What would you like from ModernSurvivalOnline in 2014?

This is the time of year that I do a lot of planning. Call them New Years Resolutions or Goals and Objections – regardless I tend to get pretty detailed in looking at the next year and cover all aspects of my life including finances, family, home, health, and preparedness. ModernSurvivalOnline and my other sites are not immune to my planning and I have been doing some thinking of what I can do in 2014 to not just keep the sites going but improve them as well. 

Here is where I would like to hear from all of you. What would you like to see at ModernSurvivalOnline? 

More of ………?

Less of ……….?

Articles about ………..?

Reviews on ………..?

Commentary about ………?


Let’s hear it folks!



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  1. I want to hear more from Panhandle Rancher and Coach! I think your guest posts have provided wonderful insight, whether they won the giveaways or not!

  2. Rourke-I didn’t know you are also a Prepping Santa-smile !!You do a superb job now !!
    Maybe preppers can respond to the suggestions you receive -by doing research on a subject and or by ones own expertise and experience.
    I know this is a tricky subject but I do not know one
    local person who is a prepper.I so appreciate anyone who wishes to e mail me directly because sometimes its
    beneficial to just be able to share on a more personal basis- when taking up time and space on the site might be boring to others .Does any one else feel like this ? I realize privacy is an issue but I would really like to have a prepper friend that I could call up once in awhile .
    Other topics Honey Bees(I will write about this as I am an exp bee keeper) costs per month or week or year for
    prepping items.( just averages)
    How to start a local group –
    Coping with climate change -especially re: gardening
    Most positive exp. as a prepper-most difficult-
    Financial advice and ideas for living on less.
    More on Ham radios
    Inf. on how to create an effective surveillance protection for homes and farms.
    THANKS !!!! Arlene


  3. I had to dig to find something to ask for, you do such a great job on your own!

    I would like to see more on building a smoker-preserving meat.

    Growing your own chicken feed.

    drilling your own well.Where to drill-witching.

  4. Ideas on weapons besides guns and knives.
    Close combat:
    Paint cans; used [half full] or buy new [fill with water, seal = kill two birds with one stone] Water is 8lbs to a gal.
    Older persons can get away with walking sticks and umbrelas [rain or shine]
    Home invation:
    Baby monitor [the kind that has more than one speaker], Garden tools [store behind front door]
    How about lists of e-addresses [use a secondary address] of preppers near our homess?

  5. Hi Rourke,

    I would like to see an “escape the grid” forum, where those of us who are “trapped in the system” can get sound answers to their questions, with input from other readers. I am at my wits end, and would love to see this on your site.

  6. this is the hard part about running one of the best sites on prepping. everyone that is already on board will have heard alot of what new readers that are just starting need to know. additionally everyone is in a different stage in their preps.

    so to answer personally, your move to cut cable hit a cord with me and saving money is always popular. more money saving tips is what i’d like to see. additionally if you could hit on a bit more of the self sustaining stuff like gardening. i’ve kind of moved past the point of thinking i’m going to be in a running gun fight everyday once this govt collapses and i’m starting to think that simply maintaining a comfortable lifestyle once things go down will be a bigger challenge than anyone realizes. if you could hit on that i’d be grateful.

    one other thing. the prepping community is way ahead of the general public in so many ways its crazy. the knock out game was covered before it went mainstream. safety at malls the same. cutting expenses and saving money…the same.

    i just want our community to stay cutting edge. te other people are coming along slowly and might not make it in time but they’re coming along.

  7. I would like to know more on Edible Plants for the different parts of the USA. Also some more primitive type shelter building, food preservation, Native American survival tricks, etc.

    Maybe less on which rocket stove is best, or survival machetes. Gun/Weapon reviews may help some, but I think the vast majority allready have a favorite weapon (s) they want to carry.

    DIY and affordable skills is what I need. YOUTUBE has a ton of DIY info out there, but some of the videos are poor quality or hard to follow.

    I would like to see more on Preparing for Economic Collapse and warning signs. Alternative transportation in the event of an EMP or Solar Flare fries all the modern conveniences.

    Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy do an outstanding job prepping us for medical emergencies, but is there a manual/book/video that can be gotten to assist a group in the event of Appendicitis, birthing hemmorage, setting a broken compound fracture, etc? Something with pictures if I was the sole person alive and needed to try and help my fellow citizen? I can also see a need to do blood transfusions to save a life.

