We Want it all Back, Mr. President Elect

We Want it all Back, Mr. President Elect

In Plain English

Written By Silence Dogood

Mr. President Elect… this is a note for you, and there had better NOT be, any waffling on your part now Sir, because “We the People,” definitely want it all back this time.

This is our time to take back this nation, a nation that was promised us by the forefathers.

We want our government back, our liberties, our inalienable rights, our freedoms… we want our constitution back, we want our Bill of Rights, we even want our holidays back, and you__ Mr. President… must hear our collective voices now, more than ever.

Realize this, if you fail us, it will mean the last glimmer of anything good and true in this country, for Liberty will die a quiet and trembling death heard round the world.

The rumblings you now hear is the determined fervor of a land ready to push back against the elitist infection that has infested our government, and our lives.

You, Mr. President are being watched by pensive souls that have taken a many abuses for you and we have allowed you to stand where you are now, as our leader.

We have done our part… now its time for you to do yours.

Realize this one thing… any compromise by you Mr. President, regarding our liberty and our justice for all… will prove the point to many, that the unfortunate ones were right to believe that there is no fair law left in this country.

And, that a separate set of rules, apply to the haves, and the laws of the never going to have anything ever again… is all that is given to the rest of us to live by.

We are not the affable sheep that the Elite believe we are, Mr. President. Their time on this earth has come nigh, and you are the chain to pull this train wreck back onto those twisted tracks of commerce.

We know it is not going to be easy for you. We know that it will take a lot out of you personally. The stress may even end you Mr. President, because all those Presidents before you merely drifted with the flow, you are headed up stream, and we commend you for your sacrifice, but you must persevere, and united us for the sake of the nation.

That, is the job you promised the people, and NO, you may not back down now.

If you do this one, final act for your country, this one last charge up the hill for Liberty, shouting out freedom to this dying land. You WILL BECOME the greatest President in the history of America.

Turn Coats are all around you Mr. President

Mr. President, whenever you wonder what to do over the next four years whenever you find yourself in times of trouble, and doubt and feel you can’t go on. Ask yourself these three questions.

Ask yourself, is what my administration is doing, Constitutional, are we infringing on my fellow man’s right to freedom, am I creating victims here, for just another plutocracy under a entitled special rule of law__ to take advantage after my term has ended?

Let these questions be your guide sir, let the Constitution be that weighty tome you study before sleep at night.

We did not elect you Mr. President because we just wanted change, like the last President promised us, or the compromise in freedoms like Hillary suggested we take instead.

We meant what we said Mr. President… when we called you to “DRAIN THE SWAMP.”

Many people will be whispering bad advice in your ear over the next few years especially now during your first term, and much like Character from Tolkien’s Trilogy, that greasy being “Grima Wormtongue from the Lord of the Rings.” Others like him will try and poison you against the citizens.

Grima’s constant counsel to King Théoden of Rohan destroyed him body and soul, until the Wizard did expose the fiend as the agent and spy of the evil ones, and was exiled forevermore.

You will also have this task of exiling those like Grima from our counsel. Accept you must know there are multitudes of these greasy reprobates in our midst.

How you must despair Mr. President, but fear not for we have plenty of room in our prison systems for these criminals so do your damnedest to rid them all Sir.

True you will have much ill counsel, and no doubt spilling poison in your administration’s ear, and at every chance they get, but stay vigilant for liberty’s sake…

As any great leader, you must trust no one, until all have proven their alliance to the people of this country.

Look to the People for your Guidance

WE THE PEOPLE will help you with the task of freeing this nation again… we will point out the infiltrators for you, so please look to us, the citizens of this nation for your help, especially in your decision-making. Our majority will be your greatest advisers you could ever want…

Think of American’s as the best stockholders you could ever want in the most resource rich country on earth.

Do not trust anyone from the old regime; you are in charge of removing them for us. Rid our government of their scourge, and that includes any past Presidential criminals or their administrations that held a strangle hold on our justice system as well as the congress, and senate of both parties.

We understand for now that it may be prudent to lull this junkyard dog with some kind words and treats now before walking by them, just don’t get close to any of them they still bite.

