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I have a new affilitate sponsor – the Food Security Knowledge Pack

I am always looking for  useful information to add to my library as well expand my knowledge. I stumbled upon a Jason Ackers blog and podcast – The Self Sufficient Gardner.  I downloaded several of his podcasts and gave them a listen – I thought they were great. From the title you can probably tell that this site and corresponding content is related to gardening and becoming self-sufficient.

I soon found out that Jason had another site – Hunt, Gather, Grow, Eat. Again – I went there and listened to several podcasts. Very impressed. Again – from the title you can surmise that this site focuses on hunting, gathering food from the woods, growing gardens/raising livestock,  and preparing  as well as methods to preserving food. One of my favorite podcasts involves Jason’s opinion on the first Thanksgiving and what was served – click HERE to give it a listen.

He has also started making videos. Of particular interest I found that he made one on making a seed starting rack – perfect timing with growing season coming up.  Here it is below:


 Well – back to the Food Security Knowledge Pack. Jason has put together a fantastic resource of articles covering a wide range of the same topics covered on his blog and his podcasts. He sells this “knowledge pack” for $6.99. I own this  and have gone through the articles – just a great resource. I highly recommend it. If I didn’t – you would not be reading this and they would not be an affiliate sponsor.

Here are the specifics- – – – ->

18+ Articles! 

(plus at least 9 more to be added soon) 

New articles will be sent out via a member’s site as the package is updated.  The buyer is entitled to lifetime updates for every article I publish. 

  • No-Fail Fall Gardening (coming soon)
  • Finding Fall’s Forgotten Fruits
  • Fishing Well With (Almost) No Gear – Survival Fishing (coming soon)
  • The Unsecret Garden – Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Grow My Garden
  • Grow in Multiple Dimensions (coming soon)
  • When to Harvest Guide
  • Garden Manifesto – Chapter 1 – Inputs (First chapter of my book)
  • Basics of Deer Hunting
  • A Brief History of Influenza and Influenza Events (coming soon)
  • PawPaw – The Forgotten Fruit
  • Hunting With the Ancient Atlatl (coming soon)
  • Garden Defense – Repelling Four-Legged (and Winged) Pests
  • Saving Seeds
  • The Best Crops For a Survivalist’s Garden
  • The History of the Tomato
  • The Three Sisters Garden
  • Nasturtium: The Super Flower
  • Tracking Game in the Wild (coming soon)
  • Planting Trees Cheaply and Quickly
  • Transcripts from some past Self-Sufficient Gardener Episodes
  • Five Reasons to Love Your Weeds (coming soon)
  • Permaculture on Ice
  • How to Build a Cheese Press for ~$10
  • Friday Night Lights (Frog Gigging in Farm Ponds) (coming soon)
  • Unique Ways to Preserve Food
  • Juglines, Trotlines and Limblines
  • Companion Planting and Good vs. Pest Insect Matrix

Over 60K words (a novel is between 65 and 100K), About 100 pages of information on how to hunt, fish, gather, grow or raise your own food and preserve it.  

Dozens of color photos and how-to’s, links to find fruit and nut trees for pennies on the dollar, build a beehive and cheese press with very little investment 

Click here to view more details

Regardless if you ever decide to purchase the  Food Security Knowledge Pack – you should check out Jason Ackers sites:


Take care all –


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