What is Democide?

Many of us may not be as informed as our grandparents when it comes to politics and war, but we are still not a stupid people. Freedom is still important to a great many people and there are still many people, especially preppers, who are not willing to just follow along with whatever plans the government cooks up next.

In earlier times it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. —  Zbigniew Brzezinski

Democide occurs when any unarmed individual or group of individuals is murdered by a government. There are several different types of democide, including genocide, mass murder, and politicide. Whatever side of the fence you might be on when it comes to government, the quote above points out the one thing that everyday citizens on both sides need to understand.

The key factor to democide is similar to the key factor when determining homicide. Was there premeditation? Did the actions of the government demonstrate a lack of regard for human life? Make no mistake, governments may appear to be made up of bumbling incompetents who are lazy and driven by greed but the elite, powerful families, the “wizards behind the curtain”, has become very effective at democide.

The largest democide occurred as a fallout of communism. Although the thought of your government murdering people might be scary and unheard of, it’s really nothing new. Keep in mind that soldiers being killed during battle is not counted as democide.

Here are some events you may have read about or remember, that today are considered democide:

  • 1917-1987 USSR, nearly 62 million people killed.
  • 1933-1945 The Jewish Holocaust, over 20 million people killed. Most people are familiar with the holocaust having read about or seen portrayals of how this tragic event played out.
  • 1936-1945 Japan’s Imperialism over 5 million people killed.
  • 1949-1987 PRC (Communist China) over 76 million people killed.
  • 1975-1979 Cambodia, At the direction of Pol Pot, over 2 million people killed by communist Khmer Rouge, aka “The Butcher”.
  • Western Colonialism combined killed 50 million individuals.

Forms of Democide:

Politicide is the harm or murder of individuals or groups of individuals by government based on the fact or perception that they belong to a specific political group, are a threat to a government entity, or for other political purposes.

Genocide is the maiming, torture, or killing of individuals by government simply because they practice a certain religion, are of a specific race or ethnic group, or specific language. The term genocide was not used until the 20th century but the earliest documented example of genocide was centuries earlier. The good news is the rate of genocide has been going down since the end of World War II.

Mass Murder is a term used to refer to events where a government indiscriminately kills any individual or groups of individuals.

Soft-Kill Democide Theories:

Many people believe that there is a depopulation effort being quietly carried out by globalists. These efforts involve forced population control that while it does not involve directly murdering living individuals, it does prevent the birth of or terminate new lives.

Mass sterilization and procreation control through required birth control implants and forced abortions.

Vaccines have long been debated due to a recording which was made where a Merck scientist openly states that vaccines provided to Americans had been contaminated with cancer viruses and leukemia, which will result in the death of 1 in 3 Americans.

Chemtrails which are streaks of what looks similar to jet spray in the sky, have long been believed to be government attempts at poisoning the population under the guise of stemming global warming. Chemtrails containing aluminum oxide, barium salts, strontium, and some say possibly even the cancer virus known as SV-40.

Listen to this first-hand account from Kristen Meghan, who was in the Airforce as an industrial hygienist and an environmental specialist who tracked the health hazards that pilots may have been exposed to during their service:

Geoengineering Whistleblower ~ Ex-Military ~ Kristen Meghan, Hauppauge, NY, January 18th, 2014

or this one from Ted L. Gunderson, former FBI Chief in Charge followed after his death by his doctor and a colleague, both of whom speak to the fact that they believe he died of bladder cancer that was a direct result of arsenic poisoning.

Toxic Fluoride (a component of bug poison that harms body, mind, and teeth). Though some experts will discount toxic fluoride based on the low levels, what they don’t say is that even minor amounts of fluoride can be damaging you are exposed to those levels from multiple sources on a regular basis. It all adds up and that build up over time can have damaging effects on the human body.

There is growing evidence that a democide event may be planned for the United States that appears to be similar to Pinochet’s terrorist regime. Pinochet came into power in Chile as a result of a coup that is believed to have been sponsored by the CIA. During his reign, 40,000 people were detained as political prisoners and many more simply went missing.

A little time spent on the Internet will reveal video documentation of FEMA camps which appear to be completely set up and ready to receive citizens in need. The only problem with this scenario is that these “camps” are complete with armed guards, high fencing, and barbed wire, which seems to be more preparation to keep people contained inside against their will.

Democide events are still happening today. In 2015, over 4,000 Christian people were killed in church attacks throughout Nigeria. Christians in Nigeria are suffering persecution from the Muslim religious and political elite dominating Northern Nigerian government, Muslim Fulani herdsman, and Boko Haram.

Terrorists overtook the Iraqi Northern region in August 2014. During this process thousands of people, among them approximately 1,800 girls, were taken as slaves. The Yazidi women have had their children taken from them, women have been raped, they have been bought and sold.

Several days ago, 19 of the girls, who refused to submit to their captors, were burned alive in front of hundreds of witnesses.

So what steps can you take to prepare for further incidents of democide?

  • Refuse to participate in any violence other than legitimate self-defense. Do not condone or otherwise support hate, violence, or fighting.
  • Research the bloodline of all our leading politicians. Then share your findings regarding the true lineage and goals of these New World Order politicians.
  • Be certain that you monitor and truly understand what your children are being taught in their schools. Many public schools are teaching children to blindly obey authority. While rules and laws have their benefits and blatant law breaking for the sake of it should not be encouraged, blind obedience is not healthy either.
  • Teach your children to have an informed and balanced respect for authority, not a blind one.
  • Provide them with education and experiences that are diverse.
  • Ensure that your own behavior models adult responsibility for them.
  • Share your beliefs and values with those closest to you and start planning for ways to disconnect as much as possible from any dependence on government for your livelihood and well-being.
  • Pay attention to attacks and persecution that is happening around the world and do not let these democide events go unnoticed or unchallenged.

