Welcome eFoods!!!

My newest sponsor is a representative from eFoods.

In case you are not familiar with who or what eFoods is……they promote themselves as “just the worlds finest Food Storage“.

     Additionally – there are No Artificial Ingredients or colors, No MSG, not freeze dried, and in most cases all organic. 15-25 year shelf life. 12 free servings, – just pay shipping. Company is 28 years old. Constantly improving, and now you can become a distributer in a home business opportunity. Buy your food from you. Serve, Save, Share. 

Very interesting and unique concept.
     Spanning 3 decades, the founders of efoods Global have helped people become more secure and confident about their greatest dependency – FOOD. With a mission and guiding principles that put people first, eFoods has redefined the concept of storable food and has created a compelling way for people to serve delicious food tonight, save nutritious food for a rainy day, and share our message of self-reliance with everyone.

     I recently was able to try some of this food first hand at the Sensible Prepper’s Conference on April 2nd. Not only did it smell great – but tasted good as well. What is very unique is you can get 12 free samples (pay for shipping) by going to the eFoods website and taking a video tour of the product.

eFoods is another great food storage option. Check them out.


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  1. I have not tried their food yet but I have heard great things about the taste and texture of their food. I need to get some samples of their food and try it out. I am going to go over and take a look at their offer for the samples an see.

  2. This is a scam I can’t believe you have allowed your self to be duped by people who say one thing ie: FREE then charge you $10 for shipping, are you just trying to get free food? This type of stuff really lowers you standings in my eyes. I read 2 blogs daily yours and Survival Blog. Survival Blog would never do this. They would never allow one of their sponsors to try to get any of the info from their readers that efoods tries to get before they even show what they have to offer and what it costs. Drop these people now.

    • Peter –

      Thank you for your comments but I have to disagree with you. The post that I put up states that you have to pay for shipping.

      Like any other business, offer, opportunity, endeavor – you always have the option to “just say no”. eFoods may not be for everyone – and may just be what some people are looking for.

      I value your readership – but I feel we can agree to disagree. eFoods is not a scam. They provide high quality food for the buyer who is willing to pay.

      There are lots of choices when it comes to long-term food storagge – if eFoods is not for you – check out WISE or Mountain House or Providant Pantry.

      Take care – Rourke

  3. I tried the samples while I was at the sensible preppers conference. One of them my wife and I both liked, but the other one we did not like as well, but in their defense it had been simmering all day.

  4. I was super excited and tried it out. I don’t think I read it throughouly enough in all my excitment. I only got one of each. For some strange reason I thought I was getting three of each. Oh well, still a good deal. Everyone has to pay shipping on anything they order anyhow. Thanks Rourke!

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