Welcome new sponsor…….GotPrepperSpray.com

gotpepperspray.com, pepper spray, self defense

gotpepperspray.com, pepper spray, self defense

I am pleased to announce that we have a new sponsor here at ModernSurvivalOnline – GotPepperSpray.com.

GotPepperSpray.com carries a large assortment line of self defense products such as stun guns and of course pepper spray. They also carry a variety of other items including WISE Food Storage products, survival kits, slingshots,  blowguns, stun guns, and even self defense DVD’s.


Jim Drummond – owner of GotPepperSpray.com has a strong belief in being prepared AND being able to protect oneself. This is one of the reasons he started this business. He wanted to be able to offer self-protection products at affordable prices.

There are many dangers in this world – some right around the corner from your work, your home or where you shop. I regularly carry a pistol on my side due to that. If you do not want to or cannot carry a firearm – there are many other options. One option – check out GotPepperSpray.com.

Take care all –


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