Weekend playing airsoft……

My M4 airsoft carbine......

This past weekend I spent some time playing Airsoft. If you are not familiar with airsoft it is similar to paintball except the guns used are very realistic and fire small bb’s at varying velocities (200 – 500 fps). Yup, people take these airsoft guns out in fields and buildings and shoot each other.

I had a ball.

I have seen that police departments, SWAT units and other tactical units train with airsoft. Why? There are aspects of airsoft that as a hobby and fun activity makes it a positive training tool for preparedness. Many of the available airsoft guns are very close replica’s of the real deal. Magazines are shaped the same. Magazine are inserted the same and also are released from magazine well the same. Optics are often the same along with all controls.

My M4 airsoft carbine......

So – it’s a fun game/sport to play. It is competitive and takes strategy and sometimes a bit of luck to be successful.

I will be playing again this weekend and looking forward to it.

Check out this short video:


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  1. I love this tool… toy… system. Nothing like having an instructor hiding in the dark … someplace … in the building just waiting to see if you will make that one and only error in judgement .. tactics .. mistake! TDIOhio puts these to use in thier upper division force on force training, pistol 4,5,6,Fist. “Thick, quilted and loose clothing”. Rourke…. did ya get any ‘Strawberries’!!!

  2. We use airsoft all the time. It’s a great trainer for all ages that can be obtained for small cost or for a few dollars more can be had to replicate your carry weapon. We use it for CQC, Hand to Hand, Weapons Retention Drills and House Clearing. It can be used in a yard without alarming the neighbors and doesnt give the suberversive appearance of evil black gun dastardly combative training LOL.

  3. Strawberries, as in you got hit with a BB and it welted up. I got one when i first got my M4 airsoft I was shot once and it hurts just as bad as paintball.
    I got mine specifically to have some tactical training. I just havent found anyone to run thru some senerios with.

    Enjoy Rourke.

  4. You mock me Sir! I ment the kind of Strawberry one gets when an airsoft pellet meets the un protected soft hide……….. pinks reds and light purples at the point of impact. Have a great time this week end….. cover thy neck and and chinny chin chin Sir.

    • Thomas –

      Ha! A few strawberries – not too bad.

      Played paintball today – many blueberries all over.


  5. I haven’t gotten to play airsoft in a few years, alas. It DOES help you learn that you are NOT ‘bulletproof’, just because you are armed too.

    If you are ever within striking distance of Manassas, VA, check out a place called “Airsoft CQB” – a “killhouse” location rented out to local Law Enforcement/Military during the week, and the public on weekends/some evenings.

  6. That looks like a lot of fun. I’ve done some paintaballing in the past and even spent a ton of money getting all geared up for it. Then I found that I didn’t play it often enough to make up for the 1k I hemorrhaged into the sport.

    My guess is that for me, airsoft would be the same. Lots of fun when and if I play. For me I found the two problems were.

    1. I needed a group to play with. Getting everyones schedules to mesh was a tough task.
    2. Finding a near by place to play where we wont be run off by the Police for using privately owned wooded areas or parks. There are some airsoft and paintball arenas around but I don’t want to drive that far and the idea of buying their ammo and playing by their rules was a turn off.

    Sounds like you had fun and the video’s you linked yo look awesome.

  7. I don’t mean to discourage the use of Airsoft as a way to condition your self for combat. I just feel there is a little bit more that inexperienced preppers should know. I believe Airsoft can be a useful tool for those that want to sharpen there team movement skills in a close quarters combat scenario only. The airsoft guns are not even close to as accurate and do not have the same range as a real weapon you might face. The reason SWAT, our Military and Police use this is because a large percent of there engagements are indoors where the range and accuracy of the airsoft round doesn’t matter much. One downside to training with airsoft is that you tend to take more risks then you would if it was real. In Airsoft if an enemy is 100 feet away you might consider making a run from your hiding place to find better cover or regroup with other players. But if that was a well trained “soldier” (using that word loosely) that had intent to kill you then you might just be better off staying put. I also think it needs to be said that nothing but a real life fire fight can properly prepare you for what a fire fight will be. Real fire fights are very scary, your heart will beat so fast that you will think that you’re already dying, and that alone will cause you to make mistakes. Mistakes kill. After you have been in a few fire fights you become desensitized to it and because of that you will function better. Unfortunately Airsoft won’t desensitize you to the reality of a true fire fight. I did 6 years in the Army as a combat medic in an infantry company, two years overseas in combat zones. I have been in more fire fights then I can count anywhere from 1 – 3 a day for two years. I have witnessed a lot of new soldiers in there first fire fights and even with all our training in kill houses with live ammo, and months of other combat oriented training most new soldier do one of two things when the bullets start flying. They cower and sometimes cry, or they get so angry that they fly off the handle loose there composure and put there fellow soldiers at risk. My first fire fight I had to be held down by two other soldiers because my stupid self was trying to literally be Rambo. I took my gunners 240b belt feed Machine gun and started shooting from the hip while running toward the enemy. My point here is for a prepper that is not likely to be in a fire fight until the SHTF, they need to mentally condition there mind to what a real fire fight will be like. They need to wrap there minds around what it would truly be like to take a human life, how they will react when one of there friends or family member dies in the fire fight while it is still going on, how they will react when they themselves get hit. This is going to happen to some of us and we need to be mentally ready for it.
    Stay Frosty!

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