What’s your favorite?

This is going to be a little different. Jonathan started asking me about “favorites”  and similar questions yesterday. Couldn’t get it out of my mind. Figured I would share a few things…..


Favorite pistol :Smith & Wesson M&P9

Favorite place to eat: The Original Benjamin’s in Myrtle Beach, SC

Favorite grade in school: 11th. Went to school in Florence, SC and found this to be the friendliest place I ever lived.

Favorite all-time movie: So many good ones right now I would have to say American Sniper.

Favorite freeze dried food: Mountain House Chili Mac

Cell Phone – Android or Apple: Android

Favorite car I have owned? 1987 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

Favorite TV show as a child: Speed Racer

Favorite book: The Survivalist by Jerry Ahern

Favorite gun I have never owned: Colt Python

Favorite job: Made pizzas at Pizza Hut when I was in 10th grade.

Favorite AR Magazine: PMag

Favorite food: pizza / crab legs – it’s a tie

Favorite knife: KA-BAR U.S. Marine Corps Fighting Knife

Favorite AR Sight: EOTech 552 Holographic

Favorite Magazine: Not made anymore – SURVIVE back in the 80’s


This is just a simple post without mentioning all the stresses and frustrations of what is going on in the world. Well, I guess I just did.

Got any favorites?




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    • Tony is another internet troll. They are in rare form today. I do not wear aluminum foil on my head. Somehow letting people know my favorite food is pizza is compromising. Interesting. Tony has never commented hear before – likely won’t again.

  1. 1. Glock 17
    2. Any place with a good pattymelt or fish & chips.
    3. 6th. grade. William McKinley elementary school, Burbank, Calif.
    4. Singing in the Rain.
    5. +10 MH Chili Mac.
    6. Hate cell phones …. ‘Electronic dog leashes”
    7. 1976 VW fastback.
    8. Victory at Sea …. yep!
    9. Lucifer’s Hammer.
    10. Colt Trooper III.
    11. Sweeper at a Burbank Machine shop.
    12. Patty melts or olde style fish & chips.
    13. +10 USMC Viet era KaBar. Composite handle didn’t rot in the ‘Woods’ ..
    14. +10 Eotech 552 AA.
    15. +10 I have a mint first issue “Survive” …. It’s when I started this whole thing.

  2. 1. Ruger SR1911
    2. Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Dallas
    3. Sophomore year at South Plains Jr. College in Levelland, Tx
    4. Braveheart
    5. Chicken & Rice
    6. Apple
    7. 1969 Chevelle SS 396
    8. The Three Stooges
    9. Patriots by JW Rawles
    10. Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 in .270 Win
    11. Parts counter assistant at John Deere dealership in high school
    12. PMag with window
    13. Surf and turf (filet mignon and rock lobster tail – yum!)
    14. KA-BAR Marine Fighting Knife made from D-2 tool steel
    15. Trijicon ACOG
    16. Guns and Ammo

  3. I’ll throw my hat in
    #1 Browning Hi Power P-35
    #2 Korean BBQ Palace
    #3 6th grade, I was mr organizer (love my new trifold slim binder)
    #5 Mountain House Shrimp Creole (haven’t seen it avail in yrs)
    #6 Hate cell phones (but the ones that worked best for was (Motorola 550 and Startac)
    #7 Ford Taurus
    #8 It’s tie for me (Lucifer’s Hammer, Red Storm Rising and a scifi – Insurrection)
    #9 Colt Python (smoothest sexiest gun I’ve ever seen)
    #10 Hmm, Farming/Ranching
    #11 Don’t own an AR. I prefer my MBR
    #12 It’s a tie, Meat loaf and Dengenouse crab (Kanaka style)
    #13 KBAR
    #14 N/A
    #15 S.W.A.T

  4. Favorite pistol : Springfield Armory XD/M 45
    Favorite place to eat: At the table with my family eating my wife’s cooking.
    Favorite grade in school: 5th Grade with a teacher who was also a mountain man and sparked my love for rendezvous.
    Favorite all-time movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Favorite freeze dried food: Thrive Sweet Corn
    Cell Phone – Android or Apple: Android
    Favorite car I have owned? 1969 Mustang Mach 1
    Favorite TV show as a child: Desert Rats
    Favorite book: Swiss Family Robinson
    Favorite gun I have never owned: MP5SD Navy
    Favorite job: Field Corpsman US Navy
    Favorite AR Magazine: PMag
    Favorite food: Mexican
    Favorite knife: Sog Seal
    Favorite AR Sight: ACOG / Eotech 512 AA, it’s a toss up.
    Favorite Magazine: Scouting

