What will it take?

by The Coach

Contributing Editor

Back when I was growing up, we were poor like many other families. I remember the night my mother and father were sitting in front of our only black and white TV, watching President John F. Kennedy make his now famous speech on the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was telling the Soviet Union to take the nuclear missiles out of Cuba. I could tell that something was wrong just by the intensity my parents were listening to that TV broadcast. At that time I was too young to understand what was going on. When President Kennedy finished that speech, my father looked at my mother and told her to get ready because we were going to the grocery store. My mother did not say a word. She told me and my two younger brothers to go get ready. Then she got dressed. We arrived at the local A & P Grocery store shortly after. My father told my mother to start buying enough food that did not need to be refrigerated to last us two weeks. My brothers and I had no idea what was going on but we knew better than to question our father in public.

When we got home, we unpacked everything from the car. Upon completing the unpacking and bringing all of the groceries inside, I asked my father what was going on. We walked outside because he did not want to alarm my two younger brothers. He then explained that he believed, according to what he heard President Kennedy say, that we may be going to nuclear war. I will never forget that evening.

We now know that two weeks of food would not even come close to what would be needed for a family of five if we had gone to war with the then Soviet Union. It would have been years, if ever, before the nation recovered so that we could go back to the grocery store.

Years later, the National Weather Service told us that a hurricane named “Betsy” was going to hit the New Orleans area. Again, my father told my mother to get us ready because we were going to the A & P Grocery Store to get the supplies that we were going to need. We did so and two days later, Hurricane “Betsy” devastated the New Orleans area.

Years passed, I grew up and started a family of my own. During that time, we had numerous other hurricanes hit the southeast Louisiana area. I decided to become, what was called in those days, a “Survivalist”. Now we are called “Preppers”.

Then one day, the National Weather Service advised us that a monster hurricane named “Katrina” was going hit and devastate the New Orleans area. Unlike my father, I did not need to go to the grocery store because I had stockpiled enough food, water, etc. to survive for a long time. It turned out that F.E.M.A.s lack of response made my supplies invaluable. Do you remember the pictures of the thousands of people in the New Orleans Super Dome and the New Orleans Convention Center? They did not have anything to drink or eat because of F.E.M.A.s lack of response.

Now the local disaster preparedness people tell us in southeast Louisiana to have enough food, water and supplies for at least two weeks at the beginning of every hurricane season.

However, now we are starting to be considered “Terrorist”!

How is that possible?

I just finished reading an article titled, “NY Homeland Security Encourages Businesses to Snitch on Preppers as Terrorists”.

If you do not believe me, cut and paste the below address into your web browser. Read the article but be sure to view the video! 

The below flyer was placed on the front window of an Army Surplus Store in New York.



            The last time I checked we lived in the United States of America. We HAD a document called the U.S Constitution, the Bill of Rights. We were guaranteed certain rights; you know, the freedom of speech, to bear arms, a warrantless search and the right to pursue happiness.

We continue to give up our rights every time one of our leaders, Democrat and Republican, say that by giving up a certain right they can make us safer.


What will it take for the American citizens to wake up?


“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790), Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

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9 thoughts on “What will it take?”

  1. In America we have come to consider our rights as “inalienable rights”, granted by god, not by government. Those rights encompass what any thinking person would consider “human rights”. Some in government have grown jealous and envious of our rights.

  2. “We were guaranteed certain rights; you know, the freedom of speech, to bear arms, a warrantless search and the right to pursue happiness.”

    You are exercising your freedom of speech with this post.

    Who has confiscated your firearms? Who has searched your home without a warrant? Who is preventing you from pursuing happiness? No one.

    • Juan –

      Who has confiscated your firearms? Firearm confiscation occurs all the time at various degrees and levels. Whether it be a traffic stop or licence check where a legally owned firearm is taken, or in events such as Katrina and the Boston Marathon bombing when rights are set to the side for the supposed benefit of the people. No – it is not happening widespread across all populations…yet. There is no question that Progressives want only the police to have firearms and it is by people being vocal that we have the gun rights we have now. They are under attack all the time.

      Who has searched your home without a warrant? Seriously? Get on YouTube and watch the video’s of law enforcement kicking in the doors of law abiding citizens, tasing grandmothers and shooting the family dog. It apparently happens much more than you know.

      Who is preventing you from pursuing happiness? Not prevention but the actions f government is making the American Dream much, much harder to realize than ever before.

  3. Juan, it wouldn’t be hard to find millions who have had there 2nd Amendment rights violated, or the watering down of personal protection rights to the near point of warrant-less searches. How about the lefts strangling of opposing viewpoints in the public arena as in the IRS scandal where clearly you can grind only approved axes without risk.

  4. could juan and wanda be the same person. . . .I notice there seems to be a trend of at least one person starting to nay-say posts. . . . Rourke, maybe you are finally on someone’s list. . .

  5. Coach, in the Blizzard of 78, I volunteered with Civil Defense and the Red Cross, mostly delivering food packages and bringing people to drug stores to get their prescriptions, it was amazing and heartbreaking to see so many that had done nothing to prepare even though there was advanced warnings. The other end of the situation was those that bought out the stores with not hope of keeping items needing refrigeration, then we had those calling for food packs only to find they wanted extra food for their hurricane parties. At Hurricane Andrew the board of health was going to shut some emergency kitchens down due to poor sanitary condition that did not even come close to Katrina, but still would have caused illnesses which would have been hard to treat in those situations.

  6. Thanks to everyone that responded to my above article.

    I am in the process of writing a companion article titled, “What Will It Take? # 2”.

    You will NOT believe what the main stream news media is NOT covering that our government is and is planning to do.

    You will not have to believe what I write. I will have the links to the original articles that I will be referring to.

    The Coach

  7. Coach-thanks and looking forward to your next article.
    Juan-if you lived in NYS you wouldnt be permitted to hand down your firearms to your family members.They are to be turned in to the police-after working hard for money to purchase a firearm. Firearms are supposed to be registered in NYS. Arlene
    Juan- start educating yourself so you will NOT lose your current rights.

  8. I think JUAN ..by the sound of what he is Nay-Saying is 1 of those Governmental Pawns that are described in the Agenda Movie that you all sent out. Those that will VOLUNTEER to hand over our COUNTRY to the TERORIST ACTING TRAITORS that NOW run our Government ! I Won’t PITY a PERSON that is so Blinded by his love of TECHNOLOGY that he’d rather bury his HEAD in the DIRT then Wake up and see that he’s begin lead down the road to Solcalist SLAVERY !

    & as for TECH. Some is REALLY GREAT for US & those Like US, But things like I-phones & tablets, and the rest of the NEW TECH that is turning our Younger Generations into MINDLESS IGNORANT DUMBASSES, cause they only know Gang talk or text chat talk ………..Those aren’t real Laungages People they are made up CRAP ! & it is slowly rotting OUR country from within !

    & THE ONLY WAY TO SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE to the COUNTRY IS TO NOT VOTE FOR A REP. or a DEM. in the next Election send a strong message that We are PISSED & NOT GOING TO TAKE THEIR GARBAGE ANYMORE, & It should’ve happened instead of Re-Electing our Marxis/Muslim Presendent currently in OFFICE !

    Just saying & Quoting The AGENDA MOVIE ! & if you haven’t viewed it make time for the 91.39 minutes it takes & pay real close attention to the ………

    …. HISTORY LESON IT GIVES …becuase I polled my 26 yr. old 2nd. cousin & half of it was disputted by him as False info. that he was taught in jr.high & high Scool !


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