Where do you bank?

You know it is getting bad when corporations are telling you how and where you can spend your money. There are actually many examples all around us – eBay limitations on magazine capacity, Dick’s not selling AR’s anymore, and potentially Bank of America with the tactics described in the video’s below.

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  2. I own a small retail store which sells knives and survival gear. I also set up at gun shows on the weekends (last year I was at 47 gun shows). I have been doing this for 14 years. In December a very good friend of mine who sells ammo at the shows (he is one of the largest ammo dealers in Texas) got a call from one of his suppliers telling him his payment did not go through. He called his bank (guess who?) and ask them what the problem was (the payment was $10,000 and he had over $30,000 in the account). He was told his account had been seized. He ask by how. They told him by them. After much BS they told him they would get back to him. He went to his local branch (where he does business and the VP buys ammo from him). They told him they did not know why and would let him know in a few days. He went to his attorney who contacted the bank. He was finally told (4 days later) it AA be aide he is in the gun business. Three weeks later the gave him a cashiers check for his money. They seized his money for three weeks. We always thought only the government could seize your money and only if you were under investigation. Think again.
    Try doing business when the bank won’t give you your money.

  3. I sent this letter to BOA
    I just wanted you to know that I am pro gun and pro life and pro freedom and am and have been a loyal bank of America member for many years but if I go to my local gun shop or walmart to buy a gun and or ammo and I am declined to use either my credit card or debit card that will be the end of my association with BOA . Also if you go to charging me 3-5 % per transaction on my cards I will go to using cash again like I did years ago . Don’t get me wrong the card is easy to use but I am not going to pay 3-5% more on top of the 3-5% that the store is already charged . I just wanted to make you aware of my feelings .
    Your loyal customer
    Robert W

  4. Not saying any of this did not happen or is not still happening but I have bought several guns from Bud’s using my BOA card with no problem. Also ammo from a couple of different online merchants. Now have not bought anything in past month or so but prior no problem using BOA.

  5. Mike nobody had trouble a month ago. Go to your gun store and give it a try and tell us how it works out. we are all curious as hell.

  6. Good luck on finding any weapons, (guns, pistols, or ammo) I have been all over and no luck. I ordered a bunch of .22 before Sandy Hook and The shipment has been delayed 4 times and now is set for the end of May….Maybe…………The same with magazines. What is going on? I see
    the Gov. has bought hundreds of thousands of rounds and 7,000 AR’s where are ours?????????

  7. Mike, Robert, and anyone else reading this, if you do not “need” to use your credit card, you should already be using cash to purchase items like guns and ammo. Seriously folks, every time you charge something, you in fact raise the price of goods. The bank charges merchants around1.5 – 3% (American Express being 3%) per transaction. All this gets passed on to the customer wether you see it directly or not. Some stores I know already have signs stating that “the price listed is the CASH price, please add 2% for credit card or check sales”. As well, every time you charge ammo or guns or such to that card, you leave a paper trail for uncle Sam to follow if they ever want to track you down. And dont think for a moment your credit card company does not keep track of your purchases and spending habbits. I put enough cash in my bank account to cover my bills and mortgage and spend cash on everything else. As well, you may recall when Greece was having “bank runs” where frantic people tried to get all their money out of their accounts, only to be waiting in long lines or told by teller there were “limits” on how much money they could withdraw per day. I think I need to write an article on this for everyone.

  8. Gary, you make some good points. I don’t know what BOA may or may not be doing with regards to support or lack of support for the gun and ammo industry…. but we do know that BIG BANKING and BIG CORP and FEDGOV are connected and intertwined in a lexicon of shared interests. I have been with BOA from when they were Nationsbank. They have given me and all of us multiple good reasons to leave them, especially since 2008. My wife and I have talked many times about changing banks…. we are now going to. I know BOA won’t miss us…… and we won’t miss them either.

  9. Also of note, a couple of weeks ago, while doing a search for 30 round clips for my M1, I found some on Ebay! Oh, they were advertised as 10 round magazines but the pics showed 30 round mags, and the sellers made a point of stating, “you get whats pictured”…..

  10. Ive had a prob w BOA for awhile. I have a side biz , and sometimes try to cash checks. They always ask me iff i would like to open a account , followed by charging me 5.00 to cash there check WTF. I often hire guys for jobs and pay them cash, they just have to go to my bank and cash it , no 5 or ten dollar fee.

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