Week ahead….

Hey folks….

For the last four days I attended a Church Men’s Retreat up in the North Carolina mountains. Just a phenomenal experience that is difficult to describe.

I have no plans to turn ModernSurvivalOnline into a religious website – not in any way, shape or form. HOWEVER – this website is absolutely an extension of ME – and I will write about personal life experiences periodically. I have enjoyed mentioning “life” ¬†things in the past and interacting with all of you. One example of this is when I talked about my consumption of Diet Pepsi and there was an outpouring of “STOP DRINKING THAT CRAP….” along with so many reasons why. Well – I haven’t had soda in well over a year and a half now….thanks to many of you!

Anyways – with many Christian readers I am planning an upcoming post that I think will help many men (and in turn, their women) find a greater sense of freedom, adventure, and LIFE.

If you are not interested in reading anything related to God or religion – NO PROBLEM – just skip it.

Anyways – with my being gone all weekend I am WAY behind scheduling posts and will offer up some selected “repeats” from the past. Those that I have done over the past several days got a great response. Hopefully I will back back on track towards the end of the week.

If you would be interested in helping out and have a guest post you would like to send in – feel free to do so. Email the to emergencycd(at)gmail.com.

Take care all –


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13 thoughts on “Week ahead….”

  1. As an Army First Sergeant, I frequently took flak from contemporaries and senior leaders about mentioning God or advocating Judeo/Christian morals and values. I did not care. I did not force any particular belief on any subordinates. I did not recruit anyone into Christianity. I just did not avoid speaking about religious matters, or alter my words to accommodate any potential atheists in the area. It is probably a good thing that I retired in 2010, as under the Obama Administration, military chaplains have been “kicked to the curb” and the atheists and Moslems have been given preferential treatment. Anyway, I understand your position and look forward to your input. I think that many MSO readers will enjoy whatever you share. If they lack religious beliefs or are opposed to the Christian perspective of crisis/disaster preparation, then they can avoid that article. No harm, no foul! Personally, I have always felt that the radical atheists, lobbying to eliminate every mention of God from public space (money, courthouses, Christmas trees, etc), have sinister and nefarious intentions.

  2. Rourke:
    I will be looking forward to reading about your experience. At our men’s breakfast this past Saturday we showed part of the video, “Faith Under Fire” and then discussed safety issues in church. The Bible has much to say about wise living and preparation. It is your blog and you can write about whatever you want. If you ever want to correspond about living for and serving Christ you have my email. Learning about being a godly Christian man from God’s Word will be one of the best preparations you will ever make. Oh, I am glad you gave up the diet pop!
    GRACE to you,
    (Romans 15:13; Proverbs 22:3; 27:12)

  3. Rourke, I will continue to read everything you post. I feel that if I didn’t I may miss something very important. Although i am a Christian as well.

    However, if I do run across a website or a business that is blatant anti-Christian, I will avoid doing any business with them. I mean if they are offended by my belief, they should be offended by my money, right?

  4. Rourke, I suggest that you reflect upon our societal changes of the last 20 years carefully. Homosexuals do not apologize for their behavior, but insist that we accept them. Atheists and Muslims take every chance they can to promote their religion (yes, Atheism is a religion too). We’re increasingly being told that we must support government handout programs, no matter if they succeed or not. Self-reliance is scoffed. Success is dismissed, and we’re being told that we’re greedy or evil for that success. Self-defense is no longer an option, and increasing numbers of people are facing the problems that George Zimmerman had, even though they aren’t being seen on the news.

    These are areas where they feel free to talk. You shouldn’t be held back because they say you shouldn’t.

    So go ahead and:

    Mention Christ… He may be the one survival tool that people haven’t heard about.
    Mention God… He is a just God, and will right all wrongs.
    Mention the Bible… Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.
    Mention church… where we will find many people who are of like mind.
    Mention Calvary… as when the stuff hits the fan, many folks will be too busy to ask about it then.

    God bless!

  5. I don’t really get all the criticism about Islam, I mean I’m a Muslim and I don’t try to promote my religion every chance I get like ThunderBearer said neither did I get any special treatment when I was in the Army like Irish-7 said, so what’s the problem?

    • amr –

      I know peaceful Muslim’s myself. The problem is related to those that are radical, as well as many special interest groups that push ANYTHING other than Christianity.


  6. Amr,

    I have no quarrel with you. While you are a peaceful practitioner of Islam (I’ve known many as well), there is a large contingent of Muslims who would seek to squelch Christianity (one look at the international news headlines says as much). Not all Atheists are actively seeking to remove Christian beliefs from the world. I’d still write my statement the same, in generalities, as it was meant.

    The reason is, that my statement was to encourage Rourke to feel free to speak about what he wants to speak about, and not give into political correctness that isn’t observed by so many other people. I take it, however, that other than my one word reference to Muslims, that you don’t disagree that Rourke should feel free to talk about his own beliefs. In which case, we agree.

  7. all
    thanks and I know what you all mean I’ve had multiple push it down their throat acquaintances (from all sorts of religions Abrahamic and not), by all means Rourke should write about whatever he wants and seams fit and whomever doesn’t like it just skip it,don’t bend over for anyone’s feelings and only -and always- write in what you believe Rourke.

    I’m personally waiting to read the post.

  8. Way to go Rourke. I am looking forward to reading about your retreat exp and also anything else you write about !!
    I am behind post surgery – can only do the computer for short periods.Thanks to so many for your prayers and e mails of support.I felt them.This is a LONG haul
    to recovery from a total knee replacement.
    Thanks Servantheart !!! God bless you all. Arlene


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