    Recipes on using native wildlife and flora in lieu of store bought supplies are always helpful too. I’m sure there are some great bug/insect recipes out there too.

  8. don’t know how it could be done, but I agree with some of the other writers- we need to connect with other local (at least to us) preppers. . . . maybe a meeting for a meal and talk. . . who knows?

  9. To: “grammyprepper”
    I plan on continuing to write articles and have some areas that I have not written about before that I plan to write articles on.

    To: Rourke
    How about going WAY back when you first started this site. Republish some of the best articles that you have that some of the new people on your web site have not had a chance to read!

    I am looking for some ideas on how to better secure my front and back doors to my house. I am talking about going beyond double cylinder dead bolt lock and solid core wood doors.
    If anyone has experience in that area, I would really like to see a good article written on it.

  10. Hey John,
    Perhaps it is time to revisit that anonymous “date site” type of connection we discussed, to bring individuals into mutual assistance groups. I’m working on ideas.
    Regards, D.

  11. Re: medical inf. US Army surgical field manual puts out a book detailing some field surgeries. Another book When there is no Dr is also helpful.
    I suggest taking First aid and EMT training. Arlene

  12. Catherine-Rourke has been very helpful about giving mails to one another with both parties permission but thats extra work for you Rourke. I would like to be able to include my e mail address as most folks on this site are very sincere. However maybe others who just read and don’t comment have other motives. Arlene

  13. I would like to see your links cleaned up and updated. There are a few links on your blogroll that lead to closed blogs. I use this site for a lot of my info but I also use it as a springboard to other sites. I don’t think besttacticaldeals.com has been updated since July. You also need to add bestknifedeals to the saving money area.


  14. Rourke, You run a great site, but I would like to see a little more on first aid. I have no problem with you releasing my email address to fellow preppers , especially in my area out side of Jacksonville, FL. as Catherine Haugh has suggested. Arlene, check the ARRL web site for Ham Radio classes in you area, cost runs about $30.00 for the book and about $15.00 for the technician class test.

  15. I have never heard of the Google-hangout place either but wouldn’t that be a very non secure site for privacy?
    I believe the name of the books are Where There is no Dr.and theres another one Where there is no dentist.Iwill get the authors and proper titles soon.Arlene

  16. Methane Creator, there is a free download out there, Practical Plastic Surgery for Non Surgeons, by Nadine B. Semer, MD. It focuses primarily on treating injuries, but it’s a good start. As an ER nurse, I glanced through it and found it pretty good. Great recommendation Arlene, I will have to find an Army Surgical Field Manual for myself. When There is No Doctor is on my wish list!

    I agree that it can be difficult to find like minded folk in your own area. OPSEC is so important. Rourke has so much on his plate as it is, I appreciate that he has hooked some folks up. But we need to find a better way to do it. It would be nice if there were someone the bulk of this community agreed on who could possibly take responsibility for creating some sort of data base that would show who is from where and if both parties agreed to share contact info, pair them up. *Don’t look at me, I’m not that puter savvy!* Just a suggestion? I have done some google hangouts, but if I recall, they are limited in how many can participate, and work best for those w/video and chat capability (which I don’t have)

  17. A google+ hangout is like a chat room where you can use your microphone or even your webcam to chat. You have to make a google+ account similar to a facebook page. As far as security, to be frank, if you are on the internet or use google or reading this right now with no type of traffic encryption you are not very private or secure at all. I don’t want to turn this idea into a security thread but all I use it for is to chat with friends or clubs I am a member of. No one connects to your pc.

  18. Yes, Google+ which replaced hangouts is to much light or putting you in the Govt sites (notice spelling). Let me give you a formula. Google + Google+ + NSA + Google in bed with Govt = all in your face. Not scared of them, but not foolish either. Let me tell you. Before it became known the govt was targeting organizations using the IRS. I was targeted by the IRS last year. I know it was foolish to use them, but I used H&R Block to do my taxes. Good thing I did, because when my taxes where mysteriously rejected and re-accepted I called Block. They had no clue why or what was going on. Once an Advocate took my case a lot of things came to light. I told my wife then I KNEW exactly why. Conservative and active on many websites. Low and behold several months later the story was uncovered what they were doing. I’m not saying hide and be scared. Because that’s what the current administration wants you to do. Hide and do nothing from all their bullying. However, I am saying. Think smart.

  19. I know a lot of people who no longer use google in any way. I NEVER did, don’t trust them, not even when I first got on the internet in 2000. They sure haven’t given me a reason to.

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