What if Obama is reelected?

[Note from Rourke: I really, really struggled writing this.]

This is not going to be an anti-democrat or anti-liberal post. I am merely asking the question and giving a few thoughts. I am un-apologetically conservative.

So – will Obama be reelected? My answer – I have no idea.

There are so many differing beliefs on the government, politicians, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Congress, etc. I have heard many opinions regarding President Obama from this sites readers as well as many of my friends.

Again – the question is “What if Obama is reelected?

  • For many across the United States the answer is – “It really doesn’t mater.” There are those that believe that there are really no differences between Democrats or Republicans  – they are politicians and are nothing more than corporate representatives rather than representatives for the people. They pass laws and create policy which benefits those in power and large corporations. Many call these people “the Elite”. For this group President Obama is merely the figure head of a larger group of powerful people whose agenda is not in-line with the best interests of the people of this country.
  • Another school of thought comes from those that – depending on your perspective – would be called “Conspiracy Theorists”. These people believe that President Obama is pure evil or close to it. They feel that he has had and will continue to have an agenda to spread socialism and governmental dependence on as many people as possible.
  • Of course – President Obama has his supporters. Liberals and Democrats support him and want him to do more in the realm of additional social programs and laws. A large percentage of the United States population agrees with his stance on abortion, gun control, foreign affairs, and his “tax the rich” and “spreading the wealth” ideals. Those terms may not sit with many that are in agreement with him. Many feel that his actions with wanting to tax higher income people at a higher rate is just fair as it essentially just means free taxes for those who do not necessarily need it. Gun control is certainly one of which supportors are not pleased with his performance.
  • The opposite of the above are most mainstream Republicans and Conservatives. They believe if President Obama is reelected he will not stand for them and their beliefs.  They have beliefs such as being pro-life, pro-gun rights, smaller government and less government intrusion in peoples lives. Tea Party members are generally on the far right of this category.

These are certainly not all the beliefs about Obama or our government. What is the truth? What really will the result be should Obama be reelected? Of course no one knows for sure – but I do have a few thoughts.

First – I think the truth is a combination of all the above schools of thought. I do not believe Obama is pure evil however I certainly do not agree with many of his policies and beliefs. Take away all the rhetoric and look at the facts – he and Congress have grown this government at an unprecedented accelerated rate.  Debt ceilings continue to be increased. Mandatory healthcare (unless your a big union company and can get a free pass) is beginning to become a reality along with all of the changes involved both good and bad.

Second – The vast majority of ALL politicians in this country are corrupt. They rule by looking at polls and other devices that measure voting peoples opinions. They tell half-truths and take statements out of context and use these as facts to promote an agenda fueled by money and lobbyists.

Third – If Obama is reelected – the debt will continue to grow at a larger pace than if a Republican was elected. Regardless – the debt will grow. If Obama is reelected I believe his more radical ideals will become evident as his quest for reelection would not be in the way. Gun Control will likely become a major  target for the Obama Administration as well as continued changing of tax laws costing most all Americans more money.

Again – let me state for the record…..I am not anti-Democrat. President Obama just happens to be in that party. I do not subscribe to most of the beliefs of the Democrat party. Government is too big. Period. Government at all levels is far too invasive in peoples lives. Fact. Taxes are too high – for everyone. There are far too many laws and restrictions on business. It’s not just the President but Congress as well – for many years.

It is just crazy.

So – I have to go back to the original question – What if President Obama is reelected?





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  1. If he is re-eected, he will still have to make concessions to Republicans, so as an Obama supporter, I don’t expect him to do all he can do for this country. The only “smaller government” that the Republicans want is one that cuts help to people who need it and still allows the corporations to build their wealth at an astounding rate using corporate welfare programs. There is no good solution. I am liberal and am not apologetic. However, liberal programs to help the elderly and poor are not managed well and leave to many loopholes for abusive actions to flourish. Welfare reform should plug loopholes on welfare for the poor and corporate welfare. Corporate welfare is here to stay, Obama or not. It drains more money from the American public than welfare for the poor and elderly.