I speak for many of us so-called deplorables when I give this advice Mr. president, we understand that you obviously know that there never was a true bipartisan system before you took office… we certainly do. It was merely a single coin toss handed to us every four years; deciding our fate with a flip of, “Heads they win tails we lose.”

Every American that voted for you and helped you get to where you are right now Sir, we that brought all of us to this moment in history, believe in your words you spoke over the campaign, and we felt you may be our last hope.

It was those words we heard, which you need to back up with action now. Your one urgent task is to restore liberty, and justice… for all in this nation.

What the People Expect of Our New President Elect

  • GET RID OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE, and create an interest free sovereign money system for our grandchildren’s sake.
  • Prosecute the guilty, the politicians, the authorities, the bankers, and the people that abused their power.
  • Reduce the size of this bloated Government, and its gross over-reach into our lives.
  • Uphold the, “Original Constitution,” rescind all unconstitutional Acts, Bills, Laws, or legal theft of our rights and freedoms imposed by those that had the power before you took office, and make it difficult, if not impossible, for them to ever usurp it again.
  • Drive out the scourge of minion cretins that have infected our government…
  • Rid us from all laws regarding victimless crime, designed purely as a tax on this nation for profit, filling the coffers of a corrupt Justice system.
  • Protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. That means not looking for trouble in other nations where there was none to be had.
  • Remember this, our Untied States is, “A REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY,” understand this one salient fact and the Union will stand behind you when you need us most.
  • Give us back these things Mr. President, and allow us our freedoms, and we will do the rest for you, WE will “Make America Great Again.”

As I said before, “We want it All Back.”

We aren’t expecting sunshine and lollipops either… oh no, but what we are asking for is to be left alone by our government, to just make our own way in this life, and as long as we are not hurting others, we expect not to be interfered with our pursuits of this happiness either.

This United States was once considered to be, the greatest social experiment of freedom ever undertaken in the history of mankind. We are now teetering on an abyss.

You Mr. President have within your grasp the ability to snatch this back from that awful fate.

Do the right thing; keep your word to the people.

Listen to us, we do not need more war, we do not want to police the world, we do not need a one-world government to lead us, by ruthless dictation and their sanitized version of slavery.

What we need now Mr. President, is for the US of A to pave the way for the future of other countries showing them peace and prosperity with fair government, NOT lead by force, but by example.

All the other nations will join us in our quest for a better world, they will see us doing well, and follow our lead.

Rid the corporate world of regulation, but also get rid of the legal Corporate entity that has morphed into a lumbering beast, it is an abomination that is destroying humanity.

The world is tired of the Corporate Elite, and we are tired of seeing their distain for us. In fact, we do not wish to hear from them ever again… point us to a better way of living Mr. President, and we will follow.

This brings me to another point. You were once among this old world regime, and elbow-to-elbow with the Elite I speak of…

This is simple observation, Sir.

The question on everyone’s mind is this. Who are your loyalties with, the people and our government?

A government designed with the betterment of people in mind, or are you still aligned with this shadow government that has created this imbalance of power in our world, that made you a billionaire before you took on this seemingly in surmountable, and heroic task?

Show the people you are for them, and not the Elite.

The one government, serves the many, and will set you free Mr. President, while the other, only serve the few, and will condemn you in the eyes of the World.

A Foul Wind Blows across Washington

Some of your tasks you must accomplish in short order, and they will make you a target for the elite. Corrupt agents have killed for far less in our past, and for far less then what you need to do for us now.

You are in grave danger Mr. President, but it is your duty to the citizens of this great nation, to remain vigilant and never fall victim to their treachery before you finishing the job at hand.

So many other good men, in our nation’s history have suffered some horrible fate. They could not finish the job entrusted to them by the people, you must succeed were they did not.

YOU MUST… for the sake of the people, be ever mindful in your endeavors… especially in saving this nation. History has taught us that those willing to kill, to maintain their grip on the throat of the nation, and will always be waiting in the shadows, ALWAYS… be ever wary Mr. president, until your calling is finished.

