Weekend of planning……


This weekend I am in Georgia at my brothers place. Looking forward to doing some shooting and test a few pieces of gear. Brought along a Springfield XD9 9mm pistol as well as a Henry Arms US Survival Rifle. Reports coming soon.


Testing a new set of FRS/GMRS walkie-talkies and a water purification straw. Plan to do a little writing as well.


Spending time out in the country is so peaceful and stress reducing (especially when I am blasting targets!!!). 


Hope everyone has a great weekend!


 – Rourke

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9 thoughts on “Weekend of planning……”

  1. Cool! Enjoy. As stated in my e-mail, I like the black AR-7 better than the silver one. The orange front sight post contrasts well when aiming. I only fired the silver rifle once. I have not shot the black model yet. The weapon performed well, although I did not aim at any distant targets. I was on a 25 meter range. It emptied the 8 round magazines quickly and did not jam at all in about 200 rounds. I did not completely disassemble it to clean it, either. I just pulled off the barrel and rodded it a few times. I purchased a bunch of additional magazines, 4 or five. I also bought two of these rifles as gifts for 2 of my favorite, former soldiers. That is a total of 4 in about a year. Just doing my part to avoid layoffs at the Henry Rifle Company. Anyway, “My Little Girl” and “Bulldog” were thrilled. I look forward to your evaluation.

  2. Rourke…Hope you enjoy your Henry as much as I do mine. This thing is indestructable…keep mine and a brick of ammo in the camper for “Just in case issues/boredum cases”. These weapons are a great way to have a hunting, target, and yes a defense weapon that is easy to store and pretty much user friendly. My daughter loves it. Be Safe Scooter

  3. I am to be interested too, We have 10/22’s, however I have been considering the Marlin Papoose and the AR-7 for Vehicle or BOB’s and as back ups to the Ruger’s.

  4. Based on my very limited experience with the Henry Us Survival Rifle, it seems about the equal to the original AR-7. It fulfills… or should I say maintains it’s original design philosophy. My only complaint from shooting one was it’s trigger pull…. heavy and abrupt….. like swinging a hammer. At it’s price point…. it should be better.

  5. I too am interested in your AR7 review. I have a new unfired one in my bugout bag(I know) , what I noticed is that my front site can be drifted digitally. Which is not too good for holding zero. I was thinking of removing it ,applying a thin layer of pure silicone,zero, and let it cure. I think this process could be revisited w/the silicone able to be removed cleanly with some effort. I would welcome any ideas on this . On another note my original armalite failed to feed well , supposedly the newer henrys have chamfered the chamber a bit to take care of that . Thanks for the read.

  6. highdesertlivin, Loctite light duty thread locker might work for that application. Also Loctite makes a retaining compound that I have used before for keeping plastic plugs from vibrating out of metal tubing… it might also work.

  7. John I have some pure silicone in the garage, so I am gonna give that a try . If it doesnt hold I think that loctite plastic you spoke of would possibly do the trick . Thanks for the input .


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