  2. I’ll state at the outset – I am anti-Democrat. Today’s Democrats believe in everything I detest, so, yes, I AM anti-Democrat. I am also very anti-RINO. (I have virtually no trust in any politician and do subscribe to “that government is best which governs least”.

    As far as what happens if Obama wins? Depends on the results of the Senate and House, and down on the line with Governors and State chambers. If Obama wins and the Democrats take back the House then goodbye America. The debt will skyrocket, taxes will rise, regulations will crush the life out of businesses. Any business that can will flee the USA for greener pastures. Our military will be gutted, as under Carter. Unemployment will jump, a LOT. Your guns will not be safe, and good luck getting ammo as they regulate it out of existence. The democrats will finally be able to witness the result of their policies, and it won’t be pretty. The only hope then will be relocating to a hard red state and hope for secession. (I am only half joking.)

    If Obama wins and the Republicans take the Senate and retain the House, then we will have a chance to halt Obama in his tracks. If the Republicans take the chance to actually reduce government, we might make it to 2016 where we can maybe elect and actual free market republican.

    The above is my quick 2-minute analysis.

  3. I appreciate your stance and you’re right to take the idea of being neither “anti or pro” any party. The easiest thing to do is to keep doing the same thing over and over again. Damn the results, damn the historic example, and damn the blatantly obvious, we are going to do the same thing and hope for something different. Obama is a black Romney and Romney is a white Obama; I don’t believe either one has a clue what it is to be an average American.
    I have recently been enlightened to the fact that my party affiliation is Republican, but my personal beliefs are Libertarian. To this point, someone told me I was a fool to vote for Ron Paul because any vote against the RNC selection is a vote for Obama.
    Thanks for a great site.

  4. Rourke,

    Great post. You’ve articulated the most important points regarding our future in this upcoming political cycle. As Patriotic Americans, we have been herded like sheep to the slaughter for a long time. Political parties are all the same now as these so-called representatives of the American people represent only themselves in their quest for power and wealth. Entitlements in the guise of social programs to benefit certain voting blocks have grown to level that cannot be sustained. We will collapse and nothing will be done to stop it. Look at Greece and some of the other European countries if you don’t think it can happen.

    Even if Conservatives were able to win the Presidency, and the majority in both the House and Senate, it will be nearly impossible to cut programs or reduce spending in such a way that it will reverse course. The damage has been done and we all watched it happen.

    Ironically (and very sadly), the one requirement the federal government does have under the Constitution (providing for the National Defense) has become the sacrificial lamb in order to fund the other “gimme my stuff” programs. Our leaders have turned this country into support dependent drones.

    If you are reading Modern Survival Online and others like it, you already know this to be true. As Patriots and Preppers, we must continue to do what we can to spread the truth. With faith comes hope!

  5. Rourke/et al: What if Obama is reelected? What a nightmarish thought, but nonetheless a real possibility, whether legitimate or not! A long time ago I read that the difference between Dems and Repubs was that Dems were going socialist and Repubs were going slower! I think this is a true statement. There can be no doubt that Obama is taking this country down the path to Socialism, as fast as he can do so. And people need to remember that Socialism is Communism without the guns!

    I have subscribed to the theory, if you will, that governments operate by: Thesis/Anti thesis/Synthesis: Create or allow to be created, a problem. Offer a solution, and the end result is what you were really after. Obama and his minions are using this in many instances, and a reelection is required for it to reach fruition, to attain their socialist goals. Immigration, gun control, unemployment, are all problems that the O administration wants to offer a solution for, but not a logical, thought out, probably will work solution. The solution? Dependence by the general pop on the government for answers and help. If the populace does not react in the expected way, think Fast and Furious, Obama is ready with any number of options. And if all else fails, the King will use an executive order to attain his end.

