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I am very excited to announce that ModernSurvivalOnline has obtained a pair of new sponsors – Ready Reserve Foods and Ready Reserve Ammo.

Here is some additional information on this long standing supplier of preparedness products:



Ready Reserve Foods is your source for emergency preparedness products, including disaster survival food and water supplies. Emergency preparedness means being ready for the unexpected with emergency supplies and survival kits.


Ready Reserve Foods, Inc. is here to help. With the most knowledgeable staff in the business and years upon years of experience, we can assist you with getting an emergency supply started or completing what you already have.


Ready Reserve Foods, Inc. IS the manufacturer of our products, so we have quality control from start to finish and can vouch for the products and methods we use. This year we are celebrating our 40th anniversary – 1972-2012 – in the emergency preparedness industry.  We’ve been helping people prepare with products that are real-time tested for longer than anyone else in the industry.


We do not cut any corners in the packaging method; in fact, we go above and beyond to ensure the greatest shelf life and most nutritional food in an emergency.  We use a Nitrogen Packaging System, or NPS, that is a tried and true method.  By slowly removing the oxygen and replacing it with nitrogen, you are left with a 100% oxygen free atmosphere inside of the can without adding any harsh chemicals or chemical packets to your food. 



Ready Reserve Ammo enters the market:

Ready Reserve Foods recently started another company packaging ammunition with the same method as the food.  By canning and nitrogen packing ammunition, you will never have to worry about rust or corrosion happening to your ammo.  Overtime, gun powder WILL absorb the moisture in the air and cause problems when shooting.  By packing the ammo in an airtight container and changing the atmosphere to a dry nitrogen environment, the possibility of that happening is zero.  The packaging also prevents tampering and becomes child proof.  This is our own patented process.  We are working directly with Federal Ammunition.  High quality ammo in high quality (reusable) packaging. 


They help support this site – please give them consideration when selecting preparedness supplies.

– – – Rourke

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  1. Surplus military ammo is sealed and will NOT absorb moisture, commercial ammo will. It is not necessary that it be canned though. I’ve had commercial ammo stored for better than 30 years in military ammo cans with dessicant bags that shoots today like it did when I bought it. I have nothing against Ready Reserves, but their advertising seems to be slightly inaccurate in this regard.

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