Nentanyahu called “Victory is in Israel”-to influence the election in Israel.. Arlene

  4. Ephesians 15 “Pay careful attention, then, to how you walk—not as unwise people but as wise—16 making the most of the time, because the days are evil. 17 So don’t be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”
    – As long as we walk in the flesh and satan, the evil one, walks about seeking whom he may devour there will be evil! One day Jesus will come and put an end to it once and forever! In one man sin was born and it continues until The Lord returns!
    Have a super Sunday
    Keep Looking UP

  5. I’ve seen evil up close and personal. It can’t be demonized enough. We are in an age old battle with evil. As Christians, we should never forget our God given armor and weapons.

  6. Hi Arlene,

    Here you go:


    There’s more. I recently listened to a Syrian pastor’s son tell us about the same thing happening in Damascus. They prayed like mad for revival and had about 300 members. He said “but, we didn’t understand what that would mean” Then the Arab spring hit and terrible hardship came with it. God used this to turn many to Christ and within a few months there were over 4000 new believers. His father suddenly found they needed Bibles to teach these new believers. He told his father “I will pray for 5000 Bibles” His father replied “we do not serve a cheap God! We will pray for 10,000!” The next day, a shipment turned away at the Afghanistan border showed up with 17,000.

    The persecuted church is thriving and God is working powerfully in spite of all the bad news you read.

    Want to help? Go here:


  7. Evil fills a vacuum. Just like darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of good (God). Evil can be made to look very attractive, and Hollywood does a very good job of hyping it. When I was a kid there was violence in movies and TV, i.e. westerns and war movies, but there was a sense of right and wrong. Today in our country, quite often, good is bad and bad is good. We have turned our back on God in so many ways. As a result, our nation’s Christian foundation is crumbling, maybe to the point of no return. This void is being filled by socialism, and right on its heels by islam. There will never be true peace until Christ’s return.

  8. yes we need to here more about good and evil the days are getting darker and we need to try and teach people there is evil among us and we all need to be warriors now the time has come,perhaps??

  9. Randy,THANKS !!!!Right on ron,panhandler r, and vandal67,Jbern, Heather -what book are you referring to? I just watched some of Isis the UNholy war-I could only watch some as its so brutal.
    Mother Mary has been appearing all over the world for the last 30 years and she has predicted much of whats happening-weather wise and evil wise and begs us to
    pray to her Son Jesus and as a world to live morally no matter what religion one is.

    As children many of us learned the church song this little Light of mine Im gonna let it shine…. As a symbol of the Light of Jesus lets each of us put a light or electric/battery candle in one window every night as a sign that Light can pierce the darkness . Arlene

  10. Arlene and the others who posted comments, I agree 110%. Rourke, never fear of upsetting some one, if the truth can not be talked about on this site or others like it we are absolutely doomed.

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