    If Obama is reelected, I can see thesis/anti thesis/synthesis coming into play, and the working class of this country being pushed to the brink and beyond, but I think this is planned. The O’s would like nothing more than to use their virtually unlimited, they think, powers against the American people, say NDAA/say FEMA/DHS, etc! I really feel it is possible and not beyond the realm of possibility, and that all that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing! Not that we’re doing nothing, it’s just that we are doing something in the right way, by vote and by depending on our elected reps, who are not really representing us, but their real masters. They pay us lip service and not much more. And the system we are using to affect change is slow and cumbersome, and does not always work! Obama and his ilk on the other hand can move quickly with executive orders, downright trickery and deceit(voter fraud) and with the support of the main stream media can make and support his case and cause whether it is true or not! And people seem to buy it! Makes one believe more in conspiracy theories and the NWO and other shadowy, behind the scene boogey man groups and people that I used to hear so much about! One thing for sure, we, this country and its people, good and bad, are on a fast track to Hell, and lots of politicos are greasing the wheels to help!

    Ok, I’ve vented, my coffee has curdled, and I do not see anything good on the horizon, in any case with the current crop of Repub candidates other than one that has no chance of being selected, and with the possibility of Obama staying in office, the future of this once great place looks very dim, both from within and from without! As someone once said, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!”

  6. “The fix” is in.. it is largely a done deal that he will remain in power until the collapse and for some time beyond.

    What are the choices?.. RommObama or Obamney ? no real difference anyway. The election has already been hijacked in the Primaries.

    I was fool enough to support Bush the Elder years ago at a Republican Central Committee.. There was a local vote between Bush the Elder and Buchanan (some others as well).. They closed the election around 3 in the afternoon, counted the votes Buchanan won my candidate the one I supported lost.. They reopened the voting (There was no provision or precedent in the Central Committee Articles to do so) 3 hours later closed them again, Lo and Behold Bush the Elder won.. I walked and never went back.

    Fast forward to today.. There is no real primary.. If there were Ron Paul would have already clinched it. It doesn’t matter what you or I think of him.. if the system were not corrupt he would have already won.

    The democratic Process of selection has been Hijacked.

    90 seconds for him to speak in a debate 10 min (approx) for everyone else and he still beats the majority of the pack? When he takes second place the lamestream press does not mention his name. When he wins somehow the ballots for him in a state are lost and their is a “gentlemen s” agreement between Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber came in first and second.

    It’s not about Ron Paul.. it is about those who have Hijacked the processes.

    What we see playing out now… It’s all a lot of theater… Horse manure…

    Seriously, get back to work preparing for the worst.. don’t stop hoping for the best and do what you can but focus on your preparations . Any way it goes even if Ron Paul were elected the worst is coming. Why?

    Because “The Fix” is in.


  7. Gag! But, is Mittens any better – I think not.

    The next POTUS should be the person they have to drag kicking and screaming to the Oval Office. Anyone who is willing to spend 100’s of millions of dollars for a job which pays $400,000 per year and where every kook and nut job in the world wants to place you in their crosshairs does not get enough oxygen in their diet.

  8. My opinion will be more of the same, but with stronger force. I do believe that Obama has an agenda, and his re-election would mean seeing his more radical and liberal agenda being forced thru congress, or using his oval office to simply bypass congress to do his will. Another 4 years of this man would be disastrous at a minimum. Our situation is worse than dire at the current moment. I don’t want to see this man have free reign knowing that he won’t have to be re-elected a third time. His second term would mean the end of his service, and the limited time to wreak havoc. That would encompass draconian attacks on the second amendment, the nightmare of enforced social healthcare on everyone, deeper government intrusion on our lives, higher taxes for everyone, deep cuts in military spending, withholding federal funds from any state daring to challenge the government on issues like Obamacare, illegal immigration, and funding for Planned Parenthood. The Tea party, gun owners, homeschoolers, Christians, preppers, anti-abortionists, will be further demonized and pointed to as a threat. There could easily be a day coming when our conservative posts on blog sites, Facebook, and Twitter, along with those found to be purchasing and stockpiling food, ammo, firearms, and precious metals, and who also may be a Tea party sympathizer, church attender, and tithe giver will be used against us. I already find myself an alien to 99% of the people I know. We are already demonized so much in society, that I dare not share with my co-workers my true beliefs and opinions. I’m not ashamed, but more fearful than anything. I sometimes think our society is unrecoverable, and on a course of self destruction. Most of the people are too busy to notice or even care. To them, we are the radicals, and someday may be rewarded for pointing us out to authorities for being a potential threat. A threat to what you ask? How about being a threat to the liberal agenda.