This is what, “We the People,” need to do to help our President Elect Succeed

We must use critical thinking, and not react hastily to propaganda, or the subversive ways of the Elite. Ignore the shills who are bent on chaos in this world, they create havoc, and upheaval, designed to distract us from the task of saving our nation from becoming another new world victim in their scheme of world governance.

The Elite still have long tentacles and are capable of far-reaching destruction, yet they use subtle manipulation of the world around us. They wield various media sources (MSM), and use clever tricks to fool the people still sleeping. They use our own social media against us too, distracting us from reality.

We have caught the infiltrator the Wormtongue’s of this world, and they no longer are allowed to poison our youth or us anymore. We must exile these agents of misery from the world forever.

For every truth that is revealed by us, the elitist will spread two lies, we know this now.

They even walk among us, pretending to be one of us.

They are just another snake in the grass acting as if helping people, while fooling us into believing their deceit that they have created around us.

We must question everything we see from now on, what we read, what we hear what we feel before making judgment. We shall never fear them as long as we have knowledge. We must weigh all the information against the scales of proven reality, consistent, and reasonable pure observation of the world. Their power over government is waning; we Mr. President can end this with your help.

The Steady Drone of Mediocrity

Many negative factors on this planet are by design, and use repetition to mold our minds, lull us into complacency. Remember that just because someone tells us a lie over and over, does not make it a truth…

It is going to be hard on most of us to accept this new way of thinking. We are just like King Théoden, who for so long have had poison lies dripped into our ears, until he have like him withered and died inside. Our senses will need to recover first, before our healing begins, however we must get to our feet once again.

These revelations will be hard for many of us. The people will find it impossible to believe that they were fooled for so long, or at all.

In some cases, our entire lives have been lived in lies. This is going to be a big shock for many of us.

I beg all of us to help our neighbors… using compassion and understand for what is happening, to help our nations veterans realize this too, they have fought for what we all believed in, and those that stained their warrior souls are to blame for any hardship they face in life now.

Take heart all our fighting men and women we will help you too. This country still needs you, do not consider ending your lives anymore, and help us fight this common enemy together. Fight with your hearts, and minds now, to preserve what you know are the true and good things in life.

We must recognize the signs of disconnect that is all around us, for this change to take place.

They have forced their media and military double speak on us for years now,  they have alter the meaning of what was once simple language, terms such as the Alternative Media, Conspiracy Theory, Social Justice, Radical Islam, Terrorism, Collateral Damage, Soft Targets, Surgical Strike… non-combatants. Not to mention, the grotesque use of the everyday acronyms in use today, to soften or hide the true meaning of their lies, using ISIS, PTSD, GMO’s and more… to white wash the staunch language of social change and war.

All these are a cleverly designed ruse to help veil the truth, and discourage our open discussion amongst ourselves regarding these topics. We are now afraid to be labeled by these language police, and to speak of such things related to conspiracy because of this propaganda. Their new word meanings are used as a slight of hand trick to misdirect the conversation, before we notice the intent behind their voices. The deceit of the ignorant trolls that follow these liars.

Mainstream Media is Dead

The Main Stream Media is dead.

We will no longer accept these verbal gestures of a dying media, because now we understand the coded message hidden in their shorthand, and we simply must move beyond them…

We must become immune to their digital lies, because we have heard them all before.

Recognize these lies when you hear them, and like our President, we must trust no one until they have proven themselves to us.

Realize now that what we thought was our concrete reasoning by our minds, yet may have not always been true, because now using careful reflection on our part we can ultimately reveal that negative outside influence, repetition and this was the media’s goal all along.

We also need to stop relying on thirty-second sound bites from these media poltergeist, throwing our world at us in carefully managed chunks. The world is much more complicated then what any of the six corporately owned Networks have told us in the past. These manufactured problems were blasted as some MTV flashing video stream, and shouted out by the Hollywood handsome reporters and their immaculate anchor ladies sitting behind glass desks.

These are all just distractions from the true news. They owned us… but no more.

They are dead now… and they shall remain dead with any luck.

What all of us can do to help is NOT to forget our differences as humans, but celebrate our races, culture, our heritage, bring these all together and using our commonalities… against these elite we can stand as one nation against this tyranny. Use these socially binding issues to help the president snatch back this country before it tumbles into that coming abyss.