  5. Fav pistol: .44 bulldog pug.
    Fav Restaurant: Red Lobster
    Fav grade: None. Did not like school.
    Fav movie: Omega Man (closely followed by I am Legend)
    Fav FD Food: Mountain House beef stroganoff, of course.
    Fav cell phone: None. Tool of the devil. Do not have one; I am a free man.
    Fav Car: Still have it; 1989 Mustang 5.0, blueprinted engine, performance work done by Outrageous Mustang, flofit seats, American Racing lightweight aluminum wheels. Repainted and body restored to as-new condition (no rust, dents, etc), and repainted with jet-black polymer paint, like on a CZ-75.
    Fav Book: Virtually impossible to choose: Maybe Yakusa Tattoo by Jerry Ahern, or Day by Day Armageddon.
    Fav gun never owned: Detonics combatmaster in either 9mm or .45, depending on what book series I am into at the moment.
    Fav Job: Range Master
    Fav AR mag; Pmag
    Fav Food: Broiled bluefish
    Fav Knife: How to decide? Emerson CQC6 for folder, Bauchop Witch for greatest knife of all time, Randall Model 1 as, well, the Randall Model 1.
    Fav AR sight: Still being determined. Like the Primary Arms AA dot sight, at the moment. Still researching….
    Fav Magazine: The long gone original American Survival Guide, as well as the also long gone Survive!

  6. Favorite pistol: Beretta Centurion (.40)

    Favorite place to eat: Gene & Jude’s Hotdogs

    Favorite grade in school: 12th

    Favorite all-time movie: Dr. Strangelove or: “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”

    Favorite freeze dried food: Mountain House Beef Stroganoff

    Cell Phone – Android or Apple: Apple

    Favorite car I have owned? 1974 Cutlass Supreme

    Favorite TV show as a child: Ultraman

    Favorite book: 1984 by George Orwell (gotta know “their” blueprint)

    Favorite gun I have never owned: Barrett .50 Cal.

    Favorite job: Current one (Art Director)

    Favorite AR Magazine: PMag

    Favorite food: Pizza! (versatility)

    Favorite knife: Ontario SP-24 USN-1 (all-in-one blade…had for 18yrs+)

    Favorite AR Sight: Standard Iron Sights (if you’re accurate with them…everything else is easy)

    Favorite Magazine: Not made anymore – SURVIVE back in the 80’s (my first mag. subscription)

  7. My digits were some what out of order
    Favorite shows: as a kid for me (Speed Racer, Kimba the white lion, Combat, Rat Patrol, The Rifleman)

  8. Sorry, I don’t blame you for being upset about a comment that might discourage others from participating, but I’m absolutely sincere. I honestly thought this thread would instantly become an OPSEC debate. Sorry for being so curt. I really respect your blogging.

    Listing your habits and favorites helps spooks to build a profile of what to expect to find in your house and on your property. Your schedule and places you might go, people you might know. Details that help them evaluate your intelligence and skill level. Whether you’ve broken your probation. Whether you’ve begun to behave differently. What food to offer if they’re softening you in an interrogation cell. How much you care about your kids. Whether to slap you around for a few more hours until they’re convinced you never did buy that nice rifle, and you’re not just hiding it somewhere.

    They don’t need the password to your blogs and facebooks to collect IPs, emails and the statements made by people identified by them. It’s still mostly transmitted in cleartext across the Internet. Whether or not you believe that every Internet packet is being indexed in Utah, yet, you can bet they’re focusing on fringe communities like this blog, now. Good practice, and easiest to rationalize if they get caught.

    Let me put things in perspective: I’m the sysadmin of our neighborhood website. I’m also a moderator of our neighborhood online community and email ‘listserv’. I’m in a position to cross reference IPs, emails, names and what days & times each source typically participates. I already know the secret identities of our own trolls. I could easily mine everyone’s comments for personal information, using keywords to automatically categorize it. And all by conventional means – I can’t tap the Internet directly. I’ve written a few simple scripts, and can do the same thing with this small set of data, that I’ve read about the gov doing. If I were a stalker, I could seriously freak some really nice people out. Seriously demoralize someone in an interrogation. These folks really don’t grasp how much they’ve divulged.

    Whether or not you think your life is boring, and that maybe the gov already knows everything about you, there’s the ordinary criminals to consider. I could probably search any blog to build a list of valuable assets owned by it’s members, and identify some of them by name and address. People like to use the same nicknames, passwords, and write in the same style. It’s quite a bit to go on, even without the positive confirmation of a fiber tap. Please protect yourselves, guys!

    • Tony – You may be sincere however your fear mongering is not needed. I simply do not believe that the government keeps up with a list of people that visit MSO, leaves comments – and notes what car they drive or what their favorite magazine is. I have met a lot of people since starting this website and the aluminum foil wearing crowd is the most unique. Now – the government is certainly overly intrusive in our lives but the answer is not to go hide away into the shadows. As someone just recently told me something to the effect that if we all hide away fearing to express our opinions then THEY HAVE WON and have exerted control!