    Folks, I suggest you pray, prep, invest in tangibles, and raise your children with tight lips.

    Keep your powder dry and faith alive! An Obama second term WILL be three times more dangerous, and ugly. As always, pray for the best, but prep for the worst. There is a reason the United States is missing from the Book of Revelations!

  9. I am not a fan of our president, nor have I ever been. Although I must say, it saddens me to see just how easily people blame him for the state of our entire economy… As if it was a eutopian society under G.W. Bush’s leadership. Quite frankly, I dont see… and havnt seen… a canidate that’s worth his salt, in decades. Hell, just look at the canidates we’ve got to chose from now… One canidate is such a freak, he took his dead child home and lived with it for a few days, another is the poster child for corprate america, the third is a career politician with delusions of grandure, and the forth wants us to be like turles, suck back in side our shells and turn our backs on everyone and everything in the rest of the world.
    Seriously… can anyone sit there and say that having one of these four will be such a vast imporvement over our current leadership….? Personally, I dont. Why is it that we have to pick the lesser of evils when chosing our next president. In my honest opinion our entire political system is a farce. “Republicans are awesome… I wont vote for anyting demecratic…. Demecrats are the greatest.. I wont help the republicans out at all… sigh! It honestly feels as if we’ve nothing but 4 year olds in the executive branch of government, ready to take thier ball and go home everytime they feel the slightest bit butt-hurt.
    Its not longer a question of who is the best person to lead this country, it’s the question of who’s the most popular and who has the most money to spend on themselves, who is most capable of trashing thier opponents through the media. I spent four years in the military, ready and willing to kill or die for this country, the country that I love. Now I’m simply ashamed, ashamed of the currption and greed that is truly in charge of running this country.
    What if Obama is reelected?
    I feel it doesnt matter who is elected… this country and its people will not fair much better reguardless of who is elected

  10. It will matter of course. It is important to understand that many Republican politicians are politicians first and Republicans second. If they thought that converting to Democrat would get them reelected they would do it in a heartbeat. But not all Republicans are politicans first. The problem is that politicians lie and tell voters what they want to hear and voters don’t investigate and make informed decisions. We NEED a conservative but if Obama loses we will only get a Republican politician. Romney won’t overturn Obama care. The Supreme court might but more likely they will simply muddy the waters. Romney won’t end deficit spending. Romney won’t try to end welfare and/or make people take responsibility for their own lives and success. Romney is a politician not a conservative. For that reason we would be better off with Obama. Not because Obama will do anything right but simply because he will screw it up so bad MAYBE then the voters will begin to pay attention. Obama’s policies will make America look like Detroit. Do I need to add that the leaders of Detroit for the last forty years or so were Obama clones and persued Obama-like policies.

    Only a true conservative president with a conservative congress could save us. That would take a miracle and I don’t see one coming. We are going down the tubes and the only question is will it be fast and furious or slow. Will it be under Obama’s rule Or Romney’s incompetence.

  11. Between Obama and Romney (if he gets the GOP Nomination) you really are choosing from two losing horses – neither will fix our problems socially or financially. Living in Mass, I can tell you we have RomneyCare which is similar or the baseline to Obama’s National Healthcare and the strictest gun control laws in the nation. These rules/laws were created was under Romney’s administration.  We can’t buy a new Glock – only pre 1994 Glocks are sold. I guess the old handguns are not as deadly as the new models. We also have mag capacity limits (no more than 10 rounds) unless the mag was manufactured before 1994, but you need a CCW license to own one (a pistol which can use a pre 1994 hi capacity mag as defined by mass law). Springfield XD and XDM are also not allowed to be sold in MA due to consumer safety laws and the banned gun list is long. I believe we are in a very tough spot selecting the next President… making me believe we are better with the devil we know then the devil we don’t.