So Mr. President Elect, I hope you are listening to us now, because we are ready for real change. We know the Elite have not conceded their power over us yet, and they will not give up so easily, they will even try to, “up the anti,” for this fight for liberty. We will do our part… if you promise to do yours.

Your humble servant

Silence Dogood

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10 thoughts on “We Want it all Back, Mr. President Elect”

  1. HOOYAH !!! Everything you have said is EVERY sailor, soldier, marine and airman has EVER fought for and what a FEW of us still believe in. Send it out and let ALL who hear it and read it know THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND HERE IS WHAT WE STAND FOR!!!

  2. Crooked Donald had sex at Jeffrey Epstein’s “parties”; he promised to pay contractors (good, hard-working, blue-collar Americans), then he told them to go fxck themselves; he cheated on every wife he ever married (three and counting); he filed bankruptcy upon multiple ventures, causing non-payment to EVEN MORE innocent people who were expecting payment from him; he has claimed to have made multiple donations to multiple charities, yet none have any record of any such gifts; he forces everyone who works near him (including his 2016 volunteers!) to sign a 100% non-disclosure agreement, promising upon threat of six-figure fines not to speak about Donald to anyone, thus violating free speech; he has made it abundantly clear that he is a proud racist who also hates women and he has only doubled down on these titles when asked if they are accurate about him; and this last one cannot be placed 100% onto his shoulders, but look at the disgusting endorsement by the KKK and other severe hate groups who lovingly compare him to Hitler. I could go on, but the tiny font on this site is making it not worthwhile.

    My point is that I appreciate all that you beg Donald to do for America, but has he EVER — even ONCE — illustrated that he has a shred of decency, of integrity, of humanity? NO, he most certainly has not. The USA was indeed in the frying pan, and now we are being thrown into the fire. This is not a victory for the USA, and Patriots will not support this liar-in-chief any more than we have supported the last several.

    • A very good ideological initial piece, and well presented. The problem is even our nation’s founding fathers never lived up to their ideals for the nation; this moral-less demigod will prove to be the hypocrite he has always been in short order… it has already began and he is not yet even in office; his cabinet of already failed ‘establishment’ politicians well proves the point. Yes, America needs change… it always has from the beginning, and will remain so in the future. Remember, Germany felt the same in the1930s and we know well how it ended when they too made a desperate attempt to return to its perceived ‘glory days’, which in truth were not, but only different than today for those who cling too long to the past.

  3. Well put. Well said. Now comes the real task, i.e. to see if all parties to this mandate are well disposed to follow through with their own individual and corporate responsibilities.

  4. The one thing I do not see here is getting rid of all of the EPA regulations that are stifling our industries. He promised to eliminate these rules and it was one of his actions for the first 100 days. He needs to get rid of the ruled and also open up the public lands for drilling and mining. As far as I am concerned, we should never hear a reference to global warming again. We have vast amounts of resources in this country that should be tapped imediately.

    • I listen to this and I cannot believe what I am reading. Do you not like our national parks and forests. Are we willing to rid ourselves of all our natural resources for money. You might as well be a politician cutting out everything for the poor and middle class to line your pockets. Look at China, they can hardly breath over there. Is that what you want here. Our coral reefs are dying, the ozone is deteriorating and our drinking water is becoming so polluted you cannot drink it. If you should ever have to bugout where will you go if everything is dead. Think about where we would be without the EPA. China doesn’t have one, just how great are they doing. Ask the people in the south if they believe in global warming now that their forests are burning in the winter! Stay prepared my friends!

  5. Dear Fact Checker by Trade
    You talk about Mr. President elect as some kind of woman abuser. Well think of this. I wonder if Bill Clinton still has the cigar he rammed up a young intern as a souvenir, and denied it, and all of the affairs he had with other women but you forget about them don’t you. I learned a long time ago Do Not Condemn or Condone someone until you know the whole story, and walked a mile in their shoes, and you do not know what went on in his private life

  6. OK, but what will you do if this in coming administration as well as the congress doesn’t secure our rights? How will you hold them accountable?


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