      I get emails all the time from special interest groups that claim to represent me and they take one small truth and blow it out of proportion. Most every media and “rights” organization does it including the NRA, American Cancer Society, etc. They send out emails to their members saying that the world is about to end trying to drive them to donate money. I see the entire “government tracking your every single move” stuff as the same. I will not – and I implore my readers to do the same – just sit back and not express their opinions just because someone says “the government” will find out.

      I may be wrong and those people out there that wish to believe that they are that special that the government is tracking their every move and sending black helicopters over their house – well – it’s your right to believe what you wish.

      I for one will continue to write whatever I want. I might even pass on whether I wear tighty whiteys or boxers. I will do so without fear of reprisal and I will do so as I stand up as an American and I have that Constitutional right.

      I implore every single person reading this to do the same. Send me an email and I will hook you up to start your own website.

      Spread the word folks – Patriots are out there and we will not sit in the darkness quietly.

  9. I feel sorry for the poor NSA spook who’s assigned to monitor my life. He must have really been at the bottom on the Federal hiring pool to get dumped on like that.

    My favorite pistol Colt Series 70 1911

    Favorite place to eat: Any well stocked Chinese buffet

    Favorite grade in school: 12th

    Favorite all-time movie: Mel Gibson’s The Patriot

    Favorite freeze dried food: Mountain House Beef Stroganoff

    Cell Phone – Android

    Favorite car I have owned? 1956 Ford Victoria convertible

    Favorite TV show as a child: The Gray Ghost (The story of John Singleton Mosby)

    Favorite book: The Bible

    Favorite gun I have never owned: original U.S. Springfield 1911

    Favorite job: Current one Police Firearms Instructor

    Favorite AR Magazine: PMag

    Favorite food: Sea Food platter

    Favorite knife: The Case sheath knife that I carried in Vietnam for two tours and I still own it

    Favorite AR Sight: Iron Sights

    Favorite Magazine: Not made anymore Survival Guide

  10. Boy, have you got me all wrong! I certainly respect your free speech, and I don’t stand in the way of your liberties.

    I come to places like this to learn from everyone else, and contribute my own experiences and knowledge when I can. Correct me if I’m wrong, but It’s presented as a place we can all do that. It doesn’t feel like one today. I respect what a farmer says about farming and what a hunter says about hunting. I’m not inclined to contradict them in what they say they can achieve. That’s their domain.

    I grew up in the back woods of the Ozarks, but my profession now is data processing. Imagine my shock in hearing that what I know about data mining is not welcome here, and that I stand accused of over-reacting and trying to shut our host up. It feels like the respect isn’t mutual, and how are we going to work together without that?

    We each have our own idea of what the playing board looks like, and some of us will win or lose based on whether we have a realistic picture of it. I’ve offered my insights, and I hope someone has benefited from it. Thank you for that opportunity.

    • Tony –

      I would welcome you sharing your expertise on how to exist in today’s world while staying as private as possible. I do control the content of this site and just do not want fear mongering. I also do not want someone to be a smartass – “Favorite OPSEC technique: NOT rattling off a list of favorites and preferences in a public forum.” If you would be interested in contributing an article sharing your expertise and maybe help people who wish to reduce their online exposure I welcome it. Thx – Rourke

  11. I think Tony made his case, he explained his concerns based on his expertise and I would like to here more of it.

    Rourke, nothing wrong with the lists of favorites, but I believe it a bit naive to dismiss some of Tony’s cautions. If you think your site operates in the shadows, that our overlords do not in some even tiny way monitor this site, then I think you are mistaken. Our government’s abilities to spy on us is only exceeded by their own paranoia, and they have an army of volunteers all to willing to follow their lead…… remember the “tattle tale” site they started…., remember “see something, say something”? The key to any successful tyranny, of course, is the inclusion of average and ignorant citizens who become the eyes and ears of the offending bureaucracy. Would it be a stretch for the anti right to view this as a right wing extremist SURVIVAL site, filled with gun and bible clutching anti government extremists complete with anti government propaganda articles? Haven’t there been articles on building AR-15s without serial numbers?

    Am I suggesting you stop…. never, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”… (a slogan repeated often by democrats during the Bush years) is as meaningful and needed today as ever. I am simply suggesting that we are deeper down the rabbit hole than you may think.

    • Say what you want Mr. Gault – I have my beliefs and they are what they are. There is a spectrum of paranoia that goes from “Palm trees and ocean breeze” to “I won’t go into Best Buy because those TV’s can watch me.” The truth is in the middle. Believe what you want. There are countless people out there refusing to live their life normally because a few people blow certain things out of proportion.

      Consider the poor elderly lady sitting in her apartment wanting to learn about preparedness and she see’s that visiting this site will cause her to become the subject of government viewing and surveillance. Ridiculous. She gets scared away to the detriment of her. I won’t allow that to be promoted here….period.