  12. What if Obama is reelected?
    First off, let me start by saying this; I am a Christian, Constitutional, semi-social conservative who believes in Austrian economics. I truly believe that our biggest threat to our country right now is two things: FIRST…THE DEBT!!! Second, the social justice, progressive policies of Obama, and both of the “establishment” political parties. I forgot to mention the apathetic citizenry of America too!
    I believe if Obama gets reelected that our debt will grow exponentially and sometime around 2013-2014 we will experience an economic collapse. I say this based on reading and researching what many credible, professional economists say. I also believe that when this happens it won’t turn out like a “Mad Max” scenario, I think it will model much like our Great Depression and the economic collapse that Argentina experienced in Dec 2001.
    I know that this may sound crazy, however, I’d rather Obama be in charge when this happens that way history will have no other choice but to apply the appropriate justice on his policies as well as GW Bush during the latter part of his tenure. History has given FDR a pass ONLY because of World War II. World War II saved FDR’s legacy, otherwise he would have gone down in history as one of our worst Presidents. To be honest, I don’t think that Romney or Gingrich can defeat Obama. Santorum unfortunately does not have the support in the “established” Republican Party. Ron Paul is completely correct concerning his fiscal philosophy and for the most part his Constitutional beliefs are strong too, however, his social and foreign ideas are not mainstream to normal, middle of the road Americans.
    To really fix America we need a voter’s revolution; we need to vote out most of the incumbents and force our elected leadership to pass a Term limits Amendment for Congress and a Balanced Budget Amendment to our Constitution. If those who think that this is radical, then objectively look at our founding fathers and imagine what they were thought of back in their day. And look at the two most important documents in human history besides the Bible; The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution/Bill of Rights. Those two documents were established from the premise of the Bible and the Christian-Judeo values that are in short supply today.
    Since the likelihood of those two Amendments becoming law is down to zero, I chose the other reasonable course of action. I started prepping over a year ago and continue today and will continue as long as I live regardless of the direction we are in as a country. I have witnessed human despair; I have seen what people will do when they are backed up in a corner and have no alternative but to survive. I saw it in Bosnia in 1996 after years of civil war and in Iraq as well in 2004-2005. I am a retired combat veteran (22 years in the infantry) and I pray, hope and wish that we will never see the likes of that. However, anything is possible and I’d rather have and not need than need and not have.
    Thunder 7

  13. God help our republic if Obama is re-elected. It will spell the death of property rights and the nation of our forefathers will be gone forever. We will become a third world nation and the American dream will be gone. We will be a nation without a middle class. There will be only two classes, the ultra rich and the very poor. If Obama is re-elected Karl Marx will be dancing with glee in the nether regions of hell.

    • bsbkeys –

      Since being elected the issues of gun control have not been remotely an issue. This has been surprising to many as when in the Senate Obama did not have a pro-gun stance. He also surrounded himself in his Cabinet and other positions with many that were extremely anti-gun. There is a school of thought that trying to increase gun control during his first term would be political suicide. Who knows?

      Check out: http://www.ontheissues.org/domestic/barack_obama_gun_control.htm

      Take care – Rourke

  14. I don’t think What if Obama is re-elected is the proper question. Of course that comes from a decidely libertarian point of view. The president and of course, the Congress pass laws with the co-operation of each. In recent memory the President has vetoed bills but I can’t remember any specific Congressional over rides of vetoed bills, so essentially it takes both the President and Congress. Prior to Obama, the country has been led toward the European Democratic model which many may (accurately) portray as Democratic Socialism. In America it is known as “progressivism”. As we know, during the early 1900’s and the boom of the American Industrial revolution, progressive policies were sold to the American people in the name of fairness and as a “social safety net”. Not the first but certainly the most enduring of the violations of the Constitution were implemented during this time. And these violations have continued and even accelarated to the modern day. Both Democrats and Republicans have foisted upon us increasing government intrusions in to our personel lives. To be sure, that Obama has increased the deficit is not the point, every president has. The degree is semantics. That Obama has bypassed an impotent Congress is just another violation of an already irrelavent Constitution. Though the President and Congress most often disregard it, the Constitution is specifc to the duties of the Federal government. That Obama and this Congress violate the spirit and the letter of the Constitution is again nothing new and again the degree is just symantics. Is a little violation any less a violation than a large violation? If we allow a violation of administration why wouldn’t we allow a violation of our civil rights? Indeed, with the exception of the 3rd ammendment which of the Bill of Rights has not been violated? So as we suffer the death of a thousnad cuts and the demise of a country our fore fathers wouldn’t recognize, we ask, “What if Obama is re-elected?” The only change is the speed of the fall and the arrogance of the King and his minions. I pine for the lost art of tar and feathers…