It is estimated that throughout the 20th Century, all over the world, approximately 100 million people have been the victims of democide. People killed by their own government. We’ve only touched the surface with this article. This is both a tragic and shameful practice that simply must be stopped. The only way to do that is to educate people about what is happening and what to do about it.

Had you heard the term Democide prior to reading this article?

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8 thoughts on “What is Democide?”

  1. I had never heard of the term democide before. I totally agree with your points about only condoning self defense, and especially learning about what your kids are taught in school. My husband and I don’t have children yet, but we’ve discussed homeschooling for this very reason. Children get indoctrinated too early and it seems to be getting exponentially worse in recent years.

    Thanks for the enlightening post.

  2. It’s strange every time we see a list of megadeaths it’s always the communists or someone such as Japan that we fought in a war. Does anyone ever take into account the hundred million the British Empire killed during the 19th and 20th century. thanks, good article though.

  3. Tax… keep in mind that it is not about who is “good” and who is “bad”. Democide specifically discusses people who were killed by their own government, not people who were killed during conquest. Looking at the case you cited, the British, yes they did kill a lot of people and most often critics point to India. In many of those instances (though not all, they did some good, too) their actions where truly less-than-honorable. However, what about the Indians themselves in the Mauryan Empire? They were killing and invading a lot when they had the capability?

    The point is that any country is capable of despicable acts, period, no exception… history bears this out with unequivocal evidence. Even with native American tribes, who people like to cite when discussing how horrible the white invaders were, the natives were themselves also killing and taking over the lands of other natives in North America… its the simple rule of nature that might and force will always win out. Not a single Gazelle was ever spared his life due to appeasement, ever.

    So to this point of democide, we should focus on corrupt governments and why people should never relinquish their right to self defense.

    Great article Megan.

    • EPA … not only putting industries out of biz but folks will have to decide on paying for heating oil, electricity, or natural gas or food. Those who choose food will die from hypothermia or outright complications of frostbite. Currently the push is on to outlaw burning wood and hard coal. EPA also outlawed R12 freon due to pseudoscience about the ozone…the rest of the world didn’t. The first shocking pulitzer prize will be a picture of a retired poor couple frozen to their couch in front of a blank TV in MN … chose food over utility bills. Agenda 21 is democide soft kill. Trumps first order of biz should be demanding tyat the UN show results after 80 years or face defunding and eviction. Birch was correct that the UN is anti liberty so US OUT OF UN, UN OUT OF US.

  4. I had never heard the term before. Actually, my first thought was Democrats trying to kill Republicans through the illegal immigrants they typically try to bring into the United States as part of the New World Order. Also blame the Chemtrails on them too.

  5. No, I’d never heard the term democide before either. However, I think that we all have seen evidence that there is SOME sort of campaign going on to reduce (selectively) the population. Consider the ethnic/economic demographics most effected by:
    Planned Parenthood’s pushing of abortion as a means of birth control.
    Contaminated municipal water supplies.
    Pricing and availability of life-saving medicines and medical procedures.
    Pricing and availability of utilities, safe and healthful housing, nutritious foods.
    The constant barrage of drugs and accompanying violence.
    And I’m sure you all can come up with more examples. My point is that if you’re poor, old, sick, or a minority you have a target on your back. America is increasingly a country for the wealthy, and those who apparently are supposed to exist only to serve them in some capacity are expendable – the only truly renewable resource and one where if you are deemed unsatisfactory you will be cast aside. Even the terminally ill serve “them” by providing the multi billion dollar health industry and big pharma with guinea pigs for medications that often are as lethal as the condition they treat and test subjects for various procedures.
    I would suggest watching the movie They Live starring Roddy Piper, and ask yourself if it seems at all familiar. It’s actually a good movie, but it is getting harder to locate…hmmm. Wonder why?

  6. We are all concerned of the subterfuge that is overwhelming at times. We of open minds must persevere in the balancing of what is acceptable. All the great toys and sports we have come to enjoy are often bubblegum for the mind. And yet, here we are. It is in the very nature of our existence of how we praise the great and mighty oak tree; and yet this very tree starves and kills off thousands and thousands of other plants that try to grow and flourish.
    Most men, given the the power will do the genocidal or government condoned democide mentioned herein.
    The Catholic church persecuted my forefathers, who were Anabaptist. Our properties and meager possessions were confiscated, and yet we go to look at the beauty of the Cisteen Chapel, where even the ceiling artist was held captive. And the sperm that attaches itself to the egg is a genocidal act to all myriad other possibilities.
    It is in our very nature we praise and honor all that around us are the strong-armed. I was raised in a generation what held an idea to question everything. But how much do you cut ourselves off from the generation we live in. We each have to evaluate what is acceptable, including the consequences. I too like my bubblegum.

  7. The first shocking pulitzer prize will be a picture of a retired poor couple frozen to their couch in front of a blank TV in MN … chose food over utility bills. Agenda 21 is democide soft kill. Trumps first order of biz should be demanding that the UN show results after 80 years or face defunding and eviction.


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