What I like about President Obama


























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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the detail thought and research that you put into your blog today. And I can honestly say that I agree with you wholeheartedly. Thank you for continuing to enlighten us!

  2. Capt.Michaels, check my response to your comment to my question yesterday. Simple to do, isn’t it? Ol’Farm Boy

  3. I am surprised no one else was able to read between the lines. Roarke likes: the gas prices; the dresses Michelle wears; the poise of BO’s daughters; the way BO trims his cigars; the choice of BO’s cigarettes; the quality of that golf game; the awesome bball one on ones he plays; and many other similar things too numerous to mention about BO. Keep up the good work Roarke.

  4. i love it gotta forward to my marine corps son an daughter in twin falls, gotta be the most honest thing ive read about him in 7 years

  5. I must say, I do like several things he has done while in office.
    He made my Wife into a conservative.
    He increased US domestic gun sales and manufacturing.
    He is the poster-boy for ammunition sales and storage.
    He, I believe, helped the growth in the prepper movement I have been seeing over the past decade or so.
    He has made more Americans aware of government overreach and corruption than ever before.
    When Mr. Jerry Lewis passes away, Mr. O can take over as being the biggest comedic element that we send overseas.

  6. I am actually surprised that you didn’t list more. I could write 3 to 4 times more things I like about our Commander in Thief.

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