  15. JR…If Pres. Ovomit somehow is re-elected, we, as freedom-loving Americans are doomed. Deep down, I always knew that the Republicans taking back the House wouldn’t really make things much better. DC Republicans always will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory if given half a chance, it’s in their DNA. There are a few who fight the good fight, and a few in the Senate who stand up for our freedom, but they are few and far between. The second term of a bad president is when they get to show us just how much they hate our freedoms. The Wife is an optimistic Hannity-type who still thinks that Americans want their freedoms, it’s kinda cute in a girly kind of way- I just don’t see it that way. I am very unhappy with the prospects for our immediate future…the next year or so is going to be very interesting. Having said all that, I’ll be voting a straight Republican ballot in November, assuming the Emperor doesn’t trump up lame excuses to ‘delay’ the election.

  16. Rourke:
    I agree, most politicians have succumbed to the temptation of handing out tax money (other people’s money) in various forms so that they can get (re)elected. This is precisely the weakness of a republic that our founding fathers envisioned.

    With a second term Mr. Obama will certainly show his true colors. More importantly, his backers, the real radicals with agendas, will use the time to attempt incredible increases of federal power at the expense of individual liberty. Gun ownership would be their prime target.

    If he is not re-elected however, the real nightmare will begin. His backers will not surrender power willingly- watch for election fraud, voter intimidation, and other tactics in order to maintain power. The vast FSA (Free “Stuff” Army) that counts on his handouts, will freak out if he loses. Look for targeted violence and crime, and then look for a federal “response” that will significantly concentrate more power and eliminate even more liberties.

    Keep prepping my friends.

  17. Rourke,

    (and anyone else who cares to read my rant)

    Yes he will be re-elected. I don’t usually make my political or geopolitical beliefs known on a prepper site but I can guarentee he will be re-elected.

    That is, if you still believe we have open and free elections and if you believe that our government is actually ruled by, for and of the people. Honestly, it has not been run that way for quite some time. We are locked into a paradigm that is about to crash. When? No one exactly knows. But I can guarantee you that this has been planned for a long time.

    People say that this is one of the most important elections of our time. I couldn’t disagree more. This is one of the LEAST important elections of our time. Nothing will change within the system until the whole thing comes crashing down, and that is where we are headed. Do you honestly think we are at a point where this whole mishegoss can be turned around? We are at a mathematically inevitability with the U.S. dollar. This has happened with all currencies and the globalist PTB will assure it’s outcome.

    Does anyone really think that Romney is going to bring our nation back to economic stability? Does anyone think Romney is going to reform welfare? Get rid of Obamacare? Get our borders secure? Reform Social Security? Make an environment friendly for business? Do you think Romney won’t try and pass cap and tax measures? I could go on and on.

    Look around you folks. We are are deep into tyranny and it is happening faster by the day. Google the NDAA bill. Google ACTA, Google SOPA, PIPA….now there is legislature about making sugar a banned substance.

    LOOK AROUND YOU FOLKS! Look what is happening to our country.


    It does not matter who wins the election because THEY ARE ONE IN THE SAME. There are psycopathic elements within our country that want it destroyed. Want our sovereignty gone. Want private property gone. Want most of your rights gone.

    This is happening at breakneck speed.

    Take today for example.

    Today is the 99th anniversary of the signing of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. It enshrined into law an idea that stands in total contradiction to the driving force behind the American Revolution and the whole idea of freedom itself.

    Frank Chodorov once described the income tax as the root of all evil. His target was not the tax itself, but the principle behind it. Since its implementation in 1913, he wrote, “The government says to the citizen: ‘Your earnings are not exclusively your own; we have a claim on them, and our claim precedes yours; we will allow you to keep some of it, because we recognize your need, not your right; but whatever we grant you for yourself is for us to decide.’”