      Just look at all the emails I have received from the NRA – “THEY’RE COMING FOR YOUR GUNS!!!”, “BILL XXXX-XX HAS BEEN SUBMITTED TO SERIAL NUMBER YOUR BULLETS _ DONATE NOW SO WE CAN PROTECT YOU!”- it goes on and on. Any truth to it? Absolutely but they have an agenda and suddenly I have co-workers coming up to me asking if I heard that the government is going to ban all ammo for the AR. I believe the exact same thing goes for government infiltration into the general publics lives. Is there any truth to it? Absolutely – but the truth is in the middle of that spectrum while those wearing aluminum foil on their heads are way over refusing to stand in front of a smart TV.

      Not naive – realistic.

  12. With all do respect Rourke, and I respect you greatly, why do you leap to the absurd “I won’t go into Best Buy because those TV’s can watch me.” as a response? It leaves me bewildered. Just so we are clear, I’m not suggesting that you advertise “welcome to MSO, we’re number 5 on the governments extremist watch list!”.

    Riddle me this Rourke- Was the IRS’s intimidation and persecution of conservative groups “somewhere in the middle”? Was the one conclusion from the President’s -Summit On Extremism- (echoed in the media) that right wing extremist groups are our country’s biggest terror concern… somewhere in the middle?

    And yes, I realize that the buzzing above my head is in fact a fly, and not a drone…. I’m not that far gone yet….

    • Gault – First I was naive, now I am being absurd. I merely provided the EXTREME example to describe the other end of the paranoia spectrum. No need to be bewildered nor to carry out any riddles. Comparing the IRS scandal with “the government” targeting readers of MSO is simply something I do not see.

      This discussion is providing exactly the fear mongering I said I will not allow on the site. Let’s scare everyone into the shadows. Stay off the internet. Don’t use Facebook. Don’t use Twitter. Don’t talk to your neighbors. Don’t use a cell phone. Don’t use a computer. Don’t walk past a camera in the streets of your local city. Don’t live your life. Oh – and by the way – that fly buzzing over your head is the newest government drone. You didn’t know they could do that? Well yeah – over 100 years. Aliens dropped down and gave only the government the technology and they have been feeding it to us a little at a time.

      Go get that fly swatter.

  13. Um….. in case anyone else pops up here to look at the lists….(the original subject)
    I forgot to include my favorite TV show growing up: In Search Of.

    Oh, is this a bad place to mention that my Wife is a Fed, and my brother is a Fema asset, as well as a UCERT team member?
    I even have the mugs.

  14. Rourke,
    How is the S&W M&P treating you? My brother had obtained one of the Dark Earth flavored versions to use off-duty, in .40 as opposed to the 9mm, and has had some problems with it. Seems to be ammo sensitive, at least way more than his Glock is.

  15. “Listing your habits and favorites helps spooks to build a profile of what to expect to find in your house and on your property. ”
    1. all my guns except my Hi Point got lost in a boating accident
    2. Someplace with GMO food
    3. 8th we went to the African American museum
    4. Selma
    5. Only freeze dried stuff I have ever had was astronaut ice cream.
    6. Obamaphone praise dear leader
    7. Private ownership is evil
    8. Marxist Sesame street
    9. Obama’s autobiography written by Bill Ayres
    10. Obviously my Hi Point
    11. Driving homeless people to multiple voting polls
    12. dont know the name I calls them clips
    13. Tacos its a good thing we don’t have a secure border
    14. Butter knife
    15. Who uses sights, I turn my gun to the side cuz it looks cool
    16. Mother Earth News

  16. Favorite pistol :Smith & Wesson 686, the first gun I bought on my own. Still have it, have run over 10,000 rounds thru it and it has an action smooth as butter. However, it’s not my carry gun.

    Favorite place to eat: Texas Road House

    Favorite grade in school: 11th. I was never happier, has a red sports car and lots of girl friends!

    Favorite all-time movie: V for Vendetta

    Favorite freeze dried food: Hate that stuff

    Cell Phone – Android or Apple: Apple

    Favorite car I have owned? 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo, POS on the outside. 402 big block, Eddelbrock Torquer manifold
    Holly 850 CFM double pumper, Headers and turbo mufflers (wiped up the turbo thunderbirds! 137mph)

    Favorite TV show as a child: Star Trek

    Favorite book: The entire Clan of the Cave Bear series

    Favorite gun I have never owned: Colt 45 ACP

    Favorite job: Manger of an oil field service company

    Favorite AR Magazine: PMag

    Favorite food: Broiled Red Snapper, Raw Oysters tie

    Favorite knife: don’t have one yetFavorite AR Sight: EOTech 552 Holographic

    Favorite Magazine: The Backwoodsman, published in Rockport TX for the last 33 years.

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