What Is Happening with Our Uk Friends?

by Derrick Krane

There are a number of disturbing incidents, events and trends taking place in the UK.

  • Muslim refugees who have no concept of western values, or interest in assimilating are invited in to the UK. Some are terrorists posing as refugees. The prior sentence will be labeled as racist and hateful by many. This is a reflexive response heavily laced with self-righteous outrage which has become typical of the left. This reflexive statement is not applicable as Islam is a religious and political system which transcends race, not a race itself, any more than Catholicism, whose proclaimed members include Italians, Irish, Americans, Quebecois, and Iraqis is a race. I do not hate individual Muslims; on the contrary, I feel sorrow for any persons who live under an oppressive system, including Sharia law, or the demoralized and battered people of North Korea. I also have many concerns and reservations about specific tenets of their belief system and their propensity to force it upon others through violence.
  • Muslim Grooming Gangs have engaged in mass rape and prostitution of white British girls.
  • The population of the UK is disarmed so they cannot defend themselves against terrorism. The police tell people to Run, Hide and Tell if they are involved in a terrorist incident. As observed elsewhere, this sounds like advice given to a middle schooler on how to deal with a bully. This is pathetic and a joke.
  • Tommy Robinson, a bold and outspoken man is imprisoned for 13 months for exercising free speech.
  • Alfie Evans, a 23 months old toddler, was gravely ill. Doctors want to remove life support. The parents didn’t want life support removed. Italy offered to pay for air fare and all medical expenses in an effort to save the baby. The British government refused, told the parents they are deciding the child’s fate, and posted police officers at the hospital to keep the parents from leaving with their baby. Police also warn people not to comment on this matter on social media or they could face legal penalties.
  • The once mighty military of the British has been stripped of funding and weakened

See the video below for more information:

The Price of Freedom & the State of the UK

Trends in the US and UK are often reciprocal. Our cultures as so closely intertwined, Social, cultural and political changes which occur in the UK tend to transfer to the US, and vice versa. In the examples I provided above, there is evident suppression of free speech, parental rights, and de facto acceptance of terrorism and violence, a mostly unarmed police force suffering budget cuts and stretched too thin to be effective and misguided law enforcement priorities. Adding to these internal domestic matters is a weakened military. Cultural Marxism, which has spread throughout both the UK and the US plays at least some role in the above problems.

These are disturbing developments. Some may say why should we Americans care what goes on there? We won our independence from them quite some time ago. So how does this affect us? The answer is it affects us greatly, and we should care.


These toxins of Political correctness and multiculturalism have infiltrated Western Civilization, weakening and sickening it. The agenda of the left can also be compared to a social form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). OCD is a neurologically based anxiety disorder, which progresses, demanding the sufferer’s attention to more and more irrelevant details, constantly morphing and growing to consume all of one’s time and attention, and dominate one’s life.

It can never be satisfied, no matter what behavioral changes a person makes, OCD will always demand more. Political Correctness is akin to this. There is no definition of a victory or a met goal. It just keep’s taking and consuming more and more, and can never be satisfied. There are no limits as to what it will consume, nor any consideration of the costs. I am genuinely baffled by the agenda of the left.

There are those who believe there is some dark conspiracy to bring about global domination, and a one world government. I would speculate that it is even worse. There are no end goals; rather a relentless and mindless march with no consideration of the consequences, like lemmings off a cliff.

Syria was torn by warfare and ISIS was taking over and occupying land; an unusual if not unheard of action by terrorists. In response there was a flood of refugees. Europe and the UK opened its doors. The left in their unlimited tolerance and compassion for all (expect those on the right) said send us your refugees. There was insufficient consideration of factors such as:

  • Will terrorists or ISIS fighters hide among the refugees and enter Europe?
  • Will Syrian refugees assimilate to the European cultures and language, and adopt Western values, contributing instead of taking from a society?
  • Who will pay for resettling the refugees, and provide them with housing, transportation, food, and medical care? The estimated cost for 20,000 refugees is about two billion pounds (2.7 billion US dollars).
  • The result was a de facto invasion, with costly terrorist attacks throughout the UK and Europe.
  • Let’s keep going the left says. If you dare express concern or criticism of the Islamic belief system, you are promptly labeled a hate speech spouting Islamophobic bigot. In the US, so far it will “only” cost you your job and reputation. In the UK, it can mean prison time. This is oppression of free speech and the exchange of ideas.
  • Feminists are silent about an Iranian woman who publicly removed her hijab, and was incarcerated for two years. Never mind the hijab is a symbol of female repression, in a patriarchal male dominated society, the same type that feminists always seem to be speaking out against. Keep going. The left is not done yet.
  • If you are a white, western Christian, and a conservative you are a member of the only group not tolerated by the left. You are basically a piece of excrement strewn with flies on the bottom of a garbage can. You should hate yourself. The agenda of the left is truly unhinged, deranged, and confused.

Yet another concern, which more directly affects the United States, is that a weak UK weakens the US.  While the United States and the British Empire certainly had their differences in the 18th and 19th centuries, e.g., the Revolutionary war, and the War of 1812, we have since become the best of friends, economic partners, and allies.

The Brits have been at our side through almost every major conflict in the 20th and 21st century. We were at their sides in World War I and World War II, and they repaid us without hesitation in Korea, the 1991 Gulf war, Bosnia, Kosovo, the ongoing Iran/Afghanistan conflict, and of late, Syria. But the UK’s Army, Navy, and Air Force have been stripped to the bone through budget cuts. Strong allies add to our strength. Today, the brits are barely capable of defending themselves, let alone expeditionary actions in support of common interests with the US.


The Brits are losing their identity and culture through the insidious, poisonous insatiable greed of multiculturalism, and so are we. British author and psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple has written extensively about the sad descent into degeneracy that has overtaken the UK, as they have crumbled from a mighty Empire Upon Which the Sun Never Set to a weakened and divided island –nation. We will have to see what changes occur as Brexit unfolds.

For information on Britain’s past military strength, see the videos below:

WWI Factions: The British Army

RAF Fighter Pilot (World War II)

British SAS (World War II)

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  1. the usa and a lot of other countries dug europe out of graves of there own making in ww1 and ww2 have a lot of blood on that place next time they are own there own


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