    He really does have a point. That’s evil. When Congress ratified the 16th Amendment on Feb. 3, 1913, there was a sense in which all private income in the U.S. was nationalized. What was not taxed from then on was a favor granted unto us, and continues to be so.

    Do you see how long these psychopaths have been at this? They will not stop at anything. Until they have everything you own, every pension, every 401k, every retirement fund.


    So back to the original question.

    What if Obama gets re-elected?

    What does it matter?

    You have to ask yourself, does he really effect my day to day life? In some sense yes, but on a macro level, there is not a lot you can do about it.

    Where you can start with this “problem” is to start to work on yourself and work out from there. Try to change the things that effect you locally. The things that are in your jurisdiction. Work with friends and neighbors and try to spit yourself out of this system.

    It is a false paradigm that runs on fractional banking, usuary and debt. It controls us all. That is the root of the evil. When we can start to change ourselves and work our way outward, perhaps we can make regions of this country a better place for everyone. I say regions because I believe there is no hope for some parts of this country. I may not see it in my lifetime but I am quite sure that this nations will desolve sometime within the next 30 years.

    Again, change yourself first and work outward from there.

    And turn off the dam tv!



  18. debt has exploded under republican presidents at least as much, if not more so than under democratic ones so i don’t think that’s an issue. same goes for the expansion of government. if we’re going to the dictionary definition here, bush jr was the most liberal president in a very long time. that being said, i believe all politicians are tools of business and if you want to depend on someone, depend on yourself.

  19. “Rourke” you are the only one with a straight face here. But not having a pro gun stance is much different than having an anti gun stance.
    I just don’t see it. You can suppose about the 2nd term, But that is just supposing.
    What if the real story is that people are wanting us to be divided?
    That is my fear. Among the people that are prepared. What kind of society will we build? Trust, or war.
    Look, Obama is not that bad. Any President doesn’t make that much difference. But if it makes you feel better, go for it.
    I just don’t care that much, and ….. well , there is rice and ammo to buy.

    • bsbkeys –

      To a certain point I agree with you. My belief that President Obama with a 2nd term would promote further gun control is just that – a belief, a theory. I base it on hi past history, the party he belongs to, and the people he surrounds himself with. Should the Republicans gain control of the Senate and maintain the House – it would be very difficult for him to make any major changes unless through Executive Order.

      As you – there is little I can do about it. So I prep.

      Thanks – Rourke

  20. If Obama is re-elected, our country is doomed. We are already at an astronomical national debt, there is no more privacy, and our government is trampling our rights and liberties one by one. Homeland Security, Patriot Act, recent intrusion with the NDAA, and now troops training in urban environments… ring a bell??? I held my nose when I voted for McCain as he was the lesser of two evils. I will not vote for Obama… EVER! Prepare now and prepare fast. If he is re-elected, his true closet-muslim and anti-American/anti-Christian self will truly come out, and our country will be flushed down the proverbial toilet.

  21. I have always felt that voting for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. I don’t like voting for either lying crook.

    I have recently come to take the thought a step further. There is the old saying that united we stand, divided we fall. The politicians have been keeping the people of the United Stated divided with the parties. It doesn’t matter how well I work with someone or how good a friend I have nothing can divide people like bringing up politics. Maybe if we weren’t all divided, worrying about small matters and trying to prove our side is right to anyone who will listen, we wouldn’t let these corrupt politicians control us with tighter & tighter regulations and we certainly wouldn’t let them run this great nation into the ground.

    Rourke, let me ask you a question: When was the last time you saw ANYONE change another person’s mind about their chosen political party with a good argument? Why do we keep trying to change each other’s mind about, when it’s really just a technique to keep the masses distracted & in control.

    • Gilfner –

      Rourke, let me ask you a question: When was the last time you saw ANYONE change another person’s mind about their chosen political party with a good argument? Why do we keep trying to change each other’s mind about, when it’s really just a technique to keep the masses distracted & in control.

      Easy answer – NEVER. I have seen changes in specific issues via discussion.

