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I am very pleased to announce that I have a new sponsor – Choate Machine & Tool. I have been a huge fan of Choate and their products since I was a teenager. Being 41 – this means they have been in business for a long time. I remember looking through magazine back in the 80’s and seeing M1 Carbines and Ruger 10/22’s with polymer pistol grip stocks – and I would dream of owning one some day.

My experiance has shown me that Choate products are rugged – and high quality. My M1 Carbine sports a Choate pistol grip stock – and I love it.

Below is a little bit if info taken from Choates website:

Choate Machine & Tool, Inc. went into business in 1972. It was our goal from day one to establish a business founded on quality and the durability of the parts it manufactured.We have succeeded in establishing our company as the leader in firearm accessories around the world in both of these categories.

 Of note and a high level of pride – Choate proudly manufactures their product right here in the USA.

One of my favorite Choate products – the pistol grip stock. This one is on a Ruger 10/22. I really like that style.

Above is one of Choates new products – a Ruger Mini-14 pistol grip stock with an M4-style retractable rear stock. I really like this and my interest in the Mini-14 has been peaked.

 Take a trip over to Choates website and check out there massive line of products.



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