      Thanks – Rourke

  22. To say debt exploded as much under Republicans is simply wrong. Obama has created about $6 trillion in debt in 3 years. that is about 6 times greater then any president has created in 3 years. But more importantly the congress (generally) is responsible for the budget and the debt not the president. Reagan fought to keep the debt down and congress used tricks and over riding his vetos to push through debt. The president is not always responsible for increasing debt. The difference today is since Obama got elected congress has abdicated their responsibility to produce a budget and Obama has been allowed to create this debt without any congressional controls. This debt IS Obama’s debt most past debts were congresses debt.

  23. OK, so we’ve had 3 years of Obama and we’ve had nothing major on gun control and he hasn’t brought it up lately. Which says to me that, in 4 more years of Obama we probably wont have more gun control. The economy’s slowly improving, more people are back at work, we’ve gotten out of Iraq, and are getting out of Afghanistan, which means there will be more money around to pay down debit. People keep calling Obama a socialist, but the man’s hired half of Wall Street to work in his admin? I don’t get that. Obama seems more like a crony capitalist to me.

    I think we’ll be having 4 more years of Obama and I don’t think it will be the end of the world. The debt will stabilize and start going down, unemployment will continue to inch it’s way lower. Some crazy guy who thinks Obama’s the anti-Christ will probably go on a shooting rage or blow something up.

  24. I was in my local gun shop yesterday and they said it’s been crazy busy, since the first of the year. Much of that was firearm purchases. To which another customer simply replied “Election year.”

  25. I do not want Government intruding into my life or the lives of good patriotic Americans. Obama has intruded in our lives. I lost my home to foreclosure and teh Obama making home affordable program was a sham. I took a drastic pay cut at my job due to overspent government budgets, yet I watch as Obama hires 16,000 new IRS agents. I lost my small business because I could not sustain the over regulation and tax burdens placed by the Obama administration. My parents died and the Obama death tax took over 50% of what is rightfully mine. I see the Obama government overspending on useless bailouts that do not help the common man. The TARP trillions did nothing for homeowners. Solyndra scandal, Fast and Furious scandal, and Obama catering to the Unions. Then Obama rejects the Canadian Oil Pipeline that would have created thousands of jobs and lowered our fuel costs.

    I am preparing. Obama has an agenda to socialize the United States to the likeness fo Greece and the rest of Europe, which has proven futile. Obama supports the OCCUPY movement which is obviously a bunch of dirt bag losers comitting crimes and vandalizing cities. Obama is the real Dirt Bag!

    I am preparing for the worst. Civil unrest here in the USA. Obama will appoint and has appointed left wing liberal Supreme court justices that will twist the US Constitution in favor fo the left wing agenda. The 9th circuit court of appeals has already changed teh flavor of the country with it’s bleeding love for gay marriage, illegal alien rights, and overall anti-american decisions that shame California voters.

    I will fight and die for the United States and the Principals of the constitution. Unfortunately the Government has become more powerful than the people and I fear that those of us who would fight and die for what is right, wil perish much like the branch dividians and Ruby Ridge. The Government can come in and murder us and our families with impunity.

    Obama is ANTI AMERICAN. No question about it. He is attempting to creat a socialist government dependent society and take away our second ammendment rights. Obama is Evil.

  26. “Obama is ANTI AMERICAN. No question about it. He is attempting to creat a socialist government dependent society and take away our second ammendment rights. Obama is Evil.”

    Wow….really? Is this what we have become?

  27. Wow. I really do have too much free time, to find this site. Was wondering what’s going on out there as it begins to dawn on folks that Obama is headed for reelection. If the US were a ship, it would be listing now so far to starboard that it’s no wonder those practically hanging by the lifeboats dangling over the water look up and see Obama as the incarnation of socialist Kenyan homosexual European anti-gun evil, blah blah blah. Take a really, really, really deep breath. He’s actually a centrist Democrat. Get over it, and the fact he’s headed right now for reelection. The sad thing is, your pocket is indeed being picked, but because the stall points to the policeman, he’s the one you curse. Do you really think America is still a level playing field? Do you really think anyone can still get ahead? Do you really think the game isn’t rigged? Obama didn’t do it, but I agree with those who say he hasn’t done much to change things. Get ready for his second term, and for not much to change. Who then on this site will volunteer to eat crow?

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